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Genres: shoegaze, dream pop, and noise pop

Mondays 6pm - 7pm

Hosts: elise polo, oscar cleveland

Exploring the pioneers of the sound in the 80’s up to today’s take on the genre, Crush explores lush soundscapes of shoegaze and bright tones of dream pop. Crush plays classics such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Pale Saints as well as newcomers to the style: Pinkshinyultrablast, Ringo Deathstarr, Tamaryn and many more.

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Crush #241 - Finale (ish)

Today is our last episode as the hosts of Crush. I can't say I'm not emotional about leaving the show, which has been such an integral part ...

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #240 - Women in Shoegaze

to hype up our women's day on the 19th, we're highlighting women & non-binary artists in shoegaze, noise pop and dream pop!

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #239 - Lost in Translation

tonight's episode is inspired by Sofia Coppola's 'Lost in Translation', which Kevin Shields (of my bloody valentine) was in charge of the so...

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #237 ~ spring ~

with the blooming flowers around campus, we thought it would be fitting to do a spring themed episode!

DJ Elise Polo

Crush 236 - Blackgaze and Doomgaze

We are back this week with an episode featuring blackgaze and doomgaze! These genres are a combination of shoegaze and black/doom metal, wit...

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #235

This week's playlist is kind of mellow ~

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #234 - Black History Month

February is Black History Month, so we wanted to highlight incredible Black artists making shoegaze, noise pop and dream pop!

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #233 - cute vibes

today was so rainy and moody we needed some sweet sounding shoegaze to cheer us up ~

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #232

lots of wonder in today's set 🤔

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #231 - wintry mix

in case you haven't been outside lately, its been absolutely FREEEEEZING in Atlanta lately !!! Unbearably so . so tonight's set is dedicated...

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #230 - the return!

we're back back back back again with a moody return to school playlist :)

DJ Elise Polo

Crush #227

first post on the new website :)

DJ Elise Polo

CRUSH #225

Regular Shmegular episode this week!