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Crush #239 - Lost in Translation

by Elise Polo


#crush, #shoegaze

It's getting close to the end of our tenure at crush, and we could not be sadder D; we promise to end it off with a bang, and we have some really great episodes planned, as well as an incredible announcement that's been on our bucket lists since we became OPs at wrek... stay tuned :D

tonight's episode is inspired by Sofia Coppola's 'Lost in Translation', which Kevin Shields (of my bloody valentine) was in charge of the soundtrack. it has several incredible needledrops and the music, to me, really makes the movie and its vibe. we tried to find shoegaze and noise pop that emphasized the lonely feelings of the movie, with a mix of american, british, irish & japanese shoegaze

tracklist for tonite (link to spotify):

sometimes - my bloody valentine

norway - beach house

natsu no hachiouji - my dead girlfriend

hopi - hitsujibungaku

winter - spool

i don't want to lose this - ringo deathstarr

透明通信 - tokenainamae (溶けない名前)

shanty - slowdive

sketchbook - parannoul

starcharts - pasteboard

today - ride