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Music you don’t hear on the radio

We are often asked why we do not play more mainstream music, or why we do not stick with a more conventional “college radio” format. The answer is multifaceted: as a student-run radio station at a prestigious institute of higher education, we are obligated to provide an experience that is educational as well as enjoyable to our listeners. WREK differentiates itself from other radio stations (both commercial and non-commercial) in the Atlanta market by playing atypical music–particularly music that is outside the cultural mainstream. Therefore, the musical acts that you hear on WREK are generally not the same acts that appear on the Billboard charts or even on the CMJ Top 10. We do not exclude this music because it is necessarily bad music; it is simply unnecessary and in fact wasteful for us to play the music that commercial radio stations are already playing when we have the somewhat unique opportunity to maintain our commitment to “Quality, Diverse Music” rather than being the willing pawns of the music industry.

Specialty Shows

Our specialty show programming is a gateway to a focused sound, movement, or era of music from the lens of WREK's very own exceptional student DJs.

Island Flyover

Sundays 6pm - 7pm

International Pop, Atmospheric RnB, Bossa Nova, and Bedroom Pop

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Miku Nation

Thursdays 4pm - 5pm

Vocaloid, J-pop, J-rock, and Electronic

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Secondhand Smoke

Fridays 4pm - 5pm

New Releases, Techno, House, and Jungle

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Retrograde Riffs

Sundays 9pm - 10pm

Rock, Synthpop, and New Wave

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Mondays 11pm - 12am

Beatdown, Crust Punk, D-Beat, and Emocore

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Vannam Vanam

Wednesdays 5pm - 6pm

Kollywood, Tollywood, and Filmi

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Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm

Neo-Soul, Alternative RnB

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Mode 8

Wednesdays 8pm - 9pm

Video Game, Chiptune, and Instrumental

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Messy Life

Thursdays 5pm - 6pm

Midwest Emo, Post Hardcore, Math Rock, and Skramz

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Mondays 8pm - 9pm

Talk, Music

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Lian Yi

Mondays 7pm - 8pm

C-Pop, Cantopop, Taiwanese pop, and Mandopop

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Fridays 3pm - 4pm


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Tuesdays 9pm - 10pm

Postpunk, New Wave, Synthpop, and EBM

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Continental Drift

Mondays 10pm - 11pm


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100 wreks

Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm

Hyperpop, Digicore, Breakcore, and PC Music

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Lost In Oscillation

Saturdays 4pm - 5pm

Synthpop, Minimal Synth, New Wave, and Industrial

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The Ball

Fridays 5pm - 6pm

Synthpop, Disco, Eurodance, and Electropop

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Invention For Radio

Saturdays 7pm - 8pm

Ambient, Glitch, and Sound Collage

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Fridays 8pm - 12am

Classic Rock, Boogie Rock, Prog Rock, and Garage Rock

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Friday Night Fish Fry

Fridays 6pm - 8pm

Blues, Blues Rock, Live, and Local

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Electric Boogaloo

Thursdays 11pm - 12am


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Thursdays 9pm - 11pm

Hip Hop, Choice Cuts from the Crates

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New Forces

Thursdays 7pm - 8pm


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Wednesdays 11pm - 12am

Psychedelic Rock, Sparse Rock, Drone, and Shoegaze

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Wednesdays 10pm - 11pm

Noise, Experimental, and Avant Garde

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Destroy All Music

Wednesdays 9pm - 10pm

Noise, Jazz, Avant-Garde, and Improv

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Mondays 5pm - 6pm

Electronic, Experimental, Ambient, and Bitrock

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Mountain Breeze

Thursdays 6pm - 7pm

Folk, Traditional Folk, Bluegrass, and Appalachian

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Live at WREK

Tuesdays 10pm - 12am

Live, Local

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Tokyo Dreams

Mondays 8pm - 9pm

Japanese Pop, City Pop, Vintage, and Jazz Fusion

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Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm

Indie, Twee Pop, Slowcore, and Indietronic

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Sunday Special

Sundays 7pm - 9pm

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Ramblin' WREK Sports Show

Sundays 5pm - 7pm

Talk, Sports

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Lost in the Stacks

Fridays 12pm - 1pm

Indie, Pop Rock, Alt Rock, and New Wave

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Saturdays 12am - 6am

Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, and Heavy Metal

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Sub-Saharan Vibes

Mondays 9pm - 10pm

World, African, and Afro-Beat

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Pop Up Show

Saturdays 5pm - 6pm

New show ideas

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WREK the News

Tuesdays 5pm - 6pm


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Sundays 4pm - 5pm

Ambient, Electronic

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Electronic Soundsystem

Saturdays 9pm - 12am

Live, Electronic, House, and Techno

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Mondays 6pm - 7pm

shoegaze, dream pop, and noise pop

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Thursdays 8pm - 9pm

Reggae, Ska, Dub, and Two-tone

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Hour of Slack

Sundays 12am - 1am

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Bob's Slacktime Funhouse

Sundays 1am - 2am

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Girl Rock!

Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm

Indie Rock, Indie Pop

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Sound Blocks

Our regular rotation sound blocks take up most of the daytime broadcast hours and generally involve a specific musical genre(s).


Weekend Cornucopia

A weekend full of diverse music from all over the world: folk and indigenous (“world”) musics, bluegrass/country, blues, regg...

Just Jazz

The Classics

Overnight Alternatives


Rock, Rhythm, and Roll

Public Affairs

WREK does more than ‘just play music.’ Part of WREK’s mission is to serve the community, and one of the ways we fulfill that mission is to include regular public affairs programming in our schedule.

Alternative Radio

Cambridge Forum

51 Percent

This Way Out

Between the Lines

The Best of Our Knowledge

Planetary Radio

Tech Nation