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Crush #234 - Black History Month

February is Black History Month, so we wanted to highlight incredible Black artists making shoegaze, noise pop and dream pop!

The first recorded use of the word 'dream pop' as genre was by A.R. Kane's Alex Ayuli to describe the band's music, making the band the pioneers of the genre! Learn more about the band here (link).

Catching Up With Rudy Tambala of A.R. Kane, the Best '80s Dream-Pop Band  You've Never Heard | Pitchfork
A.R. Kane

Another important pioneering shoegaze band from North Carolina was The Veldt, who toured with The Jesus and Mary Chain and the Cocteau twins, and worked with Robin Guthrie (of the Cocteau Twins). Learn more about them here (link)

Tracklist (Link to Spotify)

W.O.G.S. - A.R. Kane

Boyfriend - Majesty Crush

Setting Sun - A.R. Kane Initiation Dub - Whitelands, A.R. Kane

In a Quiet Room - The Veldt

Moonlight Lullaby - The Hynx

Illusions - Two Cars

Prettiest Pills - Dog Bite

Love Smothers Allergy - Long Fin Killie


A Sad Cartoon - Loathe

Cowboy Bepop - Enumclaw

You Can't Have Your Cake and Ego Too - Seafoam Walls