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Crush #231 - wintry mix

by Elise Polo



in case you haven't been outside lately, its been absolutely FREEEEEZING in Atlanta lately !!! Unbearably so . so tonight's set is dedicated to the winter freezing cold icy vibes we've been experiencing

tracklist for tonite & link to spotify playlist

the white witch - a sunny day in glasgow

orange microscope - 800 cherries

paper airplanes, paper hearts - everyone asked about you

these chains - mid-air thief

snowy shores - candy claws

liner - bluetile lounge

down for - kitty craft

23 til infinity - they are gutting a body of water

lattershed - all natural lemon and lime flavors

cold feeling - a.s.o.

insomnia - parannoul

dazies - yeule

jeremy parker - swirlies