Monday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Genres: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Noise Pop
Hosts: Elise Polo, Karina Teichert, Oscar Cleveland

Exploring the pioneers of the sound in the 80’s up to today’s take on the genre, Crush explores lush soundscapes of shoegaze and bright tones of dream pop. Crush plays classics such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Pale Saints as well as newcomers to the style: Pinkshinyultrablast, Ringo Deathstarr, Tamaryn and many more.

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Crush #218

Hope everyone had a happy labor day ! 

Tonite’s tracklist – spotify

alife – slowdive

Breathe – Eternal

The Breakup – Fleeting Joys

Fall – Sway

Shirley Temple Tidal Wave – Airiel

Cotton Skies – Westkust

Vision Scraps – Lightning Bug

Like Before You Were Born – DIIV

Star – Dear Eloise

Breather – Chapterhouse

Sandy – Whirr

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Crush #217 – Grocery Store Sunset

Annie Zhang on Twitter: "just another tweet abt how incredible the sunsets  from your hometown grocery store parking lot are 🥺" / Twitter

This week we began at our new time (6pm on mondays!) with a moody/melancholy playlist with the vibe of grocery store sunsets… capturing that melancholy feeling of leaving the grocery store during beautiful sunset.


Spotify link here


Playlist for tonite

kisses – Slowdive

Happen – Drop Nineteens

Don’t Fade Away – Beach Fossils

Inference (I) – Fog Lake

Lush – Chlorine

Gold Ribbon – Infinity Cutter

No Heaven – Big Blue World

How to Make a Person Happy – it was warmer then

Both Hands On the Wheel – Amateur Takes Control

Summer’s Gone – The Stargazer Lilies

My Angel Lonely – Wild Nothing

Alone in the Universe – The Daysleepers

Rainbow spell – TRPP

Last Night’s Haze – Star Horse

focus the present – A Shoreline Dream 

I'm not the only one to notice this right? : r/memes

Crush #216 – THE RETURN!

Where We're Popping Up This February

We’re back back back back back agaaaain! With some upbeat-exciting-hopeful shoegaze to kick off the semester 😀 Next week we’ll start at our new time, Mondays at 6pm! WREK the news will be taking our old spot, so be sure to tune into their show too !

Playlist for tonite~

Do You Feel It – Westkust

Sunny Skies – Pink Playground

Landing – Fragile Animals

A Ceiling Dreams of A Floor – No Age

Give Up – American Wrestlers

Distortion Spear – Candy Claws

Aphelion – Panda Riot

Wishawaytoday – presents for sally

Bright Eyes – Spotlight Kid

Even The Score – Mirror Move

Run into the Night – Static Daydream

Autumn Winds – Pia Fraus

Guilt – Ringo Deathstarr

Ramune River – Plastic Girl In Closet

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Crush #215 – RingoDeathstarr Special!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to the Ringo Deathstarr concert in Atlanta! We’ve both been huge fans and it was an incredible concert, they are so good live + played all of our favorite songs!! This was my first shoegaze concert, it was incredible seeing the technique and hearing the acoustics (the wall of sound definitely was an experience)… definitely need to go to more and would recommend it to any shoegaze lovers out there 🙂 We even met the band and told them about Crush, and they were super nice!

Ringo Deathstarr Concert Tickets: 2023 Live Tour Dates | Bandsintown

Tracklist for tonite (also here on spotify):


Stare at the Sun

Cotton Candy Clouds

Two Girls

God Help the One’s You Love



Flower Power

New Way

Chainsaw Morning



Heavy Metal Suicide


Day Dreamy

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Crush #211

Another shorter episode because of today’s baseball game~

Today is the 25th anniversary of Pygmalion by Slowdive

playlist (on spotify here)

primal – slowdive

when things come falling – all natural lemon and lime flavors

waiting – monster movie

strawberry – doss

boots – the kvb

tea garden – sparkler

eightball – they are gutting a body of water

perfect – oeil

snooze – vivienne eastwood

i think it’s light outside – secret machines

junebouvier – whirr

we also were unable to post last week’s playlist (which focused on shoegaze adjacent genres and pre-dream-pop bands) because we had to abruptly leave for the baseball game, but check out episode #210 here on spotify :3 

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