Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Genres: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Noise Pop
Hosts: Elise Polo, Karina Teichert, Oscar Cleveland

Exploring the pioneers of the sound in the 80’s up to today’s take on the genre, Crush explores lush soundscapes of shoegaze and bright tones of dream pop. Crush plays classics such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Pale Saints as well as newcomers to the style: Pinkshinyultrablast, Ringo Deathstarr, Tamaryn and many more.

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Crush #189 – Semester End

Ringo Deathstarr - Pure Mood - Music
our last episode for a while, since
we'll be away this summer, so here are our
favorite shoegaze/noisepop/dreampop
picks of the semester!

can't wait to be back with more episodes
this fall :3 have a great summer!

spotify playlist

Stare at the Sun - Ringo Deathstarr
You Outside My Window - Kinoko Teikoku
Two In Sun - Film School
Sept - Sweet Trip
Two Airships - Candy Claws
Sweet Days and Her Last Kiss - My Dead Girlfriend
Summerhead - Cocteau Twins
Blown a Wish - my bloody valentine
Raspberry Plant - Plastic Girl in Closet
Machine Gun - Slowdive
Hypocrite* - Lush

*my favorite song period!!
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100 wreks #15 x Crush #188 – Bitcrush 2

welcome back to the crossroads of shoegaze and hyperpop, brought to you by Crush and 100 wreks!
soundcloud playlist and tracklist:

Chrysalis - purity://filter
Invader SIM-card - Lola's Pocket PC
sorry days - quannnic

Twirl - Heartcoregirl (prod. Phonewifey)
nevermore - heavn
down softly - Five Pebbles

Full Tilt - wadesettle
be nice 2 me [dj disappear shoegaze cover] - bladee
Alice Gate - Anthony1

movies for guys - dltzk
Just Like You - crimson chaos + Fatshaudi
three feet tall - dolly + thislandis

rooom impulse - Lucas Lex
Start-Again - Trivial Pursuits

Hyper-Ballad (yousei's remix) - Björk

Crush #187 – Springtime Mix

spring is officially in the air! we're playing
some spring-y shoegaze/dreampop/noisepop

spotify playlist

Pulling Our Weight - The Radio Dept.
Wear On - Plastic Girl in Closet
Butterfly Kisses - The Depreciation Guild
Shissou - Kinoko Teikoku
through - 800 Cherries
Cats, Cats, and Cats Again - Cosmic Child
Silver Soul - Beach House
The Wasted Days - Air Formation
Oomingmak - Cocteau Twins
Transitional Bird (Clever Girl) - Candy Claws
Breeze - Lush
Squeeze-Wax - Cocteau Twins
Collage Flowers - Plastic Girl in Closet

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Crush #186 – Sweet Trip

To commemorate the disbanding of Sweet Trip,
Electronic-shoegaze-dream-pop-so-many-genres band,
we're playing our favorite tracks by them!
Shortly after their disbandment in March they
released a collection of their demos/unreleased
songs in a 50+ song EP called Seen/Unseen.
we'll miss u sweet trip!!! <3

spotify playlist

Sept - Sweet Trip
Darlin' - Sweet Trip
Air Supply - Sweet Trip
Walkers Beware! We Drive into the Sun - Sweet Trip
Soul to Harvest - Sweet Trip
No Words to Be Found - Sweet Trip
Chocolate Matter - Sweet Trip
Your World Is Eternally Complete - Sweet Trip
Things to Ponder While Falling - Sweet Trip
In Sound, We Found Each Other - Sweet Trip
To the Moon - Sweet Trip
Metal Test - Sweet Trip
Milk - Sweet Trip

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Crush #185 – Chungking Express

music that reminds us of the movie
'Chunking Express'! the lead actress,
Faye Wong, who is also an extremely famous
singer, actually worked with the Cocteau 
Twins before their disbandment!
the last song they ever wrote together
was amusement park, performed by Faye,
check it out here!

Apple Musique Playlist

Space Song - Beach House
Lazy Calm - Cocteau Twins
Jewels - ask for joy
On a Clear Day - Some Gorgeous Accident
Stolen Car - The Manhattan Love Suicides
Each Time You Fall in Love - Cigarettes After Sex
It Still Would - Should
胡思亂想 - Faye Wong
堕落 - Faye Wong
You're Not the Only One I Know - The Sundays
Rilkean Heart - Cocteau Twins
I Have the Moon - Lush