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54-46 Dec 2, 2021

Prince Jammy – Round 2
The Black Foundation in Dub – African Birthright
King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry – Copy Cat Dub
Koffee – Toast

10ft Ganja Plant – Blood Money
Hollie Cook – Milk and Honey
Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths – Always Together
Alton Ellis – Hurting Me

Duppies – Time Goes By
Toot’s and the Maytals – Louie Louie
The Toasters – Social Security
King Tubby – Take 5
The Aggravators – White Hop

The Upsetters – What About Africa
Freddie McKay – Lonely Man
Stanley and the Turbines – Big Bamboo
Bush Chemists –  Higher Heights

Tokyo Dreams – 11/30/21

League of Legends' new music is lo-fi beats that are DMCA-safe for  streaming - Polygon

We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving break! This week we compiled a lo-fi playlist to keep some of those good vibes going.


Aviscerall – Onett
Astroblk – explorer
NetNavi – mugen
Lazy Vibes – One Winter’s Night
Aviscerall – Lullabyes
pedrolina. – Komori Uta
Senoidal – Veraneo
halfpastseven – nirwana
Sophia Lopez – overcast
colours in the dark; Linearwave – In Limbo & Loving It
Pensive Strider – The Spy Hunter
UniqeCorn – Trailblazer
Blackburri – String Theori
Hz.; Strong Maurice – Bonsai Leaves
chilliance – roadtripp
really big mountains – the promenade
Pluto Tracks – Breeze 52
Milky Moustache Beats; Hoffy Beats – 6 AM
Caicey – C’est La Vie
cypherhound – wetness
Sling – Rhyose
High Low Row – Good Foot
Astairé – Clouds
Spotify Playlist:

girl rock! 11/30/21

Enjoy this classic girl rock! episode from girl rock’s hit crew. You know what to expect: rockin’ gals rockin’ out.

playlist here 🙂

All U Wanna Do Is Dance // Dreamgirl
Hollow Moon // Why Bonnie
I Moved to Vancouver and All I Got Was This Stupid Nicotine Addiction // Club Sofa
2 Cool 2 Care // Anna Burch

No Better Now // Water From Your Eyes
Shaking // Hazel English
Lockjaw // Mothers
That’s Life Honey // Boy Scouts

Easy // Oh, Rose
Back Of My Hand // Bachelor, Jay Som, Palehound
Cactus Cat // Look Blue Go Purple
Maura // Wednesday

Chromatic Nights // Pia Fraus
Crazy // Pylon
Property Line // Little Big League
Nobody Knows We Are Fun // CHAI

100 wreks #4 — Nov 27, 2021

Thanks for listening to 100 wreks!

World End // joey dez 33, Xadvoi, & Misaku Foxx
Bounce // Petal Supply
sole // food house

Hey QT // QT
Your Guardian Angels (Dvnots Remix) // Himera
Security! // Ecco2k

emo detroit // artemys
nothing like // emorave & mental
misplace // dltzk

20k feet under (Petal Supply Remix) // caro<3
U7 // junemeta
ANOTHER DAY // Alice Gas

let it go // dashie
Technicolor // Simply Funk

Rumors (six impala Remix) // Maria Domark
4real // 8485, Petal Supply, & umru
Ponyboy // SOPHIE

I Love Me // 4s4ki

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, November 26, 2021 (Encore of “Research”) Episode 089

Hear the show at http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostinthestacks/ENCORE_LITS_Episode_089.mp3

“Searching the Streets” by The Donnas

File this set under ZA3075
“They Too Will Know” by The Wild
“We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing” by Silver Jews

File this set under Z699
“What I’m Looking For” by Brendan Benson
“What I Know” by Grinderman
“Had To Find Out” by Folk Implosion

File this set under ZA3075
“Knowing How The World Works” by Les Savy Fav
“Shoot The Works” by Fox Bat Strategy

“I Want To Know” by Living Colour

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “The Head of Public Services,” on December 3rd!