Tokyo Dreams

Tuesday 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Genres: Japanese Pop, City Pop, Vintage, Jazz Fusion, Synthwave, Vaporwave
Hosts: Randall Kliman, Jonathan Wu

Tokyo Dreams is a show centered around City Pop, a genre featuring the iconic and decadent songs from 1980’s Japan. Inspired by western Pop and Jazz, City Pop captures the care-free and optimistic attitudes of Japan’s 1980’s economic boom. Our show explores these songs and more, taking time to dive into City Pop sub-genres like Vaporwave and Jazz Fusion for our monthly specials. Tune in for a blast from the past!

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Tokyo Dreams – 11/30/21

League of Legends' new music is lo-fi beats that are DMCA-safe for  streaming - Polygon

We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving break! This week we compiled a lo-fi playlist to keep some of those good vibes going.


Aviscerall – Onett
Astroblk – explorer
NetNavi – mugen
Lazy Vibes – One Winter’s Night
Aviscerall – Lullabyes
pedrolina. – Komori Uta
Senoidal – Veraneo
halfpastseven – nirwana
Sophia Lopez – overcast
colours in the dark; Linearwave – In Limbo & Loving It
Pensive Strider – The Spy Hunter
UniqeCorn – Trailblazer
Blackburri – String Theori
Hz.; Strong Maurice – Bonsai Leaves
chilliance – roadtripp
really big mountains – the promenade
Pluto Tracks – Breeze 52
Milky Moustache Beats; Hoffy Beats – 6 AM
Caicey – C’est La Vie
cypherhound – wetness
Sling – Rhyose
High Low Row – Good Foot
Astairé – Clouds
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Tokyo Dreams – 11/23/21: The Tatsuro Yamashita Power Hour

This week it’s time to sit back, relax, and vibe to City Pop artist Tatsuro Yamashita’s Greatest hits. Hope you enjoy!


Stolen completely from

(it’s almost thanksgiving and i’m lazy lol)

Tokyo Dreams – 11/16/21

80s, japanese and vaporwave - image #6736397 on

Glad to be back after a one week hiatus! Enjoy some more classic city pop for this week’s show.



Vantage | Count What You Have Now
Yurie Kokubu | Just a Joke
Yukiko Okada | Kuchibiru Network
Kiyotaka Sugiyama; S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe | KIMI NO HEART WA MARINE BLUE
Naoko Gushima | Candy
Anri | オリビアを聴きながら
1986 Omega Tribe | 君は1000%
Cindy | 私達を信じていて
Step | Rimember me
Yuki Saitou | Yours
Babe | I Don’t Know ! – Single Version / Bonus Track
Momoko Kikuchi | Blind Curve
Mariya Takeuchi | OH NO,OH YES!
Spotify Playlist:

Tokyo Dreams – 11/2/21

A scene from legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s famous film Spirited Away (2001)

This week we’re going to have another special! This week’s theme is Anime, both classic and modern. Hope you enjoy!



Yuji Ohno; ユー & ザ・エクスプロージョン・バンド | 非常線突破
Hiroshi Miyagawa; Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Band,Tokyo; 手塚裕之; Yukari Miyake | 無限に広がる大宇宙
Joe Hisaishi | One Summer Day
Joe Hisaishi | The Dragon Boy
flumpool | Never Mind
Kensuke Ushio | Hero Theme
YUI | again
ALL OFF | Refrain Boy
Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga | Jojo Sono Chino Sadame
Coda | Bloody Stream
Coda | Fighting Gold – English Ver.
SEATBELTS | Tank! – TV stretch
Shiro Sagisu | Decisive Battle
Maki; Ma15 | Pre Parade
Hiroyuki Sawano | Attack on Titan


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Tokyo Dreams – 10/26/21

Indonesian City Pop Mix Vol. 1 80's Tunes - Indonesian City Pop Mix  (podcast) | Listen Notes
Another classic week of city pop!
Mako Ishino | 恋のサマー・ダンス
Machiko Watanabe | Rainy Day
Megumi Asaoka | お母さん
Rie Nakahara | 抱きしめたい
Saori Minami | 潮風のメロディ
Momoko Kikuchi | Shadow Surfer
RA MU | Kataomoi Doumei
二名敦子 | Icebox & Movie
CIRCUS | ムーヴィング
芳本美代子 | 東京Sickness
伊藤つかさ | お願いスピルバーグ
Mari Mizutani | ポキチ・ペキチ・パキチ
Riho Makise | Koi ni Ochite
Mako Ishino | ガラスの観覧車
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