Sunday Special

Sunday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Hosts: Jack Thomson, Dylan Thomson

Every Sunday is a different special. The Sunday Special gives WREK’s DJs some time to use their imaginations and do a little experimentation. Sometimes Sunday Specials focus on a specific genre that we don’t cover in depth here at WREK. Sometimes we highlight a particular artist. It is always exciting. Tune in to hear our DJ’s favorite music.

The last show (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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Queerifications: ATL Pride Weekend Celebration

MFSB – Love is the Message (Larry Levan Remix)
Loose Joints – It’s All Over My Face (Male Vocal Mix)
Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again
Yoko Ono – Walking on Thin Ice

Chicago House / Deep House / House
Virgo – Do You Know Who You Are
Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
Ron Hardy – Sensation
Phuture – Rise From Your Grave (Wild Pitch Mix)
Soichi Terada – Sunshower (Larry Levan Remix) [Feat. Nami Shimada]
Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
Shamir – Sometimes a Man
Omar S – Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself
Octo Octa – Where Are We Going? Pt. 1
DJ Sprinkles – House Music Is Controllable Desire You Can Own

Robbie Tronco – Walk 4 Me
Masters At Work – The Ha Dance
Lotic – Heterocetera
Ynfynyt – Scroll Pssy Quynt
Zebra Katz – Ima Read
Fatima Al Qadiri – Shaneera
Leonce – Apparition
LSDXOXO – Angel Dust

Arca – Desafio
Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

「W R E K and the Legend of the Wind Sword」: Anime Sunday Special

Desire transcendence. Become the final formation of an anime. Come to the listening, WREK and the Legend of the Wind Sword: The Magical Realm of Tir na Nog: The Egg of the King Part III – Conviction Arc. Refusal of Miyazaki Hayao, intrepid adventure of young man and magical !


  • Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • CRY Makkusu Do-Heijitsu (Uchuu Patrol Luluco)
  • Tell Me Why (Berserk)
  • Tabi no Tochuu (Spice and Wolf)
  • Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)


  • The Hero (One Punch Man)
  • Bloody Stream (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Running in the 90s (Initial D)
  • Joujou Yuujou (Nichijou)
  • Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)


  • God Knows (Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • Ai wo Torimodose (Hokuto no Ken, Movie Version)
  • Rinbu Revolution (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
  • Crowds (Gatchaman: Crowds)


  • Renai Circulation (Bakemonogatari)
  • My Soul, Your Beats (Angel Beats)
  • Flyers (Death Parade)
  • Shounen yo, Ware ni Kaere (Mawaru Penguindrum)
  • Duvet (Serial Experiments Lain)
  • Sugar Song to Bitter Step (Kekkai Sensen)


  • Groovin’ Magic (Top wo Nerae 2: DIEBUSTER)
  • Maigoinu to Ame no Beat (Tatami Galaxy)
  • Odoru Akachan Ningen (NHK e Youkoso)
  • Aozora no Rhapsody (Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)


  • Shin Sekai Kokyougaku (Kill la Kill)

Faux 80’s: The 80’s Strike Back With A Vengeance: Turbo Edition

Carpenter Brut’s Trilogy

Hope you enjoyed the show! Below is a list of all the music I played tonight along with some groups that I also enjoy, but didn’t quite make the cut.

Song Title Artist
Prelude Kavinsky
 “True Survivor” From Kung Fury David Hasselhoff
 Genesee Avenue  Gost
 Green Berets for Breakfast (Redux Vampire Step-Dad
 Hang’em All  Carpenter Brut
Humans Are Such Easy Prey Perturbator
Richter Makeup And Vanity Set
Division Ruine Carpenter Brut
Dark Prince, Pt. 3 Atrey
Omniverse S U R V I V E
Colony Anzo
Lightcycle Deathmatch Cluster Buster
Crystallica Lueur Verte
Streets of 2043 Power Glove
Crystals M|O|O|N
Roller Mobster Carpenter Brut
Dressed to Kill Dance With the Dead
Future Club Perturbator
Visitors Lazerhawk
Main Theme (Richard Theme) Dubmood
Female Protagonist Cluster Buster
Takeoff Betamaxx
Testarossa Autodrive Kavinsky
Talking Machines Compilerbau
Colombia Vampire Step-Dad
Turbo Killer Carpenter Brut
Trans A.M. VHS Dreams

Honorable Mentions

Lost Years
Mitch Murder
Light Club
Das Mortal
The Midnight
and a lot of others that I probably forgot.

Sunday Special – Onkyo/EAI

Toshimaru Nakamura – nimb #2 + nimb#7
Atsuhiro Ito – Acousmatic 9
Taku Sugimoto – Spoon River II + At the Corner + To Ward
Choi Joonyoung, Hong Chulki, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide – 2
Taku Sugimoto, Gunter Miller, Otomo Yoshihide – Orange
Tetuzi Akiyama – Convulsion (take 2)
Goh Lee Kwang – T1
Toshimaru Nakamura – nimb#1

Yoshio Machida – Malhar (an exerpt)
Taku Unami & Takahiro Kawaguchi – she walked into a room, and found her absence
Sssd – Is
Astro Twin – Rehersal at Uplink Factory
Tetsuro Yasunaga & Utah Kawasaki – Disk Review 3
Haco – High-Low
Ami Yoshida – Hooooooooon
Xu Fengxia – Waterpearls on Green Leaves
Wuwei & Ulrich Morits – Toy Ships
Dennis Wong – Para_Dot
Me:Mo – Pro.A

Sunday Special – Lost in Oscillation

Art by Connie Xu

The Space Lady – Synthesize Me

Oppenheimer Analysis – Cold War

Autumn –  Not Afraid to Die

Black Marble – Portland U

1000 Ohm – I Think She Understood

Chris & Cosey – October (Love Song)

Cabaret Voltaire – Just Fascination

Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis

Linear Movement – In My Head

Deux – Sex & Trouble

Futurisk –  Lonely Streets

Martin Dupont –  Inside Out

Blouse- Time Travel

Caroline K – Animallatice

Visonia – Die Reisen (feat. Dopplereffekt)

Marie Davidson – Denial

Essaie Pas – Lights Out

Boy Harsher – Pain

Circuit 7 – Video Boys

De Ambassade –  Geen Genade

Richenel – Gentle Friend

Martial Canterel – Epics

Transfigure – Translation

Tres – Operator

Moderne – Video Ideale

The System – Almost Grown

The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines