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Alex Tyler


Been in a Techno n Trance rut this past week but truly who's complaining. Really liking GT (Day Mode) from Danny Daze and Jonny From Space ... ; ) ... sure hope those guys are coming to Atlanta soon...

Anyways, closed out strong with one of my favorite tracks right now, 4 Tha Freaks by Sentient State off of the first Nerang Recordings comp. What a chune fit for any club night, definitely closing with it at my gig tn.


- Wallace
Foreal (Seb Zito Remix) - Enzo Siragusa, Nima Gorji, Seb Zito
Same Man (Original Mix) - DJ Delicious
GT (Day Mode) - Danny Daze, Jonny From Space
Puk Codes - Spray
Can't Slo Down - Maara
Closed for Subsidence - Jeigo
Odin Overload - Papa Nugs
Greece 2000 (Original) - Three Drives
We Met Under The Strobe Light - Héctor Oaks
Cherry Cola - Palermo
Moonquake - LUXE, Tom Place
Spook Sines - Tred
Schaltkreis - Rove Ranger
Radio Planeta - Penera
4 Tha Freaks - Sentient State