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涟漪 Lian Yi 4/15/24: The Women of C-pop

by Claire Deng



This is part of the weeklong celebration at WREK highlighting the contributions of women and nonbinary folks in music! Unfortunately, the cultures of Sinophone countries are not friendly to gender diverse individuals, and we've yet to be introduced to openly trans or nonbinary C-pop artists. Still, there's much to celebrate in the diversity of genres, attitudes, and moods portrayed in the female artists I've highlighted today. Hopefully one of these musicians catches your fancy and encourages you to explore! And let's hope that these norm-defying trailblazers open up the path for more people to express themselves in this genre! As always, * indicates an unofficial translation.

"Dream Partner"* by Anita Mui, Bad Girl*

"Get to the Point"* by A-Mei, Amit

"36 Love Schemes"* by Jolin Tsai, Castle

"I’m an Unpretentious Bassist" by oaeen, Strange Pool

"Observe"* by Sandee Chan, I Was Never a Funny Woman

"Underworld" by Panther Chan

"Jane Doe (Pseudonym)"* by Tan Weiwei, 3811

"Brave" by Miriam Yeung, Miriam Greatest Hits










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