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涟漪 Lian Yi 2/12/24: Time

by Claire Deng


#cpop, #lian-yi

Happy Lunar New Year! In times like this, it's easy to think about all the, well, times that have passed and are yet to come. Ready to do some time travel with this playlist? As always, anything marked with * is an unofficial translation.

"The Years Flow Like Water" by Anita Mui, Anita Mui*

"Counter-clockwise Clock" by Jay Chou, Jay

"Love Before BC" by Jay Chou, Fantasy

"Ten Years" by Eason Chan, Black. White. Gray

"If I Were Young" by Li Ronghao, Ear

"In My Lifetime" by Leslie Cheung, Most Beloved

"Where Did All The Time Go?" by Yao Beina

"Shang Hai 1943" by Jay Chou, Fantasy

"Traces of Time in Love" by Rainie Yang, Traces of Time in Love

"Fleet of Time" by Faye Wong, Fleet of Time

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" by Angus Tung, Thank You, My Truly Love