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涟漪 Lian Yi 11/27/23: Sweet

by Claire Deng



If you didn't get to satisfy your sweet tooth over break, here's your opportunity! Tonight, I'm sharing with you some sugary songs. As always, anything marked with an * is an unofficial translation.

"Sweet on You" by Teresa Teng, Teresa Teng 15th Anniversary*

"Sweet Guilty Pleasure" by Jolin Tsai, Ugly Beauty

"The Dark Plum Sauce" by Ronghao Li, Free Soul

"Honey Ginseng" by oaeen, Strange Pool

"Honeymoon Period"* by Faye Wong, Ingratiate Oneself

"The Sweet Forbidden Fruit"* by Leslie Cheung, Cherish You

"Sweet Nothings"* by A-Mei Chang, Bad Boy

"Candy Crusher" by LaLa Hsu and Ellen Loo, Missing

"Turkish Ice Cream"* by Jay Chou, Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories

"Malt Candy" by Jay Chou, November's Chopin

"When Grapes Are Ripe" by Eason Chan, U87

"Sweet" by Jay Chou, On the Run


《甜秘密》蔡依林,《Ugly Beauty》专辑中





《甜言蜜语》张惠妹,《Bad Boy》专辑中

《糖果粉碎者》徐佳莹 & 卢凯彤,《寻人启事》专辑中