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涟漪 1/22/2024: Li Jian's Lives

by Claire Deng



It's time! It's about 9 years since I watched I Am A Singer Season 3, which introduced me to my favorite singer and catalyzed my passion for Cpop. So let me reminisce for a bit! All of the songs I played this show come from his live performances on this TV program, which include some of his own compositions as well as covers. As always, any translation with * is unofficial, included only for your comprehension of the song name.

"By the Waterside"* originally sung by Teresa Teng

"To Stand Aside"* originally sung by Chyi Chin

"Moonlight"* originally sung by Yu Quan with interpolation of "Farewell Song" with lyrics by Hong Yi from John P. Ordway's "Dreaming of Home and Mother"

"Mountains and Rivers of Hometown" by Li Jian, Music of My Pride with interpolation of “Ussuri Boat Song"*, a traditional folk song

"Foreigner"* by Li Jian, Missing You

"A Father's Poem"* originally sung by Xu Fei

"The 10:30 Train"* originally sung by Liu Jinze*