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涟漪 1/15/24: Dance Pt. 1

by Claire Deng



How's it going? This week, we're looking at a lot of Chinese dance music across a variety of genres: electronica, dance pop, 80s synth pop, disco, pop rock, R&B, and even hyperpop! As always, anything denoted with an * isn't an official translation. Here's the tracklist.

“Cool Heartbeat"* by A Si, Accidentally on Purpose

"Blue Moon"* by Hacken Lee, Back to Black Series

"(......Drunkard Ah Q)" by Wu Qing-feng ft. Stefanie Sun, Mallarme's Tuesdays

"Ma-non-tagut"* by Young Drug, Can't Hear It*

"Welcome Disco"* by Harlem Yu, Tidal Wave

"Can't Stand It" by Rui En, Rui En Vol. 1

"Dang Dang Dang" by Starr Chen ft. SoftLipa, WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL

"Messy Hair"* by Jacky Cheung, Release Yourself

"BOOM" by Van Ness Wu, #MWHYB

"VIVIAN" by JADE EYES, Infatuation

"i will be fine" by Waa Wei, Run! Frantic Flowers!

"3.14159" by Lexie Liu, The Happy Star



《(......醉鬼阿Q)》吴青峰 feat. 孙燕姿,《马拉美的星期二》专辑中








《i will be fine》魏如萱,《末路狂花》专辑中

《3.14159》刘伯辛,《The Happy Star》专辑中