100,000 watts of quality,
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girl rock 2/27/24

by Abby Oser



With a cool mix of genres, this episode is closing off our Black History Month special! We hope you enjoy and find some new artists to add to your playlists!

Allen's Mom // Tribe 8
Air // Lifesize Teddy
Dimethyltryptamine // Skinny Girl Diet
Show Me Off // Asa

Famous// SATE
Miniskirt // Raebel
Smells Like Teen Spirit // Guitar Gabby, The Txylips Band
Sunny // Ayo

Ground Zero // Bam Bam
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road // Yola
I'm Making You Coffee // Leonie Biney
Dreams // Infinity Song

All for You // Wendy Shay
You Can Have Him Jolena // Chapel Hart
Congratulations // Kären McCormick