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WREK Playlist for Friday, September 30, 2016

Time Song Title Artist Album Title Format Label
12:53 AMLiving LensMountainsCentraliaAtmosphericsThrill Jockey
12:46 AMSecond LightRobert FrippA Blessing Of TearsAtmosphericsDiscipline Global Mobile
12:37 AMCatbirdA Slow RipFor The Time BeingAtmosphericsEndgame Records
12:32 AMNight SwimmerKoen HoltkampField RitualsAtmosphericsType Recordings
12:18 AMMound of MoundsSocial InteriorsSpatial CircumferenceAtmosphericsEndgame Records
12:09 AMWhirling Dance to Cleanse the Cosmic EyeMike TamburoLanguage Of The Birds And Other FantasiesAtmosphericsNew American Folk Hero
12:04 AMSlabIan Boddy & Chris CarterCagedAtmosphericsDiN
12:02 AMRaven ShantiesWater BirthLee Ellen Shoemaker - The Tunnel SingerAtmosphericsTunnel Singer Records