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WREK Playlist for Sunday, June 26, 2022

Time Song Title Artist Album Title Format Label
06:38 AMDiinleeyaDur-Dur BandDur-Dur of Somalia: Volume 1, Volume 2 & Previously Unreleased TracksWeekendAnalog Africa
06:34 AMHiyeeleyDur-Dur BandDur-Dur of Somalia: Volume 1, Volume 2 & Previously Unreleased TracksWeekendAnalog Africa
06:29 AMRe-MixSteve MartlandCrossing The BorderWeekendCatalyst
06:24 AMFileoFranciscoTumbele! Biguine, Afro & Latin Sounds From the French Caribbean 63-74WeekendSoundways Records
06:21 AMDanza Mora: Que Vienen los MorosCanary RecordsHeart & Livers: Global Recordings from 78rpm Discs ca. 1928-53WeekendCanary Records
06:18 AMLa Pava CongonaAndres Landero Diablos Del Ritmo: The Colombian Melting Pot 1960​-​1985WeekendAnalog Africa
06:10 AMTonada dl guanteInsolito UniVersoLa Candela Del RioWeekendOlindo Records
06:09 AMMoment Cinematique Nr. 11Day OffPicnic In The CemeteryWeekendMusic Picnic
06:04 AMKapinga YambaKasai Allstars & Orchestre Symphonique KimbanguisteAround FeliciteWeekendCrammed Discs
06:00 AMNo Room For A TrampRoy Harvey and Jess JohnstonTimes Ain't Like They Used To Be Vol. 5WeekendYazoo
05:55 AMUnlockedTrio Of UncertaintyUnlockedNightEmanem Discs
05:49 AMRidin' America IICanada EffervescentRidin' AmericaAtmosphericsConstellation Tatsu
05:44 AMParticle RiotJoy FultalkFamiliar ScienceNightConstellation
05:38 AMSee the path before youLords of OutlandIn the darkness we speak a sound brightness and lifeNightEdgetone Records
05:31 AMpatience practicetim waltersstrictureNightDoubtful Place
05:31 AM08dave phillipsvoiceNightSub Jam
05:24 AMSentryPaul May, Carolyn HumeKill the LightsAtmosphericsLeo Records
05:21 AMMoultingToshiyuki HiraokaWaterphone IINightEdgetone Records
05:18 AMAnother RealmRebecca FoonWaxing MoonNightConstellation
05:14 AM13dave phillipsvoiceNightSub Jam
05:09 AMApril DancerM2 and the Electric CircusMaybeNightM&M Productions
05:05 AMFrom Spoon to ClosetoolRonezBackground of Chinese Sound ArtNightSub Jam
04:59 AMI'm starting to think it's all in the wristLords of OutlandIn the darkness we speak a sound brightness and lifeNightEdgetone Records
04:56 AMantag: ixRyan Huber...And Now They Are GoneNightRyan Huber
04:52 AMPourRebecca FoonWaxing MoonNightConstellation
04:50 AMAnimal KingdomJason LescalleetTHIS IS WHAT I DO - VOLUME 20NightGlistening Examples
04:46 AMMojave GreenShalmaneserVierhebigkeitNightDoubtful Palace Music
04:46 AMNoise SweetSpace Afrika Honest LabourNightDais Records
04:44 AMPSAnephew lagoonisPloricaNightnephew lagoon
04:26 AMShibuchoCarl Stone Electronic Music From the Seventies and EightiesNightUnseen Worlds
04:20 AMTell It To The MountainAnimal CollectiveHollinndagainNightPaw Tracks
04:17 AMIaosiphsean PowersProc FiskalSiren Spine SysexNightHyperdub
04:14 AMPongPolaroids of the PyramidsPongNightPolaroids of the Pyramids
04:13 AMAmerican LeatherJason LescalleetTHIS IS WHAT I DO - VOLUME 20NightGlistening Examples
04:08 AMDogma of DogmasStanley Schumacher and the Music Now EnsembleJive At 5:05NightMusikmacher Productions
04:00 AMOm of the treePeiArt of the MusesNightSyrphe
03:57 AMresolve (outrospection)Joni VoidMise En AbymeNightConstellation Records
03:54 AMEnd To a MeansJay KorberMudwagonNightEdgetone Records
03:47 AMUlyssesStefano Luigi Mangia / Adolfo La Volpe / Stefania Ladisa / Angelo UrsoUlyssesNightLeo Records
03:47 AM...Projectwhatever & Julian Anderson-BowesSixteen WaysNightJulian Anderson Bowes
03:46 AMTrope No. 3" Brushstroke ? A Gradient CollapseWilliam PriceRush HourNightAblaze Records
03:39 AMRadial/ AxialDavid Lee MyersEther MusicNightStarkland
03:30 AMEnsemble CircuitsBanda SonoraFrontier LifeAtmosphericsAccretions
03:25 AMI too, buryKee AvilCreaseNightCon Stella Tion
03:13 AMInhabited SilencesZibuokle MartinaityteIn Search of Lost BeautyNightStarkland
03:02 AMFilament 2-4Sachiko M., Gunter Muller, Otomo YoshihiFilament 2NightFor 4 Ears
02:59 AMMylaporeTomoko SauvageArt of the MusesNightSyrphe
02:57 AMKreuzChorC-SchulzFruhe JahreNightUnseen Worlds
02:52 AMAilantus GlandulosaAMMAMMusicNightLabel unknown
02:43 AMAlcyoneJohn 3:16John 3:16NightAlrealon Musique
02:34 AMCosmic Frog Bizarre WarfareRonezNoiseNightSub Jam
02:26 AMDel RioTom WhiteRun AmokNightGlistening Examples
02:25 AMMopti Niger WalkingSublime FrequenciesBush Taxi MaliNightSublime Frequencies
02:19 AMSustroonBruckmann / Djll / Heule / Nishi-SmithBrittle FeeblingNightHumbler Records
02:16 AMInterstellar deletionLords of OutlandIn the darkness we speak a sound brightness and lifeNightEdgetone Records
02:10 AMnightneya-e-netynot you and not meNightneya-e-nety
02:02 AMNarcissus in the PoolRelaxerA Million Pieces of YouNightHyperdub