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HD Channels are Down

As of a couple weeks ago, our two HD channels have been down. We’ve got a handle on the issue now, and are hoping to resolve it shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience; we know most of all that lack of the essential WREK nutrient is costly to the soul.

In the meantime, please tune in to our regular radio signal, or listen online here on wrek.org. Sorry for the trouble.

slow riot 5/22/2017: running aground and wrapping around

ruido/mm – inconstantina
sgt. – white night
main – rail
no respect for beauty – the walls between us
the jimmy cake – the width of the black
toundra- qarqom
ulan bator – hemisphere
electrelane – many peaks
faust & nurse with wound- it will take time
toe – two moons
until we last – creation
fragile – 花火
jan 31st – scout
slint – breadcrumb trail
ltdms – cinq
will you dream about electric sheep – lost in translation
rroselicoeur – hotel et palaces

Circadian Rhythms 05.22.17

It’s good to be back! We are Circadian Rhythms your go to for the best in hiphop and Jazz Influenced music. Today’s show is a little more uptempo than usual, enjoy the good vibes!

  • Geometrik – Esta X Mr Carmack
  • Ray Gun (Instrumental) – BadBadNotGood feat Ghostface Killah
  • Right On Brotha – Robert Glasper, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder
  • FKJ – Joy
  • Lowrider – Yussef Kamaal
  • O Moto – Sango
  • Do The Astral Plane – Flying Lotus
  • Tek.Lun – Aburoy
  • R.E.A.M – El Michelis Affair
  • Wake Up! = Abjo
  • Mask Off – Terrace Martin Remix
  • Lonely In Land Park – JR & PH7
  • Rekindling – L’Indecis
  • Finding Parking – Joey Pecoraro
  • Canvas – Ajmw
  • Pride – Kendrick Lamar (Louis Futon Flip) (2:25)

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, May 19th (“Engineering the Hidden Library”) Episode 344

Hear the show at http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostinthestacks/LITS_Episode_344.mp3

Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Boom Biddy Boom” by Freschard

Interview with Alexis Linoski and Sonya Slutskaya

File this set RD768 .R385
“Spinal Column” by Stereolab
“Backbone” by the Sleepies

Continued interview with Alexis Linoski and Sonya Slutskaya

File this set Z693 .A15 F88
“M-M-Moving” by Andre Williams
“Couldn’t Stand the Weather” by Stevie Ray Vaughn

Continued interview with Alexis Linoski and Sonya Slutskaya

File this set under HD5701.3 .E464
“Doin’ Business in Japan” by Oneida
“Grace” Look Blue Go Purple

“Walk Like a Panther” by Tony Christie and the All Seeing I

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks on Friday, May 26th!

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Slow Riot 5/15/17: We’ve departed, and now our hearts lie on a different plane

ganger — lid of the stars
macha & bedhead — never underdose
esmerine — red fire farm
drill for absentee — ars poetica scribbled on a parking ticket
fugue — sirens
the bulletproof tiger — franko spanko’s greatest hits
stage kids — mornign sunrise
powder! go away — einstein so sad on the pictures…
te — it does not request the round meeting which
immanu el — radicalradical
kleg — jacky
wood and wires — telescopium

godspeed you! black emperor — the dead flag blues
sleep dealer — the way home
skotijbog — luna
god is an astronaut — forever lost
ttng — gibbon
slint — washer
don caballero — the peter crisis jazz

Psych-Out! Playlist for May 17, 2017

  1. Eternal Tapestry – A Southern Summer Idyll (Lolo Pass Drifters)
  2. Herbcraft – Full Circle (Eternally) (The Astral Body Electric)
  3. International Harvester – Skördetider (Harvest Times) (Sov gott Rose-Marie)
  4. Headdress – Moon of Shedding Ponies (Turquoise)