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Girl Rock – November 13, 2018

Hinds – The Club

Soccer Mommy – Scorpio Rising
Beach Bunny – Sports
Adult Mom – Be Your Own 3am
Cyn – Only With You

P.s. Eliot – Incoherent Love Songs
SATICA – Honey Whiskey
Sjowgren – Better Off
Speedy Ortiz – Alone with Girls

The Regrettes – California Friends
CBMC – Real Slow
I Tried to Run Away When I Was 6 (But Got Too Scared to Cross the Street) – What the Heck
Japanese Breakfast – Boyish

Cyberbully Mom Club – Drunk Text Romance
Cayetana – Hot Dad Calendar
Chastity Belt – Different Now
Elohim – Hallucinating
Fear of Men – Green Sea

Girlpool – Cut Your Bangs

Goldsoundz – November 13, 2018

Image result for palberta
Pictured: Palberta for FADER (Source)

Palberta – Sound of the Beat
Deeper – Pink Showers
Jake Tobin – Specific People
Surface to Air Missive – The Heat

Pure X – Voices
Vaadat Charigim – Odisea
Infinity Girl – Louise

Faye Webster – Wrong People
Pond – The Weather
Triathalon – Bad Mood
Inner Wave – Jerry

Honey Bucket – Art of Living
floral print – morning with ophelia
Daydream Time Machine – Hidden Love

Tapas Con Tumbao 10 (La Onda Electronica) – 13 de Noviembre, 2018

Image result for magin diazImage result for magin diaz
Pictured : Magin Diaz (Source)

Don de fluir – Jorge Drexler
Amor de Siempre – Cuco
Mientras Tanto- Coiffeur
Hacia el Fondo – Rubio
Capulí – EVHA
El Bandido – Nicolas Jaar
El Alma y el Cuerpo – Bomba Estéreo
No Regreso – Combo Chimbita
Bungaloo Punta Cometa – Plastilina Mosh
Comono – Mijo
Lada – Mitú
La Rama de Tamarindo (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix) – Magin Diaz
La Rumba Experimental – Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band

slow riot 11/12/18: don’t take advice from anyone, yourself, you’re self, don’t do not don t think a thingle unthought idea

corea — cuando el mar pierde las conchas
corea — la muerte fosiliza el recuerdo, el grito cristaliza la agonia
corea — ofelia
corea — eterno en la garganta del tormento
corea — interrupciones

carl stone — shing kee
szun waves — temple
alice shields — study for voice and tape
asaf zeki yuksel — democracy lessons
hood — houses tilting towards the sea
rm74 / rlw — sack im fegefeur
pole — stadt
sigillum s — mouthwatering god corporation
sigillum s — flesh collapsing in waves
obake — appeasing the apparition
lebowski — animali nella notte
shellac — dude incredible

Sub Saharan Vibes — November 12, 2018

  1. Soweto Gospel Choir                             Muphulusi
  2. Amadou et Saramaya                            Salam-Alekoume
  3. Segun Bucknor                                      Dye Dye
  4. Amadouu & Mariam                               Cherie
  5. Toure Kunda                                          Salya
  6. The Soto Koto Band                              Kilimanjaro
  7. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo                         Ne Te Fache Pas
  8. Sierra Leone’s Refuge All-Stars            Mampama
  9. Mdou Moctar                                          La super
  10. Sonny Okosuns                                     African Woman
  11. Bonga                                                    Muimbo Ua Sabalu
  12. Oliver Mtukudzi                                     Chiri Nani