velvet 10-12-22

a lil bedroom bounce for this rainy day~

from Mango

where u at / chinatown slalom
goddess reign / sherwyn, amber mark
firefly / rae khalil
roses / amaria

mango / kamauu, adi oasis, masego
eden / hope tala
you’ll be fine / spring gang, vicki vox
uncomfortable / sault

it’s not that easy / lemar (os)
i’m good / bubbs
your mind / greentea peng
can we / jim-e stack, kacy hill

faux / katie
sorbet / galdive
colouour / moses sumney

spotify playlist here~

velvet 10-5-22

too many beautiful videos to just share one~

from Heaven on Earth

traffic  /  bubbs, stan taylor
for keeps  /  jgrrey
online class  /  dev lemons, stevie powers
grow up  /  gloria tells

ridin’ with you  /  jye, felivand
love i need  /  moonchild, rapsody
time  /  audrey nuna
decompose  /  spill tab

red clay  /  charlotte dos santos
free spirit  /  clear mortifee, otis junior, smile high
heaven on earth  /  roann, jordan hawkins
crush  /  kara jackson

what cha gonna do with my lovin’  /  stephanie mills
say it like you mean it  /  kallitechnis, floyd fuji, carneyval
way too late  /  mimi
portals  /  arima ederra

spotify playlist here~

velvet 9-28-22

let’s hear it for the flutes!

from Pandemia

one on one  /  wildson, astyn turr
not enough time  /  ley vara
distance  /  play nice, zilo, insightful, naji, bowtye, benny abel
the hour  /  valerie june

family shop  /  schwey
rollercoaster  /  maeghan maples
midsky  /  chelan, malter
bitter  /  dacey

~ flute time! ~
why don’t you  /  cleo sol
supernova freestyle  /  floyd fuji
family  /  hubert & debra laws
changes  /  sans soucis

voodoo  /  shay lia, buddy
pandemia  /  elujay
joy  /  kahdja bonet

spotify playlist here!

velvet 9-21-22

a lil spacey set this week~

from Honest

the voodoo  /  k. roosevelt
holding me  /  beshken, halima
remember the rain  /  kadhja bonet
vertigo  /  nick hakim

checkout line  /  diaspora dreams, bei ru, krista marina
drive  /  fana hues, mike dean, see you next year
the hunter gets captured by the game  /  the marvelettes
potential  /  amber-simone

safety  /  greek
about her. again.  /  son little

in love (don’t mess things up)  /  lady wray
honest  /  congee
inner rise  /  shebad
perfect sweet blue  /  jakob

spotify link here!

velvet 9-14-22

found ‘summervibe’ just in time for fall~

from Where Were You

going through  /  kay young
episode  /  gallant
take my picture  /  anais
breeze  /  naomi sharon

rap songs /  ayoni, the wild honey pie buzzsession
waiting for tomorrow  /  blake shimoda

my ship is comin’ in  /  walter jackson
where were you  /  felivand
summervibe  /  manana
walkout  /  the o’my’s