velvet 3/29/23

today on wrek radio, all shows are featuring women in music! on velvet, i’ll be showcasing some of my favorite women in the neo-soul/r&b scene today. these artists are from all over the world, including places such as atlanta, new zealand, norway, berlin, brazil, melbourne, portland, brooklyn, the bay area, london, paris, and the congo. these singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, producers, and djs all have a special place in my heart and deserve to be showcased! it’s a tough world for woman and non-binary artists to gain the same respect that their male counterparts. it’s so important to share the art of such amazing women in the scene!

i hope you enjoy~


Salami Rose Joe Louis (climate scientist, producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist)

today’s show will feature:

est  //  greenscreen, adron

mister unknown  //  kolinga

brother  //  lea sen

diaspora  //  wallace, crooked letter

fnfl  //  allysha joy

tea & sympathy  //  ego ella may

take it slow  //  charlotte dos santos

propoganda  //  salami rose joe louis, brijean

ragga  //  talia goddess

son shine  //  sault

may  //  jgrrey, kojey radical

contrast  //  amtrac, reva devito

crossfire / so into you  //  nai palm

lest we forget (blood)  //  esperanza spalding

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velvet 03/15/23

featuring: wayne snow

this week on velvet, i’m featuring nigerian-born, berlin-based artist, wayne snow. wayne has collaborated with some of my favorite artists, including max graef, darius, and fkj. his feel for funk in tandem with a uniquely rhythmic soul-feel combine beautifully with the jazz & house sounds of these artists, as you will hear on the first song of today’s show (lost in the moment by darius and wayne snow). additionally, today i hope to bring you a wide variety of funk, soul, hip-hop/rap, house, and psychedelic flavors within the umbrella of neo-soul.

i hope you enjoy!



lost in the moment  //  darius, wayne snow

quinnies for the boys  //  myele manzanza, matt dal din, ashton sellars, aron ottignon

c u r r e n t  //  photay, carlos nino, mikaela davis

shine on  //  sola rosa, thandi phoenix

andromeda style funk  //  wonky logic

keep on (feat. amber navran)  //  9th wonder, amber navran

stay away (from me)  //  madison mcferrin

holy sun  //  makez, ava lava

nothing wrong  //  wayne snow

iigo  //  dan kye

the antidote  //  taylor mcferrin, nai palm

two face  //  l’rain

bpm  //  estere

what went weird  //  bobbing

love  //  ossammot

try n follow  //  kaidi tatham

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velvet 03/08/23

today on velvet, you will hear a variety of styles within neo-soul, r&b, soul, jazz, funk, hip hop and more! the artist i’d like to highlight this week is the brilliant jade drea, atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist. her song “something or another” features drummer dylan welch, bassist johnny bakos, and guitarist dan suero. each of them are atlanta-based musicians who grace the atlanta scene with their presence at jams, shows, and their multiple brain-children in the form of EPs and albums. hope you enjoy this weeks show!


featured artist: jade drea

light  //  parcels

eucalyptus  //  mf doom

this was once out of shape  //  trap raddit, maxfield gast

circadian  //  pantology

something or another  //  jade drea

speak in truth  //  close counters, allysha joy

silencing the sun  //  myele manzanza, wallace

epitome(jostlike)  //  knxwledge

better  //  joy orbinson, lea sen

ldn  //  alexander floor

since i lost you  //  alex goose, matt zara, giuliano sorgini

glass shadows  //  liv.e

vegan better – intro  //  reuben james, tivon pennicott

frontline  //  butcher brown

(please don’t) leave me now  //  madison mcferrin

life happens here  //  lord, dego


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velvet 02/22/23

this week on velvet, i am bringing you a wide range of eclectic sounds from all over the world. starting with some nu-soul from one of my favorite la-based trios, moonchild, then making our way to some brazilian jazz from american jazz artist kurt rosenwinkle, to the ghanian/british, soulful vocals of omar alongside london-based jazz artist myele manzanza (featured). along the way, i’m making some stops at the usual places in new zealand, australia, la, london, atlanta, and baltimore. to round off today’s show, you’ll hear the work of moroccan, berlin-based j.lamotta mixes modern hip-hop with elements of jazz and soul.

hope you enjoy – sam♥

Featured Artist: Myele Manzanza (NZ-born, Congolese, London-based drummer, composer, and legend!)

the truth – dj jazzy jeff & james poyser remix  //  moonchild, dj jazzy jeff, james poyser

casio vanguard  //  kurt rosenwinkle, pedro martins, antonio loureiro, alex kozmidi

kluges ii  //  mild high club

lucky  //  lewis taylor

between the bread  //  nico harris, daniel hayn, elmo, olly chalk, anu, andre moreira

carnival de l’esprit  //  gary bartz

off my feet / westside rider anthem  //  matt martians

therapy //  myele manzanza, omar

buena  //  tstewart, machinedrum

chasing the sun  //  sola rosa, wallace, kevin mark trail

try n follow  //  kaidi tatham

venus, the birth of  //  wallace

back in town  //  j.lamotta

life happens here  //  lord, dego


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velvet 02/15/23

this week on velvet, i am featuring a brilliant collective of musicians and producers from richmond, virginia called butcher brown. this group is formed by trumpeter/saxophonist marcus tenney, guitarist morgan burrs, drummer corey fonville, bassist/composer andrew randazzo, and producer/multi-instrumentalist dj harrison. hope you enjoy!


Butcher Brown

losing my way  //  fkj, tom misch

autumn  //  javier santiago

meh – tiny room sessions  //  greg spero, chelsey allen, mononeon, ruslan sirota

morning light  //  nubiyan twist, ria moran

sand radio  //  lea sen

block party 4 yall  //  dj harrison

seven times – wu-lu remix //  lianne la havas, wu-lu

searching  //  reuben james, vula, jay prince, conor albert

problems  //  st. panther

saturns dream  //  devaloop

in poly amber  //  night tapes

remind me  //  butcher brown, alex isley

lucky me  //  flwr chyld, sebastian mikael

never enough  //  pantology

feet down south  //  oscar jerome

the truth – dj jazzy jeff & james poyser remix  //  moonchild, dj jazzy jeff, james poyser


spotify playlist here