Open House

Monday, August 26 from 6 – 7 PM

Come learn more about WREK at our open house! Stop by to learn about us and how you can get involved. All are welcome!


Mode 7 – 08/04/19

The Fighting Game Show!

EVO 2019 is going on right now, so we’re having a fighting game show to celebrate!!

The Playlist!

Street Fighter V – Karin’s Theme
Street Fighter V – Ryu’s Theme
Street Fighter V – Brazil Theme 1
Samurai Showdown – San
Samurai Showdown – Fin of Invincibility

Soul Calibur VI – Brave New Stage of History
Soul Calibur VI – Following the Wind Trail
Soul Calibur VI – Moon of Oblivion
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – Night Walker
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – Concillation
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – Heartful Cry

Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate – City Trial
Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate – Delfino Plaza
Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate – Kass’ Theme
Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate – Id (Purpose)
Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate – Staff Credits (Kirby’s Dream Land)

SOMNIA 07092019

Image result for kelela aquaphoria


oqbqbo – Rei

Mode 7 – 05/19/19


Tonight we played music from a show I did 5 years ago!! It’s all about the wonderful sounds of our favorite handheld gaming system: The Gameboy!

The Playlist!

X – Title
X – Tunnel Scene
X – Tunnel Scene 2
Castlevania 2: Belmont’s Revenge – New Messiah
Castlevania 2: Belmont’s Revenge – Ripe Seeds
Castlevania 2: Belmont’s Revenge – Original Sin

Final Fantasy Adventure – Rising Sun
Final Fantasy Adventure – Fight 1
Final Fantasy Adventure – Fight 2
Final Fantasy Adventure – Final Battle
Turok – Ruins
Turok – Ancient City
Turok – Hub Area
Turok – World 8

Spot – Title Theme
Batman – Chemical Factory
Tintin: Le Temple du Soleil – Area 1-1
Tintin: Le Temple du Soleil – Area 3-1
Tintin: Le Temple du Soleil – Area 3-2
Bubble Ghost – BGM
DuckTales 2 – Niagra Falls
DuckTales 2 – Bermuda
Windless Sail
Moral Mortal
Tohou 8 Imperishable Night
Staryon – Arcane Toaster
Trip World – World 3

Lost In Oscillation – 2/14/19

“egocentric maniac, he took away the code
i’m swallowing a brainwave dripping down my throat”

A Thunder Orchestra – Shall I Do It? (Original Version)
Advanced Art – Life Before Death (Demo)
Effetto Joule – Videotone (Live)
Near Paris – Ceiling
Depeche Mode – Leave In Silence
Manie Sans Délire ‎– Your Navigation
From Nursery To Misery – Desire
DAF – Kebab Träume
ADULT. – Everything & Nothing
Rive Gauche – Friends And Friends
Soma Holiday – Shake Your Molecules (The Neutron Dance)
Geneva Jacuzzi – Runaway DNA
18:e Oktober – Skyfall
Severed Heads – Propellor
Degrees Of Freedom – August Is An Angel