Psych Out! Set list 3/15/17

Brown Acid the Second Trip {
Ash – Midnight Witch (1970)
Sweet Crystal – Warlords (1977)
Raving Maniac – Rock N Roll Man (1973)
Crossfield – TAKE IT! (1970)
Spiny Norman – Bell Park Loon (1978)
Glass Sun – Silence of the Morning (1971)
Volt RUsh Band – Love To You (1977)
Buck – Long Hot Highway (1975)
Iron Knowledge – Show Stopper (1972)
Sonny Hugg – Daybreak (1970) }
artist – track – album
Blue Cheer – Babylon – Outsideinside
Mount Carmel – Hear Me Callin – Mount Carmel

Crush #2


Ozean – Scenic
Astrobrite – Bottlerocket
The Rosemarys – Katherine
Swervedriver – Over
Wray – May 23rd
Pinkshinyultrablast – Kiddy Pool Dreams
La Casa al Mare – M
Flying Saucer Attack – The Drowners
Westkust – 0700
Kairon; IRSE! – Valorians
Luminous Orange – Drop You Vivid Colours
Deafcult – Akira
Sciflyer – Alpha Centari

HD Channels are Down

As of a couple weeks ago, our two HD channels have been down. We’ve got a handle on the issue now, and are hoping to resolve it shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience; we know most of all that lack of the essential WREK nutrient is costly to the soul.

In the meantime, please tune in to our regular radio signal, or listen online here on wrek.org. Sorry for the trouble.

Final DarkStar/LightBar Playlist


Hey all! Hope you enjoyed our run as WREK’s pop-up show. We may be back as a specialty show in the future, but who knows! Here is the playlist from today’s show


Song Artist
Masked Death Volkor X
Disco Inferno Perturbator
Destroyer Meteor
Flagellation Occams Laser
Behemoth Gost
Dark City Electric Dragon
Cyborg Crusher Xetrovoid
Hang’em All Carpenter Brut
Shadow Runner – Theme reBoy
Division Ruine Carpenter Brut
347 Midnight Demons Carpenter Brut
Lost in Big City Maethelvin
Turbo Killer Carpenter Brut
Stealth Makeup And Vanity Set


Mode 7 – 07/31/16

The Summer 11 Show

Summer is almost over! School is almost back in session! YAAAAAAY!

The Playlist!

Plok – Beach
Super Smash Bros. – Battle Results
DOS88 – City Lights
Sonic 2 – Mystic Cave Zone
Professor Layton and the Curious Village – Layton’s Theme
Guild Wars 2 – The Great Wall Has Fallen
Guild Wars 2 – Tyria Awaits

Electronic Super Joy – Shakestopper
Running High – Heat Up!
Nintendoland – Metroid Blast Main Theme
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl – Route 216
Pokemon Trading Card Game – Normal Battle (Dr. Pez)
Battle Block Theater – Finale

Animal Crossing – K.K. Cruisin’ (aivi & surasshu)
Pictionary – Title Screen
Undertale – Heartbreak