Sunday Special

Sunday Special 1/11/15

A Sunday Special focusing on the beautiful genre of Post-Rock

1. Moya – Godspeed You! Black Emperor

2. What We Loved Was Not Enough – Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra

3. A Three-legged Workhorse – This Will Destroy You

4. He Films the Clouds Pt. 2 – Maybeshewill

5. Myrrhman – Talk Talk

6. Pure as Snow – Mono

7. When Day Chokes the Night – Do Make Say Think

8. The Sound – Swans

9. Dash & Blast – Yndi Halda

10. Radio Protector – 65daysofstatic

11. Mogwai Fear Satan – Mogwai

The Final Stretch [Sunday Special]

This Sunday, we rummaged through our entire collection to find the perfect soundtrack for all of your studying or chilling out needs.

  1. “Kiara” – Bonobo
  2. “Anywhere Anyone – Remastered” by Dntel
  3. “Fljotavik (Live)” – Sigur Ros
  4. “Hannibal” – Caribou
  5. “3am Spiritual” – Smith Westerns
  6. “Awake” – Tycho
  7. “The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns” – Andrew Bird
  8. “Heard About You Last Night” – Mogwai
  9. “Futile Devices” – Sufjan Stevens
  10. “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” – Owen Pallett
  11. “Shut Up I Am Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings” – Sunset Rubdown
  12. “Kettering” – The Antlers
  13. “The Lake” – Typhoon
  14. “Young Light” – Aarktica
  15. “Tiderays” – Volcano Choir
  16. “Weightless” – Washed Out
  17. “My Cloud” – Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx
  18. “Submarine” – Qurious
  19. “Io” – Dawn of Midi
  20. “Deadweight on Velveteen” – Jose Gonzalez
  21. “George Clooney” – The Frontier Needs Heroes
  22. “Behind the Garage” – Eric’s Trip
  23. “Melectric” – Ramona Falls
  24. “Daft and Adorable” – Applesauce Tears
  25. “Elephants & Little Girls” – Loch Lomond
  26. “Bird In My Window” – Roadkill Ghost Choir
  27. “Prettyboy” – Dan Deacon

Guided by Pollard: A Guided by Voices Sunday Special – 11/9/2014

“Crux” off of the album Devil Between My Toes
“I Certainly Hope Not” off of the album Sandbox
“Liar’s Tale” off of the album Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia
“When She Turns 50” off of the album Same Place The Fly Got Smashed

“Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy” off of the album Propeller
“Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim)” off of the album Vampire On Titus
“Squirmish Frontal Room” off of the album King Sh*t & The Golden Boys
“Melted Pat” off of the album Get Out Of My Stations

“Smothered In Hugs” off of the album Bee Thousand
“I Am A Scientist” off of the album Bee Thousand
“My Valuable Hunting Knife” off of the album Alien Lanes
“Watch Me Jumpstart” off of the album Alien Lanes
“Game of Pricks” off of the album Alien Lanes
“Always Crush Me ” off of the album Alien Lanes
“As We Go Up, We Go Down” off of the album Alien Lanes

“To Remake The Young Flyer” off of the album Under The Bushes Under The Stars
“If We Wait” off of the album Sunfish Holy Breakfast
“I Am A Tree” off of the album Mag Earwhig!
“Hold On Hope” off of the album Do The Collapse

“A Crick Uphill” off of the Hold On Hope EP
“Pink Drink” off of the album Suitcase – Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft
“Chasing Heather Crazy” off of the album Isolation Drills
“Glad Girls” off of the album Isolation Drills

“Back to the Lake” off of the album Universal Truths and Cycles
“Request Pharmaceuticals” off of the album The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet
“The Best Of Jill Hives” off of the album Earthquake Glue
“Beat Your Wings ” off of the album Earthquake Glue
“The Main Street Wizards” off of the album Earthquake Glue
“Gonna Never Have To Die” off of the album Half Smiles Of The Decomposed

Off of the album Sing for Your Meat – A Tribute to Guided By Voices:
“Watch Me Jumpstart” by La Sera
“Everywhere With Helicopter” by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
“Man Called Aerodynamics” by Elf Power

“My Valuable Hunting Knife” by Motion City Soundtrack
“Shocker In Gloomtown” by The Breeders
“I Am a Scientist” by Mates of State
“Game Of Pricks” by Jimmy Eat World

Off of the Salinas Records’ Guided By Voices Tribute 7″:
“A Good Flying Bird” by Screaming Females
“The Official Ironmen Rally Song” by Swearin’

“A Salty Salute” by Eternal Summers

Off of the Salinas Records’ Guided By Voices Tribute 7″:
“Chasing Heather Crazy” by Upset
“Liar’s Tale” by Waxahatchee

Listen to the archive HERE!

Story Time – 8/24/14

Story Time – 8/24/14

Hadestown – Anais Mitchell, Ani Difranco, Justin Vernon, Greg Brown, Ben Knox Miller, Haden Triplets

  • Wedding Song
  • Epic (Part I)
  • Way Down, Hadestown
  • —–
  • Songbird (Intro)
  • Hey, Little Songbird
  • Gone, I’m Gone
  • —–
  • When The Chips Are Down
  • Wait For Me
  • Why We Build The Wall
  • —–
  • Our Lady of the Underground
  • Flowers (Eurydice’s Song)
  • Nothing Changes
  • —–
  • If It’s True
  • Papers (Hades Finds Out)
  • How Long?
  • —–
  • Epic (Part II)
  • Lover’s Desire
  • His Kiss, The Riot
  • —–
  • Doubt Comes In
  • I Raise My Cup To Him
  • —–
  • Bon Iver – Holocene
  • Anais Mitchell – Coming Down
  • Ani Difranco – In the Margins
  • —–
  • Greg Brown – Spring Wind
  • The Low Anthem – To Ohio
  • The Haden Triplets – Slowly
  • —–
  • This Train Is Bound For Glory

Shared Signal Synergy Playlist 5/29/2014

Noisia – San Fransisco
Billain – Blockfield
Optiv & BTK – Sabretooth (Audio remix)
Black Sun Empire – Bitemark
Noisia – Backdraft
Equivalent & Fragment – Fallen
HYQXYZ – Return
Phace – The Set Up
Bads – Who Is Gonna Lead (Chris Octane remix)
Mefjus & Insideinfo – Mythos
Chris SU & Jade – Digital Mind
Equid – Saturn
Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Hideous (HYQXYZ remix)
Joe Ford – Immobilise
Noisia – Leakage
Evoke – Electrique
Tom Encore – The Roach (Deft remix)
Audeka – Infiltrate
Skope – Sandworm (Soma remix)
Zebbler Encanti Experience – Temple (LOEJ remix)
Neosignal – Planet Online (Culprate remix)
Azuruk – Dateline
Ramzoid – Hostile
Om Unit – Wall of Light
Noisia ft Black Sun Empire – Infusion
Phace – Cold Champagne