Sunday Special

Kudzu Jungle 6/28/2015: Renegade Hardware Special

Paradox – A Certain Sound
Raiden – Aquarius
XTM ft Eddie Bo – Remember
Sabre & Survival – Wiretap
Phobia & Fragment – Rise Above
Minor Rain – Deformation
Raiden – Fallin’ (Friction & Nu Balance remix)
Prolix & Nocturnal – Crater
Cern ft Charlie B – Trinity
Usual Suspects – Shrapnel (Stakka & Skynet remix)
Konflict – Maelstrom
Raiden – LHC
Raiden – Infection (E-Sassin remix)
Konflict – Messiah (Noisia remix)
Spor – Lose It
Maztek – M Theory (Audio remix)
Noisia – Subdue
Gremlinz & Anile – Stand Alone
Icicle – Frozen
Fade – Bloodline

Paradox – Some Kind Of Illusion
Linden, Blocks & Escher – Lived
Survival, DLR & Octane – Transition
Icicle & Sabre – Sentry
Optiv, BTK & Cold Fusion – Void
Black Sun Empire – Mindset
Phobia & Fragment – Rise Above
Noisia & The Upbeats – Sacrifice
Optiv & BTK – Insight
Maztek – Galactica
Vicious Circle – Doom Train
Optiv & BTK – Inception
Sinthetix – Dementia
Sabre – Eye Contact
Menace & Cern – Schemer
Minor Rain – Resistor
Konflict – Celestial
Noisia, Phace & Stu – Dead Air
Spor – Ignition
Phobia – Hatcher
Kontrol – Forcefield (Optiv & BTK remix)
Blu Mar Ten – Let Myself Go
Calyx & Kontrol – Guerilla Warfare

Suugaku no Uta for March 26th, 2015

tremelo+delay by toe
subaru by lite
new world by apnea
pool by tricot
untitled by perfect piano lesson
weathercock by mirror
the seto by rega
tongpoo by nuito
adjoined green by stereo type
umifuzz by stereo type
ukamau01 by loqto

Suugaku no Uta for March 12th, 2015

lie in one’s teeth back by niumun
sansojuubai by happi sunraizu
last exit by naan
marvelous by 9mm parabellum bullet
anti pop art by atlantis airport
destroyer by carnival
s.o.i by cetow
34522 by chikyunokiki
sanctify by lop abuse on somebody
ojmj by mississippiroid
beautiful die by nengu
ake-vono by networks
dazzling rules of the star system by sajjanu
panda came to town by te_ri
terraformed by yoso-wa-yoso

Suugaku no Uta for March 5th, 2015

days of daze by tfvsjs
cadmium by colours
shénwēi by fullarmor
building by dinner
hitori no uta by jizue
die ewige wiederkunft by mutyumu
the bell tolls by a picture of her
song of the bird by about tess
te o tsunagu by bronbaba
shift by clean of core

Suugaku no Uta for 02/22/2015

doubutsu no karada by haisuinonasa
chikatetsu no doutai by haisuinonasa
yumemita ao by tayuta
fuguefat by the octopus project
april by loop pool
to… by lili limit
compass by uchuu conbini
mudai by marmalade butcher
omatsuri mo~do by chouchou merged syrups.
oyasumi by tricot
bond by lite
chapter square by low-pass
nipple cider by mothercoat
sun by moma
tin toy by mirror
r.o.d. (stayed in shell by mudy on the sakuban
teenager by rega
tongpoo by nuito
goodbye by toe
hanna by kanno yoko
nc17 by kanno yoko
an association game+ by how to count one to ten
semiautomatic by how to count one to ten
chinmoku-chuu no hyoujou ni koso, kotoba erabi ni masaru hontou no yuuben ga “sonzai” suru. by te’
happi sanraizu by sansojuubai
himitsu girl’s top secret by zazen boys