Sunday Special

Faux 80’s: The 80’s Strike Back With A Vengeance: Turbo Edition

Carpenter Brut’s Trilogy

Hope you enjoyed the show! Below is a list of all the music I played tonight along with some groups that I also enjoy, but didn’t quite make the cut.

Song Title Artist
Prelude Kavinsky
 “True Survivor” From Kung Fury David Hasselhoff
 Genesee Avenue  Gost
 Green Berets for Breakfast (Redux Vampire Step-Dad
 Hang’em All  Carpenter Brut
Humans Are Such Easy Prey Perturbator
Richter Makeup And Vanity Set
Division Ruine Carpenter Brut
Dark Prince, Pt. 3 Atrey
Omniverse S U R V I V E
Colony Anzo
Lightcycle Deathmatch Cluster Buster
Crystallica Lueur Verte
Streets of 2043 Power Glove
Crystals M|O|O|N
Roller Mobster Carpenter Brut
Dressed to Kill Dance With the Dead
Future Club Perturbator
Visitors Lazerhawk
Main Theme (Richard Theme) Dubmood
Female Protagonist Cluster Buster
Takeoff Betamaxx
Testarossa Autodrive Kavinsky
Talking Machines Compilerbau
Colombia Vampire Step-Dad
Turbo Killer Carpenter Brut
Trans A.M. VHS Dreams

Honorable Mentions

Lost Years
Mitch Murder
Light Club
Das Mortal
The Midnight
and a lot of others that I probably forgot.

Sunday Special – Onkyo/EAI

Toshimaru Nakamura – nimb #2 + nimb#7
Atsuhiro Ito – Acousmatic 9
Taku Sugimoto – Spoon River II + At the Corner + To Ward
Choi Joonyoung, Hong Chulki, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide – 2
Taku Sugimoto, Gunter Miller, Otomo Yoshihide – Orange
Tetuzi Akiyama – Convulsion (take 2)
Goh Lee Kwang – T1
Toshimaru Nakamura – nimb#1

Yoshio Machida – Malhar (an exerpt)
Taku Unami & Takahiro Kawaguchi – she walked into a room, and found her absence
Sssd – Is
Astro Twin – Rehersal at Uplink Factory
Tetsuro Yasunaga & Utah Kawasaki – Disk Review 3
Haco – High-Low
Ami Yoshida – Hooooooooon
Xu Fengxia – Waterpearls on Green Leaves
Wuwei & Ulrich Morits – Toy Ships
Dennis Wong – Para_Dot
Me:Mo – Pro.A

Sunday Special – Lost in Oscillation

Art by Connie Xu

The Space Lady – Synthesize Me
Oppenheimer Analysis – Cold War
Autumn –  Not Afraid to Die

Black Marble – Portland U
1000 Ohm – I Think She Understood
Chris & Cosey – October (Love Song)
Cabaret Voltaire – Just Fascination

Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
Linear Movement – In My Head
Deux – Sex & Trouble

Futurisk –  Lonely Streets
Martin Dupont –  Inside Out
Blouse- Time Travel

Caroline K – Animallatice
Visonia – Die Reisen (feat. Dopplereffekt)
Marie Davidson – Denial

Essaie Pas – Lights Out
Boy Harsher – Pain

Circuit 7 – Video Boys
De Ambassade –  Geen Genade
Richenel – Gentle Friend
Martial Canterel – Epics

Transfigure – Translation
Tres – Operator
Moderne – Video Ideale

The System – Almost Grown
The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines

Sunday Special – Asians in DIY

Hana Vu – Caught Up

Unity – Days

No Vacation – Dream Girl

Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You

Asobi Seksu – Thursday

Meat Market – Dig Deep

Toro y Moi – 109

Henoheno – On My Way

Dirty Beaches – Elli

Deerhoof – The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue

Mitski – My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars

Ami Dang – A Strange Community

Yeasayer – Grizelda

Crying – Wool In The Wash

Kishi Bashi – It All Began With a Burst

Craft Spells – After the Moment

Jay Som – 1 Billion Dogs

toe – Hangyaku Suru Fuukei

Chinese Football – 守门员

Covet – Charybdis

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down –  The Evening

Kohinoorgasm – Call for Peace (Aman)

Meth Wax – Gravity Bong

Hooded Fang – Impressions

Subsonic Eye – Cosmic Realignment

High Sunn – Roses

Dying Adolescence – end of high school

yourboyfriendsucks! – The Capital of Poland is Shanghai

Floating Room – Sad God

Mini Dresses – End the Night

CASTLEBEAT – Change Your Mind

L.A. Girlfriend – Swoon

Boyz & Girl – Be My Friend

Sunday Special – RIP Clayton Counts

Bull of Heaven – The Snow and the Little Wood Under the Blue Sky

The Beachles – That’s Not Lucy

Bull of Heaven – There Is Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed Pt. 2

Bull of Heaven – To Fill the Mouth of Their Monster