Sunday Special

Sunday Special 4/18/21 — The Amen Collection

Lemon D – I Can’t Stop
Pete Cannon – Untitled
Cunninlynguists – Since When
crustangel – The Star
Flying Louts – Parisian Goldfish
Love Regenerator – Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)
Venetian Snares – Eurocore MVP
Close Up Over – Caz (Squarepusher Remix)
Outside – To Forgive But Not Forget
ESPRIT 空想 – peter.wav
Wagon Christ – Sci-Fi Staircase
The Bug & Daddy Freddy – Run The Place Red (AFX mix)

Sunday Special – 3/21/21

J Dilla – The New

Oneohtrix Point Never – Gray-Level Objects Describing Bio Layers

Mr Bill & Qebrus – ⍎ 2,5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophenethylamine ⍎ uoᴉsɹǝʌ snɹqǝb
Celer – No Sleep in Medan
Gridlock – 364 (One Day With Proem)
Clown Core – Computers
Daedelus – Sundown
Fennesz – Rivers of Sand

Squarepusher – Port Rhombus
Kola Kid – Dark Room
Oval – Hallodraußen
Guided By Voices – Game of Pricks
The Field – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
ev.exi – Mode
bax – Untitled

MF DOOM (prod. Flying Lotus) – Lunch Break
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)
tfvsjs – days of daze
Crystal Castles – Kept
William Basinski – For David Robert Jones
Roger Rodier – Am I Supposed to Let it By Again?

Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn
The Apples in Stereo – Benefits of Lying (With Your Friend)
Autechre – Flutter
o0o – Wedbecutetoget-her
Neat Beats – I hope I think of bike riding when I’m dying
Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed

Sunday Special 6/28/20 – Canciones y Vibras

Julieta Venegas – Andar Conmigo 
Bacilos – Caraluna
Mr. Kilombo – Cabecita Loca
Silvana Estrada – Al Norte
Jósean Log – Chachachá
Los Romanticos de Zacatecas – Muchacha 
Maná – Me Vale
Little Jesus – Azul
Odisseo – Dias De Fuego
The Marías – Cariño 
Katzú Oso – Secuestro Al Corazón 
Marco Mares – No Sé Decirte No
The Castles – Mi Vida en Tus Ojos 
Natalia Lafourcade – Nunca Es Suficiente
Zoé – Love


(taking place in Chicago, Illinois from July 19-21)
more info can be found here:

Standing On The Corner – Santa Maria (Dedicated to Chuchita)
black midi – Speedway
Tirzah – No Romance
Cate le Bon – You Don’t Love Me
Low – Fly
Parquet Courts – Before the Water Gets Too High
Stereolab – Doubt
Belle & Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister
Julia Holter – Les Jeux to You
Robyn – Send To Robin Immediately
Charli XCX – Lucky
Mavis Staples – I Have Learned To Do Without You
The Isley Brothers – Who Could Ever Doubt My Love
Amber Mark – All The Work
Flasher – Business Unusual
Amen Dunes – Time
Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance
Charli XCX – Roll With Me
Robyn – Missing U
Stereolab – Spark Plug
Jay Som – Baybee
Ibeyi, Kamasi Washington – Deathless
Tirzah – What’s the Use
Stereolab – Parsec
MIKE, Fleece Flies – Peace Offering
Kurt Vile – Hysteria
Soccer Mommy – Scorpio Rising
Earl Sweatshirt – Riot!
The Isley Brothers – Just Ain’t Enough Love
Freddie Gibbs, Madlib – Fake Names

A Tour of Emo 1982-2008

Void – Who Are you?
Rites of Spring – Persistent Vision
Embrace – Do Not Consider Yourself Free
Dag Nasty – Circles
The Hated – Hey Mister
Moss Icon – Mirror
Gray Matter – Burn No Bridges
M.I.A. – Whispering The Wind
Bob Tilton – Tonight We Follow Him Down

Cap’n Jazz – The Sands Have Turned Purple
Boys Life – Fire Engine Red
The Promise Ring – Make Me a Chevy
The Pine – You’re The Only One I Hate
The Pine – Wearing Thin
Strictly Ballroom – Something That Just Is
I Hate Myself – …And Keep Reaching for Those Stars
Love Lost But Not Forgotten – Headless, Sleeping Soundly
Love Lost But Not Forgotten – Perfectly Fucked

Combatwoundedveteran – My Spine! My Spine! My Spine!
Combatwoundedveteran – You Make Statements Concerning Things You Know Nothing About
Ampere – In Antiquity
Ampere – Woodlawn
Reversal of Man – Mittens and Muzzles
Reversal of Man – Hand Me Complaints Now
Jeromes Dream – Skull Record
Orchid – Aesthetic Dialectic
Orchid – Boy With No Arms
Saetia – Postlapsaria
La Quiete – Metempsicosi del fine ultimo

Indian Summer – Angry Son
Portraits of Past – Snicker Snicker
City of Caterpillar – And You’re Wondering How A Top Floor Could Replace Heaven
The Brave Little Abacus – Untitled (from 1st album)