Sunday Special

Sunday Special – RIP Clayton Counts

Bull of Heaven – The Snow and the Little Wood Under the Blue Sky

The Beachles – That’s Not Lucy

Bull of Heaven – There Is Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed Pt. 2

Bull of Heaven – To Fill the Mouth of Their Monster

Sunday Special – Post Punk Pink

Romeo Void – White Sweater

Shopping – Private Party

Nots – Decadence

Mika Miko – Business Cats

Sneaks – Red Ludus – My Cherry Is In Sherry

Algebra Suicide – Seasonal Zombies

Ataque de Caspa – Nigeria

Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps

Vivien Goldman – Private Armies

Marine Girls – 20,000 Leagues

Young Marble Giants – N.I.T.A.

X-Ray Spex – Art-I-Ficial

Essential Logic – Wonderful Offer

Au Pairs – Unfinished Business

Pylon – Precaution

Kleenex – Nice

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Wawa

Savages – No Face

Sunday Special – LTT! Improv Show

Thank you once again from the Let’s Try This! Improv group!

We hope you had a good laugh!

House of Horrors Part 2: Electric Boogaloo


This 2 hour of block of terror inducing music was as follows…

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Sunday Special – Visions of the Country

Bump song: John Fahey — Orinda-Moranga

John Fahey — My Station Will Be Changed After While
Leo Kottke — The Driving of the Year Nail
Leo Kottke — The Last of the Arkansas Greyhounds
Steffan Basho-Junghans — Wild Horse Ramble
Suni McGrath — Cornflower Suite
Suni McGrath — Picnic on the Moor

Suni McGrath — Garden of Afternoon
Sandy Bull — Little Maggie
Glenn Jones — Lindon Avenue Stomp
Glenn Jones — One Jack Rose (That I Mean)
Jack Rose — Rappahanock River Rag (for William Moore)
Jack Rose — Sunflower River Blues
Jack Rose — Flirtin’ with the Undertaker

Sir Richard Bishop — Rasheed
Sir Richard Bishop — Quiescent Return
Robbie Basho — Rocky Mountain Raga
Robbie Basho — Orphan’s Lament
Robbie Basho — Green River suite
Robbie Basho — Wounded Knee Soliloquy

John Fahey — Brenda’s Blues
John Fahey — Old Southern Medley
John Fahey — On the Sunny Side of the Ocean
John Fahey — Poor Boy
John Fahey — Tell Her to Come Back Home