Slow Riot

slow riot 1/29/18: ionian luminaries stiffen and flux

bastro and codeine — a l’ombre de nous + produkt
exhaust — cardboard box dumpster round back is full
exhaust — put my ashes in a used yogurt container and chuck me off the back porch
waawe — krankweich
cole — tropic of cancer
broughton’s rules — anechoic horizon
one mile north — in 1983 he loved to fly

please dance hell bear — my
cats and cats and cats – happiness for lola
clarissa explains it all — edamame
monster machismo — moonshine mashbomb
covet — ares
oshwa — grar
toe — the future is now
uchu conbini — tobira
unwound — terminus

slow riot 1/22/18: hot wax from the wick; my burning heart

gybe! – providence
the seven mile journey – through the alter ego justifications
yndi halda – dash and blast
the seven mile journey – simplicity has a paradox
roy montgomery – the passage of forms
aix em klemm – the girl with the flesh colored crayon
ruido/mm – penhascos, desfiladeiros e outro sonhos de fuga
imelda marcos – painting of skeletal goats grinding their teeth
waking aida – jilted surfers
zefs chasing cara – these two timelines now an
zefs chasing cara – l.erkan urkan
f o t o g r a m s – proyecciones e interiores
lift to experience – with crippled wings

slow riot 1/8/18: slip down to touch

alarma man — sweden sweden
charlottefield — paper dart
rites of spring — persistant vision
drive like jehu — new math
rodan — the everyday world of bodies
bitch magnet — goat-legged country god
chavez — the guard attacks
shipping news — untitled w/ drums
turing machine — bleach it black
zeni geva — dead sun rising
korekyojinn — swan dive
koenjihtakkei — vissqaguell
clever girl — elm
lite — hunger
mouse on the keys — leviathan
oshwa — old man skies
stuck in november — polyrhythmic synth jazz simulation
tabar — go dingoes
tangled hair — yeah… it does look like a spider
te’ — 音の中の
the physics house band — teratology
toe — two moons

slow riot 12/11/17: the snow falls heavy on our will- degrading it each day

rumah sakit — wind & wing
rumah sakit — i can’t see anything when i close my eyes
them, roaring twenties — labia arabia
them, roaring twenties — 10 million scientologists can’t be wrong
tide/edit — ten
upsilon acrux — in-a-gadda-devito (live)
planets — o people
planets — vow of silence
marnie stern — transformer
o lucky man! — stymie my fo fum
friend/enemy — i once loved someone, etc.
swims — (pop) the bubble boy
ruins — mennevuogth
ruins — chittam irangaayo

bastro — decent skin
lines across maps — butterfly picture
dilute — rock and or roll
loose lips sink ships — dr. alfred kunkleberg taught us how to photosynthesize our mustaches
nuito — intrjctn / hinemos / 弋
pretend — spiral born black into the upwards night
loose lips sink ships — no. 1
adebesi shank — having a wonderful christmastime
ttng — in the branches of yggdrasil

slow riot 12/4/17: we will not be remembered.

Pram – The Stars Are So Big, the Earth Is So Small… Stay As You Are

cul de sac — virgin among cannibals + …his teeth got lost in the mattress…
pram — in dreams you too can fly
early day miners — a common wealth
jessamine — royal jelly eye cream
jessica bailiff — for you
dissolve — high on upper street
fly pan am — partially sabatoged distraction

rachel’s — all is calm
gowns — mercy springs
hungry ghosts — nothing has to happen
blueneck — low
storm&stress — the sky’s the ground, the bombs are plants, and we’re the sun, love
windsor for the derby — nico
boxhead ensemble — requiem
dilute — alphabet