Slow Riot

slow riot 11/6/17: my dark dreams infected the power grid

People for Audio – And This Will Be Our Homecoming (2005)

bearcubbin’! – stephen baldwin’s address at the white house press correspondants dinner
ttng – whatever, whenever
delta sleep – spy dolphin
invalids – it’s a pipe bomb, jobriath
piglet – tsi tsi ki
pretend – alive in the tone
stage kids – questions and answers
tfvsjs – battle from the bottom
thee silver mt. zion – there is a light

clever girl — ohmygodiloveyoupleasedontleaveme
lite — bond
ハイスイノナサ — 地下鉄の動態
anoice — the three-days blow
people for audio — to new beginning
people for audio — sidewalks and skylines
beef terminal — daysdreams of wasted time
beef terminal — january sun
夢中夢 – 祈り

slow riot 10/30/17: my days are numbered, i etch them on a tree each night

envy — further ahead of warp
heaven in her arms — abyss of the moonbow
many arms — greater mass
no respect for beauty — i am a shadow
set fire to flames — wild dogs of the thunderbolt/”they cannot lock me up”
esmerine — la lucha es una sola
the evpatoria report — prognoz

september malevolence — beaufort 9, and rising
sgt. — ムノユラギ
honey for petzi — post-teenage state
helvetia — gladness (is in the heart)
the cancer conspiracy — d. live through the age of radio
exquirla — el grito del padre
i would set myself on fire for you — we are in favor of closure
hood — boer farmstead
duster — want no light to shine

slow riot 10/23/2017: the turgid waste churns to ash

tera melos — 40 rods to the hog’s head
alpha male tea party — theme from mastermind
bearded youth quest — banana flip flop
bearcubbin’! — solid gold monster truck
dianogah — love tree point
save us from the archon — persona (introversion)
save us from the archon — la notte I: across the glass + blessed forgetful, i am
the ladies — vacation, asphyxia, vacation
zach hill — uhuru
tal national — say wata gaya
waking aida — higher fives than you’ll ever be
via luna — unwinder

mogwai – may nothing but happiness come to you
codeine – sea
codeine – castle
the jesus lizard – rodeo in joliet
polvo – beggars bowl
shellac – riding bikes
rodan – tooth fairy retribution manifesto
june of 44 – of information and belief
unwound – disappoint

slow riot 10/16/17: despite our provisions, our colony can survive no longer, we perish and are forgotten by time

tide/edit – pagbangon
stage kids – cyniculture
tricot – e
fugue – so it goes
how to count one to ten – concrete foundation
feed me jack – rosies
nenem – black & gold
vla luna – no one cares
a silver mt. zion – for wanda
a silver mt. zion – sisters! brothers! small boats of fire are falling from the sky!

grails – outer banks
grails – dead vine blues
the ears on the trees – holidays i
rqtn – le point culminant, le reveil, les mains brumeuses
kauan – lapsenmuisto
paul newman – under the golden horses
inselda marcos – swirling hair is
nuito – looo(no)reque protocol
sweek – thanx for sundays (nothing to do with any god)


slow riot 10/3/17 – uks c wars

chevreuil – turbo fonte
detwiije – la guerre des mondes
tracer amc – you follow the snow and are wasted
godspeed you! black emperor – anthem for no state pt.i-iii
grails – deep snow ii
dianogah – between the ship and land
legs like tree trunks – annabel

antarctic – friendly insects
agatha – wired
the bulletproof tiger – stab the new cherry
a picture of her – a fanatic socialist looked up at the stars