Slow Riot

slow riot 11/2/20 — it’s cold, it’s early it’sit’sit’sitsitsits

taylor deupree — northern
li jianhong — 1969
ying fan — fake putney pt. 1
ying fan — fake putney pt. 2
wfdd — sin
fourcolor — curves of air


keiji haino – 天乃川
emuul — a shipwreck waltz

slow riot 10/26/20 — cold, empty, almighty

the observatory — accidentagram
william basinski — o, my daughter, o, my sorrow
pedestrian deposit — naomi (in and out of consciousness)
pita — 3
paysage d’hiver — gefrorener atem


prurient — myth of building bridges
dick raaijmakers — vijf plastieken
ghedalia tazartes — un amour si grand qu’il nie son objet
nurse with wound, the new blockaders — hallelujah t.n.b
yellow swans — untitled (2)

slow riot 10/12/20 — //secret oils, crucial venom\\ //brittle in the corner, robust\\

dsr lines — gamut
anna von hausswolff — all thoughts fly
kevin drumm — hitting the pavement
carl stone — auburn
j.g. biberkopf — transfiguration i: enlightenment
j.g. biberkopf — transfiguration ii: amplification

aindulmedir — wind-bitten
kali malone — litanic cloth wrung
eliane radigue, carol robinson — occam river i
gruntsplatter — the sour call of the gallows birds
gruntsplatter — the singular accidents of life
yoshio ojima — serene
phew — the very ears of morning
old tower — the silence beneath ancient grounds

slow riot 9/28/20 — poisoner, obsession, possession

yvan etienne — l’énergie du non
yvan etienne — cinq réflectances inversées
högni — ascend in 8-13.9 hz


c.c.c.c — i wish
matthais urban — half silvered mirror iv
mono & worlds end girlfriend — trailer 5

slow riot 9/21/20 — erasing me?! reaction to know action no action to reaction. the fickle notion of object permanence

meitei — oiran ii
uboa — inside/outside
kashya — i spend the rest of the day thinking about her
white boy scream — bakunawa
neptunian maximalism — vajrabhairava: the summoning
neptunian maximalism — vajrabhairava: the rising
neptunian maximalism — vajrabhairava: the great wars of quaternary era against ego
regular citizen — beyond indigo
alan licht — remington khan
alan licht — the old victrola