Slow Riot

slow riot 9/10/2018 — audio-visual expiration

neurosis – to the wind

tarantula hawk – untitled ii

crash worship – awake

crash worship – discordia

crash worship – flow

jeremy cousins – aloha


have a nice life – earthmover

duster – earth moon transit

black wing – my body betrayed me

drop nineteens – angel puce

mary – the spiral

bark psychosis – absent friend


people for audio – and this will be our homecoming

him – a verdict of science

slow riot 9/3/18: if you want it, maybe you don’t deserve it, there comes a time when we face a crossroad, who will you be, who will you need to be

Image result for amateur doubles
graham lambkin — amateur doubles (philippe grancher – 3000 miles away)
loren mazzacane connors — airs 1-10
technical space composer’s crew — ho-mai-nhi (boat-woman song)
technical space composer’s crew — mellow out

arrowhead wounds — antarctic
teratology — the physics house band
melencolia — poly-math
don’t waste time doing things you hate — and so i watch you from afar
quadratonic — glenn branca
melody 5 — tera melos
i am s/h(im)e[r] as you am s/h(im)e[r] as you are me and we am i and i are all our
together: our collective consciousness’ psychogenic fugue — giraffes? giraffes!

slow riot 8/27/18 – downstream there is duality, tireless panache or excessive rakishness

anton bruckner – requiem in d minor
sigillum s – bardo thos-grol
(concurrently sometimes)
william byrd – angus dei

bernard bonnier – soldier boy
le mystere des voix bulgares – pilentze pee
martin siewert & martin brandlmayr – is this love
le mystere des voix bulgares – polegnala e todora
martin brandlmayr, werner dafeldecker, stefan németh, martin siewert – die instabilität der symmetrie part one
le mystere des voix bulgares – messetschinko lio greilivko
dafeldecker /kurzmann / fennesz / o’rourke / drumm / siewert – graz
le mystere des voix bulgares – schopska pesen
dieb13, pure, siewert – so are we
haruka nakamura & 青葉市子 – 星の目覚め

Slow Riot: 8/20/18 this is slow riot on wrek atlanta 91.1 fm, the student radio station of the georgia institute of technology, commonly referred to as georgia tech, a public research university and institute of technology located in the midtown neighborhood of atlanta, georgia.

konstrukt + keiji haino — the darkness of +(plus) and the paleness of –(minus) drag each uo an identical distance and reanalyse blending in some pain part 1
merzbow, mats gustafsson, balázs pándi, thurston moore — replaced by shame, only two left
puma — half nelson courtship
giannis aggelakas + nikos veliotis — oi anases ton lykon
gareth flowers – ii

militia — a kite of glass in a blood red sea
apoptose — violet
ain soph — credo
ain soph — kshatriya
sigillum s — of will
zero kama — v.v.v.v.v.
militia – power to the people

slowriot 8/6/2018: hitched unhitched pushed away asleep

zeit – carmilla ||| escaping aghartha – coalescence ||| es//e – //a100o/sv ||| aTelecine – sky then trees then birds then nothing ||| bark psychosis – scum ||| earwig – every day shines ||| foghorn – lima/bodyleaving ||| labradford – twenty