Slow Riot

Slow Riot 4/9/18: chaque fois, le feu nous brûle, il n’y a pas de leçons à apprendre

charles curtis trio — b – electric guitar, drumkit, sine tones, speech
kleg — part one: eating and sleeping (#15)
deux filles — drinking at a stream
fibreforms — soaring
bästard — growing daisies

arthropod — hovercraft
the graphic world — glorious freeformity
the graphic world — malice in underland
guapo — five suns iii
i.o — tears ofthe mariner
i.o — dead lake
i.o — butterfly tissue
sacred harp — ditch duets
daniel bachman — won’t you cross over to that other shore

Slow Riot 4/2/18: very yeah sad i’m ;;;”’ give it

the for carnation – preparing to receive you
how to count one to ten – mathematics;re
kacica – trees
pennies – bows and arrows
colour – tallulah’s my mother’s name
meet me in st. louis – eins zwei drei hasselhoff
pele – hummingbirds eat

mice parade – a dance by any other name
fridge – ark
berg sans nipple – flapping
the declining winter – summer turns to hurt
grand ulena – crowbar at crescent and cricket
golden – the quim adjuster
the letter e – events
magyar posse – track 6

Slow Riot 3/12/18: we don’t care about direction

you may die in the desert – bears in the yukon
rachel’s – water from the same source
updownleftrightcabcstart – fireflies
jesu – friends are evil
year of no light – mon
year of no light – abbesse

talk talk – ascension day
rain tree crow – new moon at red deer wallow
isotope 217 – beneath the undertow
hash jar tempo – [untitled]
laddio bolocko – goat lips
HiM – A Verdict of Science

Slow Riot 3/5/18: something about nor’easters

ganger — lid of the stars
cerberus shoal — myrrh (loop)
shiva affect — the bridge
circle — bonoroid
brise-glace — neither yeld nor reap
papa sprain — bathtime
pita — 3

toe and toki asako — goodbye
auto! automatic!! — a!a!! @ aa eh
native — ride the tide
ahleuchatistas — owls
ahleuchatistas — owls
us maple — hey king
us maple — state is bad
don caballero — loudest shop vac in the world
don caballero — please tokio please this is tokio
marnie stern — patterns of a diamond ceiling from in advance of the broken arm
marnie stern — letters from rimbaud

Slow Riot 2/26/18: it’s no use, i’ve given up completely


sajjanu — mechanical tampopong
loqto — rep(110)%4
e;in — vento
natsumen — newsummerboy
natsumen — whola lotta summer
unkie — crumble
mississippiroid — mew
ヨソハヨソ (yoso-wa-yoso) — terraformed
rega — pingpong
kuruucrew — mon

dilute — alphabet
pele — egg
the for carnation — salo
ulan bator — hemisphere
ganger — hope
gastr del sol — blues subtitled no sense of wonder
tarentel — two sides of myself part one
pretend — guided spirits/guilded souls
long fin killie — corngold