Slow Riot

slow riot 11/12/18: don’t take advice from anyone, yourself, you’re self, don’t do not don t think a thingle unthought idea

corea — cuando el mar pierde las conchas
corea — la muerte fosiliza el recuerdo, el grito cristaliza la agonia
corea — ofelia
corea — eterno en la garganta del tormento
corea — interrupciones

carl stone — shing kee
szun waves — temple
alice shields — study for voice and tape
asaf zeki yuksel — democracy lessons
hood — houses tilting towards the sea
rm74 / rlw — sack im fegefeur
pole — stadt
sigillum s — mouthwatering god corporation
sigillum s — flesh collapsing in waves
obake — appeasing the apparition
lebowski — animali nella notte
shellac — dude incredible

slow riot 11/5/18: who pulls your strings?

thom yorke — has ended

christoph de babalon  — scylla’s night out

the gaslamp killer — residual tingles

merzbow — tadpole

nic endo — man-eater

tribes of neurot — march to the sun


fennesz / o’rourke / rehberg — gürtel eins

nicolas collins — broken light i, corelli

valerio tricoli — la distanza

helm — outerzone 2015


god is an astronaut — forever lost

bowery electric — empty words

demdike stare — curzon

milk from cheltenham — the man who cried

unwound — kantina

juna of 44 — the dexterity of luck

set fire to flames — this thing between us is a rickety bridge of impossible crossing / bonfires for nobody…

slow riot: 10/15/18: voted most impish show of the contiguous united states

roomful of teeth – otherwise
ttng – dog
ttng – dog (acoustic)
ttng – rabbit
ttng – rabbit (acoustic)
deep turtle – tiotd / ha-tutza / tostroid
acid eater – yes, motion


emperor ~ i am the black wizards
swans ~ money is flesh
lantlôs ~ pulse/ surreal
amesoeurs ~ gas in veins
heretoir ~ retreat to hibernate


body sculptures — a body turns to eden
body sculptures — turning field ii sunflower
född död — stoft av loften
loke rahbek — somersault
eRikm — lux payllettes

slow riot 10/22/18:

puce mary + loke rahbek — liquefying of the flesh
puce mary — slow agony of a dying orgasm
puce mary — to possess is to be in control
irm — birth’s mark of cruelty
brighter death now — necrose evangelicum
lingua ignota — for i am the light (and mine is the only way)

ruins — komnigriss
ruins — skhanddraviza
ruins — mennevugoth
ruins — wanzhemvergg
the graphic world — glorious freeformity part 1
yowie — tenesha
sleeping people — people staying awake
zefs chasing cara – pink sweat

coil — it’s in my blood
natural snow buildings — orion is dead
john cage and david tudor — excerpts 7pm to 8pm
toshimaru makamura — nimb 51
colin stetson, sarah neufield — and still they move
the red crayola — war sucks
west coast modern day punk rock orchestra — simplicity (that is the key)
nels cline & devin sarno — hydrofoil

slow riot: 10/15/18: have many words do you know?

delia derbyshire & barry bermange — invention for radio no. 1: the dreams

  1. running
  2. falling
  3. land
  4. sea
  5. colour

arnaud rebotini — the first thirteen minutes of love
ashra — deep distance

sky \\ toccata

mono // cyclone

spiritualized \\ shine a light

ramleh // do not come near

deafheaven \\ you without end

tonstartssbandht // subtropic gleme rock

hammock \\ the air between us

the evpatoria  report // taijin kyofusho

steve reich \\ it’s gonna rain, pt. ii