Slow Riot

Monday 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Genres: Post Rock, Math Rock, Experimental, Noise, Free Improvisation, Dark Ambient, Industrial
Hosts: Dylan Thomson, Matthew Ritch, Jordan Hilsman

Slow Riot showcases a wide variety of post-rock, instrumental rock, and math rock. From layered instrumentals that build to a beautiful crescendo, to dark soundscapes, to songs with the weirdest time signatures, Slow Riot has it all to make your Monday nights more grand.

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slow riot 4/22/19 – an incessant marching towards an end that we are not aware of

i. blood axis — the gospel of inhumanity

ii. blood axis — the voyage (canto i)

iii. blood axis — eternal soul

iv. blood axis — between birds of prey

v. blood axis — herr, nun laß in frieden

vi. blood axis — reign i forever

vii. blood axis — absinthe

viii. blood axis — storm of steel


a. vladislav delay — hetkonen

b. ryoji ikeda — data.matrix

c. tim hecker — the piano drop

d. caterina barbieri — this causes consciousness to fracture

e. tim hecker — chimeras


yoshimi and yuka — mow deck in eye

slow riot 4/15: take a guess, i guarantee you are wrong

le fruit vert – en papier
gultskra artikler – begushemu vpered
ghost – celebration for the gray days
1§ÅdØrÅ dµ§​+​m1​+​(​∑) jµnk – +cage​-​(​overhaul​.​075​-​=​-​gives​-​you​-​6​)​solution#2to​-​kill​-​hurts
infidel?/castro! – damage fractal series ii: smear contradicting elimination
maja s. k. ratkje – den sprættende bevægelse min fot gjør hver gang pulsen slår
spk – despair
ai aso – …wer bist du denn?
croiners – music to listen to other tapes by
allerseelen – auferstehung
allerseelen – lucifer rising (aurora consurgens quae dicitus hora aurea)
allerseelen – lichtbringerin (aphrora)
allerseelen – es werde licht (fiat lux)
allerseelen – gold tausender morgen
allerseelen – rosentau
croiners – music to listen to other tapes by (continued)

Émeute lente: the shape of slow riot to come/::\ take a mushroom, leave a mushroom / blackened death-metal

ana roxanne – nocturne
le fruit vert – en papier
triad god – dill
keiji haino – lets put an end to it + isn’t it delicious?
mark fell & gabor lazar – untitled B2 (the neurobiology of moral decision making)
henri chopin – dynamisme integral
carla scaletti – sunsurgeautomata
yann tomita – solar & planetary influence sound
yellow swans – foiled
byetone – plastic star
caterina barbieri – gravity that binds
dj loser – end of the bond i
frank bretschneider – a soft throbbing of time
empty set – border
robert ashley – private parts

slow riot 4/1/19 – crush // this broadcast is brought to you by wax play // great! we’ve sold out and are never transmiting a single radio wave again. no more anything now.

andy boay – in the light ( full album )
andy boay – i-iv
andy boay – black sea
andy boay – swimming
andy boay – winter 2013 live rehearsal
andy boay – 1995 beast kept in the light

Image result for tokyo monthly metro pass

co)))ltrane (sun o))) and john coltrane) – mars and rabbit’s revenge
eliane radigue – stress-usaka
eliane radigue – usral

doopees – medical service
ゑでぃまぁこん – たまのうた
アマリリス — 深夜のできごと
Сәуле Жанпейісова — Қыэыԉкар Семей
こじょう ひとし — 忍石
peder mannerfelt – post sense perspective
giovanni lami – KRRS
les rallizes denudes – night of the assassins

slow riot 3/25/2019 – curare curare so don’t panic // ah the saccharine taste of dr dazzle, surely a study of hermeneutics will kill this ennui

Image result for kazumoto endo

scott walker – clara
scott walker – jesse
scott walker – jolson and jones
scott walker – manhattan
scott walker – tilt


masonna – mademoiselle anne anglante ou notre nymphomanie aureole
浅川マキ – fushiawase to iu na no neko
vanessa amara – manos
intersystems – grand piano
nonesuch explorer series – torallay toro
kazumoto endo – shinjuku kahki pants
kazumoto endo – itabashi girl
washington phillips – mother’s last word to her son
navicon torture technologies – no hands, no teeth
djivan gasparyan – tonight
jason lescalleet & graham lambkin – kingdom 2 (laughing)


eglise debre berhan selassie – chouers et lamentations
keith rowe, thomas lehn, marcus schmickler – segment 10-15
khanh ly & trinh cong son – tinh sau
akio suzuki, aki onda – do ko ka ra
free agents – untitled
snd – 3,100