Slow Riot

Monday 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Genres: Experimental, Noise, Free Improvisation, Dark Ambient, Industrial
Hosts: Matthew Ritch, Jordan Hilsman

Slow Riot plays experimental music of all sorts – anything from dark, twisted death industrial to swirling, blissful ambient collages.

The last show (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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slow riot 6/22/20 — where i am now is no better than where i’ve been *

The Face of Another

charles baudelaire — spleen iv
john bender — 35b5 records
arthur rimbaud — farewell
carl stone — sonali
paul verlaine — claire de lune
ricky eat acid — in rural virginia, watching glowing lights crawl from the dark corners of the room + inside your house; it will swallow us too
andre breton — always for the first time
mitchell akiyama — tied to the mast
virginia astley — with my eyes wide open i’m dreaming
kazumasa hashimoto — encyclopedic landscape

ariel kalma — le temps de moissons
kallabris — baldur
psychodrama — jesus cry
yuko utsumi, midori takada, junko arase — still park (ensemble)
yumiko morioka — moon road
u ba than — nan gyar nyo kyaw
d-clone — drop a noise bomb ep

slow riot 6/15: a persona: a duality: an aspect of: the silence of God

The Mirror – Andrei Tarkovsky (1975) – Celluloid Wicker Man

lilien rosarian – a day in bel bruit
f.a.r. — lucciloe preservate 2
trevor wishart — red bird

caroline k — the happening
obsequies — languish
yyu — e e e
pan sonic + keiji haino — imperious doppelganger of tears, playing catch with objectivity that evades ultimate responsibility
vladimir ussachevsky — piece for tape recorder
ake hodell — 220 volt buddha – electronic purgatorium i

slow riot 5/25/20: mephistopheles atones; now, where will you fall? let’s welcome an influx of caprice.

a primrose for time passed

yann tomita — vinyl beat of two turntables with cybernetics & bio-feedback
♥ julien ✡ — aerogel tv
lofty — bola sosa
bernard c. — les chants révolutionnaires part iii
etant donnes — sounvenez vous de mieux voiler dans le commencement ce que vous allez eclaircir ici
sadaf — apparition
chris watson — los mochis
laura luna — auroras

city & i.o. — anxiety object
v/vm — female pig herder
laddio bolocko — goat lips
maja s.k. ratkje — den sprættende bevægelse min fot gjør hver gang pulsen slår
schloss tegal — coital_affirmation_(artificial_coital_equipment_remix)
guenter schlienz — tape studies: presentation one: reel-to-reel & modular synthesizer
bruce hirdler — oh lord please forgive me now
hood — the weight EP

slow riot 5/18/20 — a return to deformation. france is passing through a period of vulgarity

simple affections — alexander scriabin
kazuma kubota — ghost
မာမာေအး – ကၽြန္မတို ့ရြာကေလး
legesse abdi – ቁ. 7 (track 1)
karstvīna recepte / uz pirti / garām aiziet vīrs ar cigareti
คณะ อุดมศิลป์ เชียงใหม่ — prasat wai
bod — music for self esteem + free will isn’t free
elysia crampton — dog clouds (feat. jeremy rojas)
灰野敬二 — いま どっち 還れる所が あるはず
om. tawangalun — nyulayani janji
franco nanni — rna

michele mercure — in the air + eyechant
sunshine has blown — governor’s house brisbane 25th november 05
seekersinternational — gunringox1&2
frenchbloke & son — société de radiodiffusion de l’homme et du fils français : bruit dans l’intéret de musique (tape 1 side a)

slow riot 3/9/20 — is my brain smooth, or do i listen to slow riot?

kink gong — soundscape china, pt. 1
lionel marchetti — the earth defeats me
pärson sound — a glimpse inside the glyptotec-66
kink gong — soundscape china, pt. 2

thee silver mt. zion — 13 angels standing guard ’round the side of your bed
mark fell & gábor lázár — untitled 7
[monrhea] + ejuku —
jako maron — pendulé 
dino rešidbegović — subtractive study
rodolfo acosta restrepo – todas las noches, el cielo arde sobre bogotá
how to disappear completely — seraph i