Slow Riot

Monday 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Genres: Post Rock, Instrumental Rock, Math Rock, Experimental Rock
Hosts: Dylan Thomson, Matthew Ritch

Slow Riot showcases a wide variety of post-rock, instrumental rock, and math rock. From layered instrumentals that build to a beautiful crescendo, to dark soundscapes, to songs with the weirdest time signatures, Slow Riot has it all to make your Monday nights more grand.

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slowriot 7/16/2018 -o’light, will you buttress my will? these tribulations are a veneer for worse to come

Image result for Шесть Мёртвых Болгар

atelecine – i came, i sat, i departed
atelecine – a cassette played
le baron de vincese – cross grotte
le baron de vincese – cacatoes
wyxz – w0004 hez
Шесть мёртвых болгар – Работа
Шесть Мёртвых Болгар – От Издательства
dau unge – siklekråke

directions in music – untitled 3
rhys chatham – adagio
john fahey & cul de sac – our puppet selves
matmos – last delicious cigarette
robert fripp – 1988
scala – hold me down
micromelancolie – niwa c
haruka nakamura & 青葉市子 – 星の目覚め
haruka nakamura & 青葉市子 – 流星


slowriot 7/9/18 – slapdash life: ennui, listlessness / i am lugubrious

notekillers — motorcycle song
notekillers — run don’t stop
notekillers — spaceland chant
notekillers — roll over stockhausen
storm & stress — today is totally crashing & stunned in bright lights
set fire to flames – your guts are like mine
set fire to flames – when sorrow shoots her darts
hangedup – (re)view from the ground
don caballero — stupid puma
the redneck manifesto — rubber up
aburadako — 秘境にて
victims family — me vs everything
cheval de frise — deux nappes ductiles

jeromes dream — 35
chll pll — hold this hand of rowdy light
giraffes? giraffes! — a quick one while she’s away
rumah sakit — i can’t see anything when i close my eyes
sweep the leg, johnny — please send me roses before i am dead
rodan — bible silver corner
37500 yens — astero
shellac — shoe song
the sonora pine — cloister
kaki king — doing the wrong thing

Slow Riot 6/25/18: you’re being very picky about who you sleep with because you’re convinced true love is still out there. it is. but not for you. you will die alone, at the age of 68

kashiwa daisuke — write once, run melos
doug snyder & bob thompson — daily dance\
the flashbulb — submerged renewed
mark mcguire — the vast structure of recollection
the third eye foundation — lost
— – —
wöljager — vüörgeschicht
wöljager — van’t liewen un stiäwen
wöljager — awatte äer
wöljager — summer
wöljager — magdalene
wöljager — kuem to mi
militia — A New Statement
militia — Üb Immer Treu Und Redlichkeit
pg.lost — despercido pt.1
torquem — floehm

Slow Riot 6/18: what would you do if you were alive when the us was actively filling internment camps

cole — the open sea
aarktica — big year
movietone — 1930’s beach house
audrey — leaving/letting go
aerial m — safeless
aerial m — vol de nuit
duster — want no light to shine
auburn lull — light through the canopy

we set sail – this machine destroys everything
we set sail – pet cemetary
the kraken quartet – chance the dog
the kraken quartet – separate | migrate
the flashbulb – golden trees
crtvtr – we need time
crtvtr – O my hungry self
the tiny – closer

slow riot 5/28/18: all you left were fruitless memories, all of which subsided in your absence.

not drowning, waving — the garden
sand — fellatio
sand — this thinking feeling moment
imahoritsubeiyoshidatatsuya — language pollution
tone — ramifications
helvetia — hellawaitsya
pretend — record of lover
bark psychosis — 400 winters
青葉市子 — 機械仕掛乃宇宙

insides — walking in straight lines
tape — sunrefrain
the jimmy cake — quartz cat waltz
art of fighting — i don’t keep a record
grouper — lighthouse
bark psychosis — bloodrush
bark psychosis — i know
main — cypher