Cross|Section NOV[1]9th Wonder

This week we took a trip to the 9th Wonder of the world, 
got ready for the holidays, 
and hung out with G. Stilton...

It's Cross Section on 91.1FM W.RE.K. ATL

Track 1 (9th instrumental)
—> she came through (9th instrumental)
—> lovemen (9th instrumental)
—> threat (jay z)
—> hiding place (little brother)
—> jealous love (bobby womack)
ocean of thoughts and dreams (the dramatics)
—> girl (destiny’s child)
where’s the concern for the people 
(harold melvin & the blue notes)
—> past*present*future (KRS one)
lucky fellow (the independents)
—> the scoop on heaven (mac miller)
afro blue (robert glasper & 9th)
—> afro blue (robert glasper)
—> afro blue (mongo santamaria)
(rhinocerous) that time of year
—> face the world (nipsey hussle)
wistful dreams (Paul Williams)
—> serena vs venus (conway the machine)

Thank You God (Darondo) 
-> Wrestlemania 20 (Westside Gunn + Anderson .Paak)
Let Me Ride (Windy City) 
-> LetMeRideSoul!!!!! (9th Wonder)
Govinda (J.O.B. Orquestra) 
-> Rain (Mac Miller + Vince Staples)
Ere Yon (Julie Coker) 
-> Saviers Road (Anderson .Paak)
You Know the Future (The Archers) 
-> ASHERTOYOU!!!!! (9th Wonder)
What’s Happenin’, Baby? (The Stylistics) 
-> Beautiful Morning (Little Brother)
Nautilus (Bob James) 
-> Nautiluschop!!!!! (9th Wonder)

mode8 #20: Jazz Episode

After a little hell week last week, mdoe8 is back with an episode over jazz and funk and all sorts like it! 

Youtube Playlist!

Katamari On The Funk // Katamari Forever
Map Music // Jazzpunk
Bosco’s // Sam And Max Save The World
Alpha, Beta, Cocktail // Device 6
Main Theme // LA Noire
Inkwell Isle Four // Cuphead
Casino Calavera // Grim Fandango
Forecast // Transistor
Power Grid // SimCity 3000
Little Red Diesel // Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Shooby Shooby Do Yah! // LittleBigPlanet Karting
Training Mode // Marvel vs. Capcom 2
An Illegal Messenger // 10,000 Bullets
Running To Horizon // Enthusia Professional Racing

velvet 11-16-22

experimenting a bit~

from confessions

kool aid  /  kirby
post mates  /  jarami, cautious clay
don’t ask why  /  katzu oso
still got time  /  dexter

2am  /  gavin turek
gelato  /  floyd fuji, carneyval
no more rain  /  angie stone
summertime  /  charlotte day wilson

zero  /  cktrl, mereba
what i would do  /  victor lundberg, ed mills
artery  /  clay
deep in the shallow end  /  jenevieve

pretty  /  runner boy, evann mcintosh
acercate  /  beruti, immasoul
confessions  /  sudan archives

spotify playlist here~

Decompositions 11-16-22

The Gerogerigegege – >(decrescendo) Final Chapter – Farewell Dream Treatment

Steve Roden + duenn – 不​確​定​な​境​界 – 永遠のエコー

 Steve Roden + duenn – 不​確​定​な​境​界 – 繰り返す空間

 Steve Roden + duenn – 不​確​定​な​境​界 – 共​同​体​の​儀​式

Gold Soundz 11.15.22: OLD Soundz

Ah… remember the days of floppy disks and blockbuster? Well now we can reminisce with Old Soundz this week on Gold Soundz! This week we are playing all songs made before the year 2000, hope y’all enjoy!

Joke of the Week:

I knew I was old when… 
My grandson got the same shoes as me because they’re retro!

What was an old person’s first pet?
A T-Rex!

Playlist of the week:

Ooh La La // Faces
After Hours // The Velvet Undeground
Still In Love // Cat Power

Place To Be // Nick Drake
Right Down the Line // Gerry Rafferty 
So Mystifying // The Kinks

Holland, 1945 // Neutral Milk Hotel
Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Brighter Day // Jim Croce
Once in a Lifetime // Talking Heads

No Other One // Weezer
Don’t Get Me Wrong // The Bonzo Dog Band 
The Fool // Neutral Milk Hotel

Anemone // The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Love Will Come To You – Live From Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta, GA
Race for the Prize // The Flaming Lips 
When I Goose-Step // The Shins

Thanks for tuning in! See y’all next week!