Mode 7 – 09/17/17

The Cover/Remix Show

Many popular songs have many covers and we’ve played those along with some less popular songs and games that just had one single, kind of sad to be alone cover.

The Playlist!

A Link to the Past – Sanctuary Dungeon (Progressive Groove Remix) Involved in the Troubles
Dota 2 – Enchantress Thing – haveluckgoodfun
Golden Sun – Isaac Battle Theme (Acapella Verson) – Smooth McGroove
The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time – Kakariko Village (Orchestra Version) – The Synthetic Orchestra

VA-11 HALL-A – Your Love is a Drug (insaneintherain Arrange) – Adriana Figueroa
Dance Dance Revolution – Butterfly – JubyPhonic
Persona 5 – Life Will Change (AmaLee Version) – LeeandLee
Portal – Still Alive – Cristina Vee feat. DJ Bouche
Super Mario 64 – Penguin Cap (Guitar Arrange) – CarboHydroM

Ace Combat 4 – Lifeline
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door – Shadow Queen Final Battle (Remix) – Vonyco
Undertale – Megalovania (Remix) – Sasakure UK
Undertale – Hopes and Dreams (Remix) – Anomaly

Touhou 14 ~ Double Dealing Character – Dressed up in Shadow (Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon Remix) – Hatsunetsumiko’s
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Dark Pit’s Theme (Metal Cover) – NateWantsToBattle
Kirby / Yumekui Merry – Merry Nightmare in Dream Land (Arrange) – Triple-Q

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, September 23rd (“Fossils… in Glorious 3D!”) Episode 357

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Clip from Who’s Harry Crumb?
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Fossil” by Taser Puppets

Interview with Chad Hutchens (Head of Digital Collections, University of Wyoming Libraries)

File this set QE75 .B9:
“Antelope” by Diagrams
“Sabretooth” by Samurai Shotgun

Continue interview with Chad Hutchens

File this set under Z701.2 .D54 R54:
“Shake it and Break It” by Son House
“Scanners” by John Jacob
“Diggin'” by Los Dominados

Continue interview with Chad Hutchens

File this set under G4261 .F7:
“Kicking Stones” by the Monkees
“Past is Past” by the Dishrags
“Out of the Darkness” by the Ups and Downs

“Won’t Find It” by the Bomb Pops

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Psych Out! September 13th 2017

artist – track – album

West Coast Pop Art Experimental – Smell of Incense – single
Silver Apples – Rupy – s/t
Chocolate Watchband – Medication – single
The Seeds – Evil Hoodo – s/t
Ultimate Spinach – Mind Flowers – Beholden Sea

Can – Little Star of Bethelehem – Delay
United States of America – Love Song for the Dead Che – s/t
Gandalf – I Watch the Moon – s/t
Gandalf – Me About You – s/t
Spanky and our Gang – And She’s Mine – Anything You Choose by Way Without Reason

Shillelagh Law – September 14, 2017

  • Minstrel Boy – Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
  • Salley Gardens – Celtic Mist
  • High Germany – Luke Kelly
  • Alligator Arms – Gaelic Storm
  • Tale of the Weathered Sailor – Celtic Moods
  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley – Solas
  • Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile – Dubliners
  • Brennan on the Moor – Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
  • Lily the Pink – Irish Rovers
  • Raglan Road – Luke Kelly
  • Song of the Wandering Angus – Tommy Makem
  • Sergeant Small – Patrick Street
  • Slipjig Reels – Socks in the Frying Pan
  • Wild Mountain Thyme – Al Petteway
  • I Need Love – Luka Bloom



Japanese Hardcore:

Brain Death – Get Back
Brain Death – Convert City
G.I.S.M. – Death Agonies and Screams
Death Side – Death Side
Death Side – Circulate Pain
GAI – Blood Spit Night Forever
G-Spot – Nonfiction
Deadless Muss – Freedom & Rights
The Comes – No Side
The Comes – Wa-Ka-Me
Systematic Death – Don’t Stop My Way
The Stalin – 365

New Additions:
Slender Loris – Tiny Bones
Civil Engineer – Between Stars
Airships On The Water – When You’re Caught
Ethan Sherman – Norway
Chris Alvino – Daddy’s Too Busy
Triptides – Throne of Stars