Rewired – 23 October, 2021

Crush #170

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Special guest host episode with Karina of Girl Rock!!

“Sweetness and Light” – Lush
“Elizabeth” – LSD and the Search for God
“Wandering, I” – Sunbeam Sound Machine

“Preoccupation” – Black Marble
“Visions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections” – Melody’s Echo Chamber
“You Should Be Hated Here” – Carissa’s Wierd

“Chaos Magic” – Death Hags
“Holy Forest” – Pinkshinyultrablast
“Michael” – Beachy Head

“Memory Pools” – Foxes In Fiction
“Sad Dream” – Plastic Girl in Closet
“Flutter” – julie

“Blister” – Lazy Legs
“Air Supply” – Sweet Trip
“Sigh’s Smell of Farewell” – Cocteau Twins

Tokyo Dreams – 10/19/21

a city pop playlist on We Heart It

Back at it again with another week of some classic city pop. Enjoy!



Chu Kosaka | フォーカスラブ
Kenjiro Sakiya | 愛されてもいない -ハーレムの天使達-
Miki Matsubara | 10cm Heel
Makoto Matsushita | Love Was Really Gone – 2018 Remaster
惣領 智子 | I SAY WHO
Kei Ishiguro | 雨
Hiromi Iwasaki | カサノバ L
S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe; Kiyotaka Sugiyama | Dear Breeze
Cindy | 私達を信じていて
Step | Rimember me
Fishmans | Go Go Round This World!
Miki Matsubara | See-Saw Love
Tomoko Aran | Imitation Lover
Bread And Butter | SUMMER BLUE

grrl rock! punktober ep. 3- 10/19/21

grrl rock! continued its punktober series with another week of the best in punk music. Playlist here and picks below:

Jennifer’s Body // Hole
Trophy Wifey // Partyline
Babydoll // Slant 6
Okay // Skinny Girl Diet

My Red Self // Heavens to Betsy
What Kind of Monster Are You? // Slant 6
Ugly // Diode
Bless Your Little Heart // The Velveteers

Golden // Grandmas House
You’re Standing On My Neck // Honeyblood
Life’s a Joke // Surfbort
Your Mom // THICK

In the Red // The Soviettes 
Nighttoad // Kleenex
Eating Toothpaste // Bratmobile
Boys Wanna Be Her // Peaches

I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool // Kate Fagan
Forsythia // Veruca Salt
Lethal Lolita // Red aunts
Tish Le Dire // Chandra

Goldsoundz – 10.19.21

This weeks Goldsoundz playlist can be found here! I hope y’all enjoyed this weeks mix!

In Too Deep // Slow Pop
Surfer Girl // The Band Ice Cream
So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings // Squirrel Flower

Dang. // The Childlike Empress
Sell the Furniture // Dan Mills
Romeo and Juliet // Widowspeak

Flames and Flat Tires – Far Our Version // Squirrel Flower
You’re Still The One // Christian Lee Hutson, Julia Jacklin
Valentine // Lala Lala, Grapetooth

Used To // Wilma Laverne Miner
Panda // DRIMS
Radio // Freak Slugs, niquo

Ruby // Geskle
Crashed My Bike // Sun Room