54-46 Playlist December 8th 2016

Dennis Brown – A Cup Of Tea
Mikey Dread – Equal Rights
Rebelution – Green To Black

Fishbone – They All Have Abandoned Their Hopes
Pablo Moses – A Step Before Hell
Jimmy Cliff – Struggling Man

The Skatalites – From Russia With Love
Pietasters – Moment
Steel Pulse – Ravers
Tribal Seeds – Stillness of Night

Gorillaz – Dracula
Thievery Corporation – Blasting Through the City
Arise Roots – Fear Factory
Deal’s Gone Bad – Too Early Too Late

Jo Mersa Marley Ft. Yohan Marley – Burn It Down


Full Album Appreciation 12/8

This Morning’s Album:

Scientist – The Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Intergalactic Vampires!

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This week I thought it might be nice to tone it down with some dub so we could all have one last chill before finals kick in.

Also I thought this album would be extra good cause this show is at 3 am and the album sounds like space. Space sounds are very good for the early morning in my opinion.

Oh also before this album I played the song Seconds Away by Scientist cause I think that song’s great (also because it starts with the words “Scientist in Dubwise!”)

So here we are, way too early for any sane person to be awake listening to one of the most prominent sound engineers in the Reggae/dub scene. This guy’s done loads of stuff. LOADS. Started off fixing small stuff in King Tubby’s studio before he finally talked his way into working there as a sound engineer before he moved to studio one working with the Roots Radics before he moved to Washington D.C. in the 80’s to do god knows what (make more sick albums for one).

So he engineered and produced loads of records for people but also he put out so many albums on his own it’s almost obscene. Some of my favorites (like this one) depict him doing crazy stuff like fighting off space invaders, killing evil vampires, or my personal favorite, shooting dubstep into outer space.

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Image result for the scientist shoots dubstep into outer space











Until Next week!

Psych-Out! Playlist for December 7, 2016

  1. White Out – Flogging Breath of Dream (Red Shift)
  2. Om – At Giza (Conference Live)
  3. Suishou No Fune – The Rainbow Dissolving in the Ocean (Black Flowers of the Forest in the Cosmos)
  4. Mamiffer & Circle – Kaksonen 1 (Enharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ))

Girl Rock – December 6th, 2016

Weyes Blood – Diary
Sara Hartman – From the Other Side of the World
Dama Scout – All in Too
Laura Marling – Soothing

Tristen – Baby Drugs
The News – Be Like Mike
The Tuts – 1982

Lisa Prank – Luv is Dumb
Basement Revolver – Johnny
The Wild Reeds – Where I’m Going
Louise Burns – Who’s the Madman

Fear of Men – A Memory
Angel Olsen – Shut up Kiss Me

Emmy the Great – Rapid

Goldsoundz – December 6th, 2016

Tim Darcy – “Tall Glass of Water”
The Unicorns – “Les Os”
Colleen Green – “Wild One”
Jeffrey Lewis – “Roll Bus Roll”
Cayetana – “Hot Dad Calendar”

Sara Hartman – “From the Other Side of the World”
Foxygen – “America”
Little Indian – “Backseat”
Rubblebucket – “If U C My Enemies”

Lily & Madeline – “The Wolf is Free”
Carroll – “Talking To My Own Mirage”
The Courtneys – “Silver Velvet”

LAUREL – “Maybe Baby”
Summer Salt – “Sweet to Me”