涟漪 3/27/23: A Si (阿肆)

Just like last week, we’re highlighting a female artist in Cpop! Tonight, we took a look at a singer-songwriter who is a little less well known, though you might have heard her music without knowing it! Here are the songs I played from her discography. Note that * denotes an unofficial English translation.

“I’m Eating Fried Chicken at People’s Plaza”*, Accidentally on Purpose

“Don’t Forget to Buy Me Lunch Once You Get a Girlfriend”*, Accidentally on Purpose

“Accidentally on Purpose”, Accidentally on Purpose

“Deficiency”*, Accidentally on Purpose

“Chilly Heartbeat”*, Accidentally on Purpose

“Fleeting Shadow”*, Accidentally on Purpose

“Don’t Want to Go Home”*, My Foolish Idealism

“Sincerely Yours” by A Si and Yoga Lin, My Foolish Idealism

“If You’re in Love With Yau Ma Tei”*, My Foolish Idealism

“Unbroken”*, My Foolish Idealism

“My Foolish Idealism”, My Foolish Idealism


  • 《我在人民广场吃炸鸡》
  • 《有女朋友别忘了请我吃饭》
  • 《预谋邂逅》
  • 《缺乏》
  • 《微凉的心跳》
  • 《浮光掠影》


  • 《不想回家》
  • 《致姗姗来迟的你》
  • 《若你爱上油麻地》
  • 《不破》
  • 《我愚蠢的理想主义》


mode8 #27: Minigames and MAR10

Welcome back to mode8! This week’s episode focuses (mostly) on minigames in video games, with a slight dash of Italian plumber towards the end to celebrate March 10th — Mario Day!

Youtube Playlist!

Veilstone City Game Corner // Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Spin Ye Bottle // Shovel Knight
Goldenrod City Game Corner // Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver
It’s Pizza Time! // Pizza Tower
Journey of the Prairie King (Overworld, Outlaw, and Ending) // Stardew Valley
the grind // Going Under
Level 3: Skellie Outskirt // Night In The Woods (Demon Tower minigame)
Blob Boss // Alien Hominid
I Sawed The Demons // Doom (1993)
Puzzle Kombat (Tiles of Death, Snake Food) // Mortal Kombat Deception
Boogie or Shuffle // Final Fantasy 8
Monkey Bowling // Super Monkey Ball
Theme of Chao // Sonic Adventure
Fishing Tourney and Bug-Off // Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The Professor’s Trunk // Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel
Fishing Game, Fishing Hit! // Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch remake)
Select Crew Member // Warioware: Get It Together!
Luigi’s Casino // New Super Mario Bros.
Baton and On // Super Mario Party
Eternal Star // Mario Party 1

100 wreks #45

If You Want To (feat. Kai Whiston) - Petal Supply
Rainbow- Bladee + Mechatok
Shopping Spree - Plastic Pet

Blush (with Elphi) - Glimji
you've changed your mind - Duskus
crush (Glimji Cut) - Planet 1999

former is my hero - X-J-9
call'r - fyoum
i<3u - Planet 1999


All My Time - mechatok

snow angelz (feat. new sylveon + gnaar) - diana starshine
Once In A Lifetime - moistbreezy

Forever (Dvnots Remix) - Charli XCX

mode8 #26: 3/2 ≈ 1.5

This week’s episode was another mix, just a selection of tracks I have been listening to recently!

Youtube Playlist!

Athletic Theme // Super Mario Land 2
NUMUSIKA ac.10 // Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Ketteiban
wet-dry world — Jessveness
What U Need // Sonic Rush
02-solar_fields_-_edge_and_flight-ncr // Mirror’s Edge
In The Halls of the Usurper // Shovel Knight
The Coffee Zone — Fearofdark
Thin Ice // Club Penguin
Hero Mode Rocket 4 // Splatoon 3
Wave Battle (Boss Battle) // Mega Man Star Force 1 — arranged by Pokestir
Grandmaster’s Theme // Pokemon TCG (Gameboy)
DM Hazebeat 001 // Hypnospace Outlaw
The Gizmo Factory // Hypnospace Outlaw
Dimensional Voyager // Hypnospace Outlaw
Gotta Gotta // Hypnospace Outlaw
Dire Dire Docks (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remix) — A_A_RonHD



100 wreks #43

Here's tonight's tracklist!
catherine never broke again - saoirse dream
stardust (prod. moqu) - can of bliss

Ticking - boxkitty, leastfavorite!, aephyn, jhl, iris day
Toy Car - six impala

GROUNDBREAKER - umru + warpstr
crush - kmoe
treehome - tracey brakes

perfect - mental
replicant (feat. i9bonsai)(prod. lilac) - vai5000
blink - goji!

Hollywood Baby - 100 gecs
numbers station - wishlane
Like a Kiss demo v4 - Jane Remover

way 2 good (idc) - dazegxd
pixie ring (feat. diana starshine, n. hell, junior astronaut) - galen tipton

Digital Shrine - Mary Arcane