Tokyo Dreams – 6/14/22

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It's really hot outside tonight.

Running our Jazz Fusion special show tonight! If you’re interested in reading more about the genre, check it out here. Only on 91.1 FM WREK Atlanta.


和泉宏隆; 須藤満-HIROMITSU- – 宝島(6/8)
fox capture plan – LIFE
Trix – Solitude
ADAM at; jizue; Schroeder-Headz – Colours
Kyoto Jazz Sextet – Extra Freedom
ADAM at – Moonlight Syndrome
DJ Ryow a.k.a. Smooth Current – Re:Strain of Stairs
Anime That Jazz – 残酷な天使のテーゼ
H ZETTRIO – Spacewalk
POLYPLUS; yucca – silhouette
BimBomBam Orchestra; 元晴; 柴田亮 – UPSIDE DOWN – feat.元晴 & 柴田亮
Asako Toki – トーキョー・ドライブ
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Tokyo Dreams – 6/7/22

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Another week of Japanese City Pop hits! We will be running a Jazz Fusion-themed specialty show next week, so if you’re interested don’t forget to tune in at 8pm next Tuesday! Only on 91.1 FM WREK.
Junko Sakurada – 十七の夏
Anri – ブルー・ムーン
Mako Ishino – 狼なんか怖くない
Saori Minami – 最後のおとしもの
Junko Sakurada – サンタモニカの風
Yu Hayami – クライマックス
CASIOPEA – ミッドナイト・ランデブー – Live at Chuo Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, Feb. 1982
Saori Minami – 悲しきヒロイン
Yu Hayami – 太陽の恋人
Anri – 地中海ドリーム
Hiromi Iwasaki – センチメンタル
Iyo Matsumoto – 太陽がいっぱい
Yu Hayami – Teenage Blue
Akiko Ikuina – Sayonara no Kishibe Kara
Iyo Matsumoto – バージニア・ラプソディ
Anri – Good Bye Boogie Dance
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Mode 8 #10: Favorites From The Semester

As a wrap-up to the first semester of Mode 8’s revival, this week’s episode is a collection of my personal favorites and tracks I’ve found while running the show so far! 

Youtube Playlist!

The Jetzons – Hard Times, mashed with Ice Cap Zone // Sonic 3
Meta Knight’s Revenge – The 8-bit Big Band
Blue Birds 2 // Rhythm Heaven (DS)
Fillbots 2 // Rhythm Heaven (DS)
Uroboros // Downwell
Cosmic Temperance // Loop Hero
Attack of the Killer Queen  (Snowgrave Version) – remix by Filament Vol.
Studiopolis Zone Act 2 // Sonic Mania
Steam Gardens // Super Mario Odyssey
Indigo Quarry // Slime Rancher
The Champion Mipha // Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Hyrule Castle theme – remixed by Nikori
Battle Tower Boss theme // Pokemon Sword and Shield
Whirling Cafeteria (Day) // Disco Elysium
Big Shot (1997 remix) – CRISTATA (soundcloud)


velvet 4-27-22

an instrumental episode for reading day~

from iFeel

from home, to work, and back again  /  tall black guy
ifeel  /  ((( o ))), fkj
in my home  /  tv culture
cute  /  sugi.wa

gimme love  /  pacific
candlelight vol 2.1  /  marcus johnson, big vezy
always  /  vandell andrew

sunday sermon  /  booker t. & the m.g.’s
together tonight  /  brian culbertson
phieu du  /  karrot
songbird  /  m.fasol

pure imagination  /  ruben wan
oak  /  soul food horns, cocabona
sleepless in seoul – instrumental  /  10cm

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Tokyo Dreams – 4/26/22

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Heading towards the end of the semester, enjoy these city pop jams! Only on 91.1 FM WREK Atlanta.
Junko Sakurada – サンタモニカの風
Mako Ishino – 春ラ!ラ!ラ!
Minayo Watanabe – 瞳に約束
Saki Takaoka – 悲しみよこんにちは
Mako Ishino – 恋のハッピー・デート (Gotta Pull Myself Together)
Hiromi Iwasaki – センチメンタル
Hiroko Mita – 駈けてきた処女
Junko Sakurada – 夕なぎ
Mayo Shono – モンテカルロで乾杯
Maiko Ito – 見えない翼
Sayuri Kokusho – ノーブルレッドの瞬間
Noriko Sakai – 恋のスタイル
Yuri Tanaka – 私はピアノ
Mako Ishino – 私のしあわせ
Momoko Kikuchi – Shadow Surfer
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