Mode 8 #10: Favorites From The Semester

As a wrap-up to the first semester of Mode 8’s revival, this week’s episode is a collection of my personal favorites and tracks I’ve found while running the show so far! 

Youtube Playlist!

The Jetzons – Hard Times, mashed with Ice Cap Zone // Sonic 3
Meta Knight’s Revenge – The 8-bit Big Band
Blue Birds 2 // Rhythm Heaven (DS)
Fillbots 2 // Rhythm Heaven (DS)
Uroboros // Downwell
Cosmic Temperance // Loop Hero
Attack of the Killer Queen  (Snowgrave Version) – remix by Filament Vol.
Studiopolis Zone Act 2 // Sonic Mania
Steam Gardens // Super Mario Odyssey
Indigo Quarry // Slime Rancher
The Champion Mipha // Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Hyrule Castle theme – remixed by Nikori
Battle Tower Boss theme // Pokemon Sword and Shield
Whirling Cafeteria (Day) // Disco Elysium
Big Shot (1997 remix) – CRISTATA (soundcloud)


velvet 4-27-22

an instrumental episode for reading day~

from iFeel

from home, to work, and back again  /  tall black guy
ifeel  /  ((( o ))), fkj
in my home  /  tv culture
cute  /  sugi.wa

gimme love  /  pacific
candlelight vol 2.1  /  marcus johnson, big vezy
always  /  vandell andrew

sunday sermon  /  booker t. & the m.g.’s
together tonight  /  brian culbertson
phieu du  /  karrot
songbird  /  m.fasol

pure imagination  /  ruben wan
oak  /  soul food horns, cocabona
sleepless in seoul – instrumental  /  10cm

spotify playlist here~

Tokyo Dreams – 4/26/22

Kiki's Delivery Service - Studio Ghibli Photo (43047892) - Fanpop
Heading towards the end of the semester, enjoy these city pop jams! Only on 91.1 FM WREK Atlanta.
Junko Sakurada – サンタモニカの風
Mako Ishino – 春ラ!ラ!ラ!
Minayo Watanabe – 瞳に約束
Saki Takaoka – 悲しみよこんにちは
Mako Ishino – 恋のハッピー・デート (Gotta Pull Myself Together)
Hiromi Iwasaki – センチメンタル
Hiroko Mita – 駈けてきた処女
Junko Sakurada – 夕なぎ
Mayo Shono – モンテカルロで乾杯
Maiko Ito – 見えない翼
Sayuri Kokusho – ノーブルレッドの瞬間
Noriko Sakai – 恋のスタイル
Yuri Tanaka – 私はピアノ
Mako Ishino – 私のしあわせ
Momoko Kikuchi – Shadow Surfer
Spotify Playlist:

velvet 4-20-22

from Gemini and Leo

crashing down  /  judi jackson
blue  /  v.c.r
møøn  /  joe hertz, nonô
baskets  /  the o’my’s

green  /  kaina
goosebumps  /  sen morimoto
gemini and leo  /  helado negro

kometostai.aintreallynootherwaytoputitro  /  knxwledge
mary jane  /  rick james

mango (freestyle / process)  /  orion sun, mulch
kind of love  /  tasha
i can’t tell  /  moorea masa & the mood

spotify playlist here~

Mode 8 #9: Hirokazu (Chip) Tanaka

Pictured: Hirokazu Tanaka, video game composer and chiptune artist.

This week’s episode takes a look through the long and influential discography of Hirokazu Tanaka, one of the earliest video game composers and current chiptune creator!

Youtube Half of Playlist
Game A // Gyromite
World 2 // Kid Icarus 
Brinstar Theme // Metroid (NES)
Type B // Tetris (Gameboy)
Fever // Dr. Mario (NES)
World 1-1 Stage // Super Mario Land (Gameboy)
Staff Roll // Super Mario Land
Pollyanna (I Believe In You) // MOTHER/Earthbound Beginnings (NES)
Magicant // MOTHER
Eight Melodies // Earthbound (SNES)
Sanctuary Guardians // Earthbound

Spotify Half of Playlist
Django – Django
Obirigado Dub – Django
Calm Sea – Domingo
Night Flight – Domingo
Flee Dub – Works Gaiden 1
Going Home – Works Gaiden 4
Pacific – Domani
Voyage – Domani