50 Pounds of Rice

50 LBS of Rice 04/15/2013

1. Several You(几个你) by Zhiqian Xue(薛之谦)

2. Bubble Pop by Hyuna

3. Words Can’t Convey the Meaning(词不达意) by Yilian Lin(林忆莲)

4. Hereafter(后来) by S.H.E

5. Chinese Canton feat. Chen Yu & Zhou Yu

6. Not Drunken(不醉) by Bo Huang(黄渤)

7. Can’t Get There(到不了) by Daimo Li(李代沫)

8. Ryuichi Sukomoto by Simen Jeffy off Chill Out Moods

9. Photosynthesis(光合作用) by Wei Yue(岳微)

10. You Should try by Chuanxiong Zhou(周传雄)

11. Asian Lights by Miyagy off Secrets of Zen

12. Rain at that Time(那时雨) by Liang Xu(徐良)

13. Walk into your Dream(走进你的梦) by Yuchun Li(李宇春)

14. Each Other(彼此) by Shiyun He(何韵诗)

50 LBS of Rice 04/01/2013

1. Dear Children(亲爱的小孩) by Xiaoqi Xin(辛晓琪)

2. The Day on the Red Carpet(走在红毯那一天) by Jiahui Peng(彭佳慧)

3. Wild Current(狂流) by Yu Quan(羽泉)

4. Actually Nothing(其实都没有) by Aska Yang(杨宗纬)

5. Wind Continues Blowing(风继续吹) by Guorong Zhang(张国荣)

6. Smile or Cry(哭笑不得) by A Qiao(阿悄)

7. Chess(棋子) by Fei Wang(王菲)

8. Don’t be Afraid to Break my Heart(别怕我伤心) by Xinzhe Zhang(张信哲)

9. Dark Knight(黑暗骑士) by JJ Lin feat. A Xin(林俊杰 阿信)

10. Past Gone with Wind(往事随风) by Baoliang Sha(沙宝亮)

11. Forget Me(忘了我) by Zongwei Yang(杨宗纬)

50 LBS of Rice 03/25/2013

1. Don’t Sleep In(不要睡懒觉) by Sulong Wang(汪苏泷)

2. Jian Ai(剪爱) by Qishan Huang(黄绮珊)

3. Shame on Me(无地自容) by Xiao’ou Zhou(周晓鸥)

4. Blue Little Flower by Yoyoma

5. Your Eyes(你的眼神) by Zhixuan Lin(林志炫)

6. Desert Capriccoio

7. Xiang Jian Hen Wan(相见恨晚) by Jaihui Peng(彭佳慧)

8. Moon over Guan Mountain

9. Mido Mountain

10. Far(远) by Xing Xin(辛欣)

11. White Snow in Sunny Spring off <Classics of Pipa>

12. Come Back(你快回来) by Baoliang Sha(沙宝亮)

13. Zi Zhu Diao

50 LBS of Rice 03/04/2013

1. A Present that Cries(会哭的礼物) by He Chen(陈赫)

2. Haruuta by Ikimono Gakari

3. White Space(空白格) by Zongwei Yang(杨宗纬)

4. Hanabi by Ikimono Gakari

5. 披星戴月 by (Jingxuan Zhang)张敬轩

6. Gensoukyoku by Phantasmagoria

7. Ready to Start Off(即刻出发) by Jikejunyi(吉克隽逸)

8. In Order to Meet You(为了遇见) by Wei Qi(戚薇)

9. Mizerable by Gackt

10. True Hero(真英雄) by Weijian Zhang(张卫健)

11. Face to Face by Luna Sea off <Others>

12. Tomorrow without You (没有你的明天) by Amber(安心亚)

50 LBS of Rice 02/25/2013

1. Never Left(没离开过) by Zhixuan Lin(林志炫)

2. Because of You(因你而在) by JJ Lin(林俊杰)

3. One Thousand Tears Tarantula by Dengue Fever off <Escape from Dragon House>

4. Humming Bird by Dengue Fever off <Escape from Dragon House>

5. I only Care about You(我只在乎你) by Youjia Lin(林宥嘉)

6. Color Photo(彩色相片) by Jolin(蔡依林)

7. Coredrill by Unknown off <Gurren Latan>

8. Warm Spring Blooming Flowers(春暖花开) by Ying Na(那英)

9. Stroll in Freedom(逍遥) Jianhua Huo(霍建华)

10. Infinite Love Grand Rodio by Infinite Love

11. Lying(说谎) by Youjia Lin(林宥嘉)

12. Steady Happiness(稳稳的幸福) by Eason Chan(陈奕迅)