50 Pounds of Rice

50 Lbs of Rice 9/23/2013

1. Zhong Wu Yan(钟无艳) by Anqi Xie(谢安琪) off <3/8>

2. 越吻越伤心/原来你什么都不要 by Jacky Cheung(张学友)

3. Wish You Well(祝君好) by ChiLam Chang(张智霖) off <I Am Chilam>

4. Love Story(爱的故事上集) by Yawen Jiang/Yilang Li(蒋雅文/李逸朗)

5. 明知做戏 by Yufei Wu(吴雨霏) off <With a Boy Like You>

6. Ai Mei(暧昧) by Fei Wang(王菲) off <阿菲正传>

7. 可惜我是水瓶座 by Miriam Yeung(杨千嬅)

8. 千千阙歌 by Leslie Cheung(张国荣)

9. 下一站天后 by TWINS off <Touch of Love>

10. It’s Hard to Love(相爱很难) by Anita Mui/Jacky Cheung(梅艳芳/张学友) off <With>

50 Lbs of Rice 9/16/2013

1. Light Songs(淡淡的歌) by Fei Xu(许飞)

2. Write Poems for You(为你写诗) by Kequn Wu(吴克群)

3. Tan Te(忐忑) by Linna Gong(龚琳娜)

4. Late for Thousand Years(迟到千年) by Soda Green(苏打绿)

5. Spring Rivers and Flowers under the Moon

6. Flavor of Summer(夏天的味道) by Fei Xu(许飞)

7. Happiness with You(有你的快乐) by Ruolin Wang(王若琳)

8. Red Rose(红玫瑰) by Eason Chan(陈奕迅)

9. Sun and Moon in the Heart(心中的日月) by Leehom Wang(王力宏)

50 Lbs of Rice 9/9/2013

Here is the set list for the show tonight:

1. Don’t Talk(不要说话) by Eason Chan(陈奕迅) off <Don’t Want to Let Go>(不想放手)

2. Rain by Ryuichi Sakomoto

3. Suddenly(忽然之间) by Karen Mok(莫文蔚) off It’s <Karen Mok>(就是莫文蔚)

4. The Last Emperor by Ryuichi Sakomoto

5. What Would it be Like(怎样) by Peini Dai(戴佩妮) off What Would it be Like(怎样)

6. Wind Rain and Water by Ryuichi Sakomoto

7. Bamboo Houses by Ryuichi Sakomoto

8. (风吹麦浪) by Jian Li(李健) off <Missing You>想念你

9. Blinded by Light by Unknown

10. (牡丹江) by Naquanmama(南拳妈妈) off <Meal 2>2号餐

11. 明明很爱你 by 品冠/梁静茹 off 后来的我

12. The Moon over Wall Gate by the Beijing Symphony

13. Heartbeat(心跳) by Leehom Wang(王力宏) off <Heartbeat>心跳

14. Dance of the Golden Snake by Shanghai Film and Harmonic Orchestra

50 Lbs of Rice 9/2/2013

Here is the set list for the show tonight

  1. Vong Co Geisha by Vinh Thuyen Kim
  2. Mat Chiec Nhan by Vinh Thuyen Kim
  3. Xuan Cuoi by Thuy Chi-Pham Minh Tien
  4. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  5. Koi by Kojki
  6. Hiten Ryu by joji Hiroto & Hiten Ryu Daiko
  7. Cai Trong Com by Bau Tranh Sao
  8.  Eternal Silence by Gensou Kyoku

50 LBS of Rice 08/19/2013

1. 全世界失眠 by Eason(陈奕迅) off <It’s me anyway>(反正是我)

2. She Came to my Concert(她来听我的演唱会) by Jacky Cheung(张学友) off <Walk past 1999>(走过1999)

3. Wall in the Heart(心墙) by Jing Guo(郭静) off <Singing in the Tree>(在树上唱歌)

4. A Dream(梦一场) by Jingteng Xiao(萧敬腾)

5. Sounds Good(好听) by Ruyun Xu(许茹芸)

6. Love(爱) by Karen Mok(莫文蔚) off <[i]>

7. Fish(鱼) by Qizhen Chen(陈绮贞) off <Sun>(太阳)

8. If you’ve Heard it too(如果你听说) by A Mei(张惠妹) off <STAR>

9. Baby(宝贝) by Xuan Zhang(张悬) off <My Life Will…>

10. Sing myself to you(想把我唱给你听) by Old Wolf(老狼) off <Winter in Beijing>(北京的冬天)

11. What I miss(我怀念的) by Stefanie Sun(孙燕姿) off <Backlight>(逆光)

12. Onion(洋葱) by Zongwei Yang(杨宗纬) off <Dove>(鸽子)

13. Lie(说谎) by Yoga Lin(林宥嘉) off <Sense/World>(感官/世界)