Psych Out! 11/8/2017

Theme of the show was India. Indian and Indian influenced “psychedelic” music.


Sun City Girls – 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond The Rig Veda – CCC

Vibracathedral Orchestra – Dabbling With Gravity and Who You Are – Bombay Stores Disco

Fred Neil — The Many Sides of Fred Neil – Cynicrustpetefredjohn Raga

R.D. Burman – Mehbooba Mehbooa (from the movie “Sholay”)

IIaiyaraaja – Thanimayil (from the movie “Azhage Unnai Aarathikkiren”)

IIaiyaraaja, S.P. Sailaja – Rasiganae (from the movie “Manippoor Maamiyaar”)

IIaiyaraaja  – Mayakkamaa Oru Thayakkamaa (from the movie “Naan Potta Savaal”)

Sun City Girls – 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond The Rig Veda – Apna Desh (originally written by R.D. Burman)

Robbie Basho – Bonn Ist Supreme – Pavan India (live)

John Fahey – The Voice Of The Turtle – A Raga Called Pat (Part IV)

John Fahey – The Yellow Princess – Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Invisible City of Bladensburg


Psych Out! Halloween Special Playlist for 10/25

artist – track – album

LA Witch – Brian – LA Witch
Windhand – Black Candles – Windhand
Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites of Drugula – Witchcult Today
Hawkwind – Black Corridor – Space Ritual
Hawkwind – Space is Deep – Space Ritual
Blood Ceremony – Eldritch Dark – Eldritch Dark
Coven – Black Sabbath – Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls
Black Widow – Come to the Sabbat – Return to the Sabbat
Black Widow – In Ancient Days – Return to the Sabbat

Psych Out! 10/11/2017

Azalia Snail – Soft Bloom – Purr in a gyre
Omar Rodriguez Lopen, John Frusciante – GSL’s Special Twelve Singles Series – 0=2
Steve Hillage – L – Om Nama Shivaya
Lightning Bolt – Fantasy Empire – Leave The Lantern Lit
Miles Davis – Dark Magus – Wili (Part 2)
Mahavishnu Orchestra -The Inner Mounting Flame – You Know, You Know
Ozric Tentacles – The Bits Between the Bits – Secret Names

Zoogz Rift – Idiots on the Minature Golf Course – Would you F-I-B to the FBI
Azalia Snail – Fumarole Rising – Please Don’t Come Here
Supreme Dicks – Workingman’s Dick – Arise! Life Giving Seagull
Spires That in The Sunset Rise – Beasts in the Garden – Beasts in the Garden
No Trend – Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex – Choc-o-jet
Pere Ubu – Song of the Bailing Man – The Long Walk Home
Cows – Cunning Stunts – The Woman Inside Me

Psych-Out! Playlist for September 27, 2017

  1. The Magic Carpathians & Cerberus Shoal – Continuumed (The Life and Times of the Magic Carpathians and Cerberus Shoal)
  2. Sun Cycles – Variation on Winslow Hill (Sun Cycles / Inez Lightfoot — live split with Inez Lightfoot)
  3. Sun Araw – Lucretius (Ancient Romans)
  4. Hills – Messias II (Uncollected Sound)
  5. Plankton Wat – Forever Glowing Vista (Crystal Wizard)
  6. Montibus Communitas – Quilla (Hacia Aquellos Bosques de Inmensidad)

Psych-Out! September 20th 2017

Artist – Album – Song

Supreme Dicks – Workingman’s Dick – The Baal Shem
Supreme Dicks – The Unexamined Life – River Song
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Ice Cream for Crow – Semi Multicoloured Caucasian
Sun City Girls – Torch of the Mystics – The Vinegar Stroke
Polvo – Exploded Drawing – Passive Attack
Vibracathedral Orchestra – Dabbling with Gravity and Who You Are – Hypnotism in Yr Hips
Zoogz Rift – Idiots on the Minature Golf Course – Krugerrand 4
Sonic Youth – Goodbye 20th Century – Voice Piece for Soprano
Meat Puppets – II – Lake of Fire
Camper Van Beethoven – Camper Van Beethoven – We Love You
Madlib – Rock Konducta, Pt. 2 – Teapot
Harmonia – Musik von Harmonia – Sonnenschein
OOIOO – Gamel – Gamel Ulda
Oziric Tentacles – Erpsongs – Synth on a Plinth
Pelt – Max Meadows – Sun is Standing
The Flaming Lips – Telepathic Surgery – Michael, Time To Wake Up
Bill Orcutt, Jacob Felix Heule – Colonial Donuts – Labor and Enchantment
Sonic Youth – Confusion Is Sex – Lee Is Free
Mars – 78+ – Helen Forsdale
Cows – Daddy Has A Tail – Sticky and Sweet
OOIOO – Gamel – Jesso Testa
Azalia Snail – Dream Dazzler – Dream Dazzler Return
Stereolab – Space Age Bachelor Pad Music – The Groop Play Chord X

Apologizes for any misspellings. All 23 trax are hand transcribed for your listening pleasure.