Pop Up Show

NO! ep 1

D.A.F. – Bild 1
Non Band – Duncan Dancin’
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Wawa
Blurt – The Fish Needs a Bike
James Chance & the Contortions – Dish It Out
Bound & Gagged – Clutter
Aunt Sally – すべて売り物
DNA – Taking Kid To School
The Futants – Untitled (Unreleased)
AKA – Ragged Andy’s
AKA – Mental Timebombs
Ptôse Production – Cartilages Et Os Longs









Theoretical Girls – Computer Dating
Y Pants – Beat It Down
The Golden Palominos – Hot Seat
Mofungo – Where do We Get the Money to Save Our Souls
Red Transistor – We’re Not Crazy
Ike Yard – Loss

Brian Eno (left) and James Chance (singing). Eno produced the iconic No New York compilation.



Japanese Hardcore:

Brain Death – Get Back
Brain Death – Convert City
G.I.S.M. – Death Agonies and Screams
Death Side – Death Side
Death Side – Circulate Pain
GAI – Blood Spit Night Forever
G-Spot – Nonfiction
Deadless Muss – Freedom & Rights
The Comes – No Side
The Comes – Wa-Ka-Me
Systematic Death – Don’t Stop My Way
The Stalin – 365

New Additions:
Slender Loris – Tiny Bones
Civil Engineer – Between Stars
Airships On The Water – When You’re Caught
Ethan Sherman – Norway
Chris Alvino – Daddy’s Too Busy
Triptides – Throne of Stars

Pop-Up Show: Lost in Oscillation

The Hacker – White Funk
SPK – Metal Dance (7″ Version)
Body 11- Hearts
Linear Movement – Night in June
Joel Graham – Geomancy
Message – Dernière Nuit
Moderne – Indicatif
Positive Noise – Inhibitions
TWINS – A Hero’s Body, A Human’s Heart
Alessandro Adriani – Interdependence
The KVB – Pray To The Light Machine (Silent Servant Version)

Final DarkStar/LightBar Playlist


Hey all! Hope you enjoyed our run as WREK’s pop-up show. We may be back as a specialty show in the future, but who knows! Here is the playlist from today’s show


Song Artist
Masked Death Volkor X
Disco Inferno Perturbator
Destroyer Meteor
Flagellation Occams Laser
Behemoth Gost
Dark City Electric Dragon
Cyborg Crusher Xetrovoid
Hang’em All Carpenter Brut
Shadow Runner – Theme reBoy
Division Ruine Carpenter Brut
347 Midnight Demons Carpenter Brut
Lost in Big City Maethelvin
Turbo Killer Carpenter Brut
Stealth Makeup And Vanity Set


DarkStar/LightBar 10/27


Below is the 10/27 playlist for DarkStar/LightBar

Song Artist Time
Skeletons in the Attic Dance with the Dead 4:39
Fsociety ROBORG 3:27
Ritual of Destruction Occams Laser 3:38
Do Androids Dream Stilz 3:28
Pulsion Hubrid 4:00
Pentagram Witchwaves 3:57
The Wrath of Code Dan Terminus ft. Perturbator 4:40
Night of the Sociopath Dakarius 4:34
Division Ruine Carpenter Brut 3:35
Testarossa Autodrive Kavinsky 3:38
Steel City Hustle Betamaxx 2:59
The Final Stretch Mitch Murder 5:09
Rebirth – Original Mix Lenno 4:38
Streets of 2043 Powerglove 5:05
Paradise Warfare Carpenter Brut 4:15
Waiting for You – Oliver Mix Kris Menace, Black Hills 5:20