Pop Up Show

Pop-Up Show: Lost in Oscillation

The Hacker – White Funk
SPK – Metal Dance (7″ Version)
Body 11- Hearts
Linear Movement – Night in June
Joel Graham – Geomancy
Message – Dernière Nuit
Moderne – Indicatif
Positive Noise – Inhibitions
TWINS – A Hero’s Body, A Human’s Heart
Alessandro Adriani – Interdependence
The KVB – Pray To The Light Machine (Silent Servant Version)

Final DarkStar/LightBar Playlist


Hey all! Hope you enjoyed our run as WREK’s pop-up show. We may be back as a specialty show in the future, but who knows! Here is the playlist from today’s show


Song Artist
Masked Death Volkor X
Disco Inferno Perturbator
Destroyer Meteor
Flagellation Occams Laser
Behemoth Gost
Dark City Electric Dragon
Cyborg Crusher Xetrovoid
Hang’em All Carpenter Brut
Shadow Runner – Theme reBoy
Division Ruine Carpenter Brut
347 Midnight Demons Carpenter Brut
Lost in Big City Maethelvin
Turbo Killer Carpenter Brut
Stealth Makeup And Vanity Set


DarkStar/LightBar 10/27


Below is the 10/27 playlist for DarkStar/LightBar

Song Artist Time
Skeletons in the Attic Dance with the Dead 4:39
Fsociety ROBORG 3:27
Ritual of Destruction Occams Laser 3:38
Do Androids Dream Stilz 3:28
Pulsion Hubrid 4:00
Pentagram Witchwaves 3:57
The Wrath of Code Dan Terminus ft. Perturbator 4:40
Night of the Sociopath Dakarius 4:34
Division Ruine Carpenter Brut 3:35
Testarossa Autodrive Kavinsky 3:38
Steel City Hustle Betamaxx 2:59
The Final Stretch Mitch Murder 5:09
Rebirth – Original Mix Lenno 4:38
Streets of 2043 Powerglove 5:05
Paradise Warfare Carpenter Brut 4:15
Waiting for You – Oliver Mix Kris Menace, Black Hills 5:20




DarkStar/LightBar Playlist 10-20

We enjoyed our first pop-up show and we hope you did too! Here is the playlist.

Artist – Song (time)

Xetrovoid – Underground Club (5:05)
Killer Instinct – Invader (4:30)
Nightcrawler – Haunted Keys (4:52)

Dynatron – Not Of This World (4:38)
Daniel Deluxe – Soul Siphon (4:00)8
Perturbator – Venger (feat. Greta Link) (5:08)

The Midnight – Days of Thunder (5:24)
Gost – Genesee Avenue (3:53)
Electric Youth,College – A Real Hero (4:28)

Dance With The Dead – Invader (4:34)
Dynatron – Throttle Up (3:58)
Mitch Murder – Breeze (5:18)
Betamaxx – Redlining 6th (2:58)

DarkStar/LightBar is here!


DarkStar/LightBar is a new pop-up show here on WREK Atlanta. It is an hour full of synthesizers, saxophone solos, drum kits, and 80’s vibes. Synthwave, retrowave, darksynth, outrun, whatever you call the music of the retro future, we play it during DarkStar/LightBar. See you all at 6 tonight and for the next 3 Thursdays at 6 pm.