54-46 playlist 7/24/2017

Augustus Pablo – Nature Dub
Anthony B – Freedom Fighter
Gregory Isaacs – One More Time
Arise Roots – Cool me Down ft. Hirie

The Expanders – Hustling Culture
Prince Alla – Slave Master
Sly & Robbie – Fort Augustus
Tenor Saw – No Work on Sunday

Max Romeo – Holding Out my Love to You
Dean Frasier – Pressure on the Sax
The Abyssinians – Thunderstorm (Satta Massagna Dub)
Peter Tosh – Them Fe Get a Beating
Big Youth – World War

Oku Onuora – Dub Out

Mode 7 – 07/23/2017

Wander and Agro Ride AGAIN AGAIN.

Somebody let those boys back into the station…

The Playlist!

Bastion – Slinger’s song
Star Wars – KOTOR – The Sith/Endar Spire
Towerfall: Ascension – Dance of the Sun God
F-Zero – Mute City

Forza Motor Sport 2 – Race 2 Alex Metric – It Starts
Snowboard Kids 2 – Sunny Mountain
Rush 2049 – Stunted

Fallot – Ring a Ding Baby [Remix] by Icky
Mario Striker’s Charged – Wario’s Theme
Fighting is Magic – Twilight Sparkles Stage Theme
TF2 – Coward Killing Time [Original] by The Quick Brown Fox
Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Gym Leader Battle Theme Remix by Danny & PokeRemixStudio

Pyre – In the Flame
Helldivers – Main Theme
Shadow of the Colossus – A Violent Encounter [Request]
Smash Bros Melee – Pokefloats
Lego LOTR – Disco Phial

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, July 21st (“Trust But Verify”) Episode 351

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Clip from The Charlie Rose Show
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Repetition” by TV on the Radio

Interview with Matt Spitzer of The Center for Open Science

File this set Q182.3 .B657:
“Helter Skelter” by The Beatles
“Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder

Continued interview with Matt Spitzer

File this set under Q180.55 .M4 B64:
“Why I Cry” by Best Coast
“Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise” by The White Stripes

Continued interview with Matt Spitzer

File this set under BF441 .B453:
“Science Vs Romance” by Rilo Kiley
“Bury Our Friends” by Sleater-Kinney

“Emission Control” by AC/DC

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Shillelagh Law – July 20th

  • Pigeon on the Gate – Finbar and Edi Furay
  • The Queen of Argyll – Silly Wizard
  • Port Lairge – Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
  • Sail Away Ladies”/”Walking in the Parlor
  • Yma O Hyd – Dafydd Iwan/Ar Long
  • Sosban Fach – Here Be Dragons
  • Cunla – Gaelic Storm
  • Whiskey in the Jar – The Dubliners
  • Dirty Old Town – Pogues
  • Donald McGillavry/O’Neill’s Calvary March – Silly Wizard
  • Marie’s Wedding – The Orthodox Celts
  • Gwrachod Llanddona / Gyrru’r Byd O’m Blaen – 4 Yn Y Bar
  • Aderyn Llwyd – Mary Hopkin
  • Bonnie George Campbell – Alastair McDonald
  • A Stor Mo Chroi – Chieftains
  • Dark as a Dungeon – Chieftains

Psych-Out! Playlist for July 19, 2017

  1. Mamiffer & Circle – Kaksonen 2 (Artemisia) (Enharmonic Intervals)
  2. Keiji Haino – track 3 (The 21st Century Hard-Y-Guide-Y Man)
  3. Kawabata Makoto – Woman from Dream Island (Astro Love & Infinite Kisses)
  4. Itasca – Congregation (Unmoored by the Wind)
  5. Plankton Wat – Bread of Dreams (Drifter’s Temple)