Circadian Rhythms 10.08.17

  1. Timestretched – John Coltrane & Eric Dolphi live
  2. Let the Beat Speak – Tom Misch
  3. Air – Antonio Sanchez
  4. Lotus Blossom – Flamingosis feat Cofresi
  5. Of Dreams to come true – Robert Glasper
  6. This girl – Elijah Who
  7. Pretty Baby – Galvantic (ft Shiloh)
  8. Needy Bees – Nick Hakim
  9. Shangri La – James Tillman
  10. Don’t Bother Calling – Moses Sumney
  11. Chemical Coincidence – Jordan Rakei
  12. Family Business – Kanye West
  13. These Walls – Kendrick Lamar (Moses Kena Rework)
  14. Kokopelli – Mild High Club
  15. Timestretched – John Coltrane & Eric Dolphi live (last 2 minutes)


Mode 7 – 10/08/17

The Mini-Genre Show

A quick 15 minute set each of mystery dungeons, RPGMaker games, souls-likes, and platform fighters.

The Playlist!

Touhou Genso Wanderer – To the Forest of Magic, Where Miasma Drifts
Etrian Mystery Dungeon – Cherry Tree Bridge
The Guided Fate Pardox – Paradise
Cuphead – Ruse of an Ooze
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky – Far Amp Plains

OFF – Pepper Steak
Cherry Tree High Comedy Club – School
LiEat II: The Lie-eating Dragon and the Azure Dreameater – Dream
One Shot – Collapse
Yume Nikki – MOTHER Area
Mogeko Castle – Splat

Demon’s Souls – Maiden Astraea
Dark Souls – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
Necropolis – Stay a While
Nioh – Tokai Region Map
The Surge – P.A.X Boss Theme

Super Smash Bros Wii U – Corneria (Brawl)
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – Invasion
Brawlhalla – Level 6
Battle Stadium D.O.N. – Giant Jack
Rivals of Aether – Aethereal Gates/Abyss Mode Character Select

The Desoto Hour 10/7/17

Image result for ryo fukui scenery

Today we get groovy!

Ryo Fukui – Scenery

“Willow Weep for Me”
“Autumn Leaves”

Glenn Miller Orchestra – Makes the Goin’ Great

  1. “Goin’ Great”
  2. “Try to Remember”
  3. “Holiday for Strings”
  4. “I Remember When”
  5. “Bull Ring Thing”
  6. “Stranger in Paradise”

Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Chico Hamilton, Buddy Collette, & Gerald Wiggins

  1. “Joggin'”
  2. “Criss Cross”
  3. “Gray Skies”
  4. “X-15”
  5. “Gerald’s Train”
  6. “Lights Out”

Jazz: The 60s, Volume I

  1. “One More Hamhock Please” – Les McCann
  2. “Far Wes” – Wes Montgomery
  3. “Good Groove” – Groove Homes
  4. “A Little 3/4 for God and Co.” – Les McCann
  5. “That’s It” – Jazz Crusaders

Stan Getz – Captain Marvel

  1. “La Fiesta”
  2. “Five-Hundred Miles High”
  3. “Captain Marvel”

Les and Larry Elgart & Their Orchestra – Sound Ideas

  1. “Willie Boy”
  2. “When the Sun Comes Out”
  3. “Vagabond Shoes”
  4. “I’ve Got a Crush on You”
  5. “But Not for Me”
  6. “The Coffee Song (They’ve Got a Lot of Coffee in Brazil)”

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, October 6th (“Design for Diversity”) Episode 359

Hear the show at

Clips from Eddie Izzard, Community, Sesame Street, Parks and Rec, and Party Girl
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Systematic Way” by Josie Cotton

Interview with Julia Flanders of Northeastern University

File this set HF5549.5.M5 H362:
“Abernant 1984/85” by the Mekons
“I’ve Got My Own Thing Going” by Claire Francis
“No More Spaghetti Westerns” by the Pilgrims

Continue interview with Julia Flanders

File this set under TJ1185 .W698:
“Tools” by Jouleeyah
“Tools” by the Clews

Continue interview with Julia Flanders

File this set under JA71 .G87:
“Day of the Eagle” by Robin Trower
“Push” by Yarah Bravo

“Up the Tower” by Protomartyr

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, an encore of “Back to Bad Luck and Trouble,” on Friday, October 13th!

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Shillelagh Law – October 5, 2017

  • Limerick Rake – Ronnie Drew
  • Schooldays Over – Luke Kelly
  • Johnny McGory – Ronnie Drew
  • Lone Shanakyle – Dervish
  • Lullaby of London – Socks in the Frying Pan
  • The Queen of Argyll – Rapalje
  • Let It Be – Dolores Keane
  • The Heilan’ Man – Matt McGinn
  • The Ramblin Rover – Silly Wizard
  • The Lea Rig – John Carnie
  • The Wearing of the Green – Irish Moutarde
  • Weila Waila – Orthodox Celts
  • Spanish Lady – Gaelic Storm
  • O’Halloran Road – Teresa Doyle
  • A Stor Moi Chroi – T With the Maggies
  • Rocks of Bawn – Arcady
  • Parting Glass – The Wailin Jenny’s