Mode 7 – 12/03/17

The Educational Credits Show

Everybody should be getting smarter and getting to the end of this semester of school (If you’re still in school)

The Playlist!

Big Brain Academy for Wii – Title Screen
Brain Age – Ranking
Poly Bridge – Other Side of the Bridge
SpongeBob SquarePankts: Typing Game – Soundtrack
Spacechem – Some Elements
Zoombinis Mountain Rescue – Level 4
Silicon Zeroes – Full Soundtrack

Pokemon Emerald – Credits
BlazBlue Continuum Shift – Credit Roll A
Drakengard 2 – End Credits
Kingdom Hearts II – Fantasia Alla Marcia

Soul Calibur III – Path of Destiny
Severed – Take My Hand

No More Heroes – No More Heroes
Undertale – Credits Mix

Girl Rock – December 5th, 2017

The Regrettes – Hey Now

Rosemary Fairweather – Chemicals
Anteros – Love
Sawyer – The Last Thing

Tiny Deaths – Ever
Geowulf – Won’t Look Back
Moonchild – The List

Four Eyes – All year I Did Nothing But Think of You
Emmy the Great – Comic Books
Emily Jane White – Nightmares on Repeat

Alessi’s Ark – Cut the Cord
She Keeps Bees – Our Bodies
Dark Dark Dark – In Your Dreams

Peggy Sue – Slow Fade

NEW FORCES: 5 December 2017

Goldsoundz – Decemeber 5th, 2017

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Little Star – Calming Ritual #2
Ross Goldstein – Disco Donut
Stevie Dinner – Card Declined for Pizza & Wine
Telstar Drugs – Greyed Rainbow
Froogy’s Groovies – Leave Me Be

De Lux – 875 Dollars
First Beige – Rumours

Mr. Soden – Singapore
Le Couleur – Femme
Lou Rebecca – Tonight

Faith Healer – Try 😉
Sharaya Summers – Light of the Moon
Sports – Whatever You Want

Sjowgren – High Beam

Freaker’s Ball | #81 | 2017 December 5

Image result for against the wind

You remember Uncle Joe, he was the one afraid to cut the cake.

Freaker’s Ball

Song Artist Album Year
“Put on the Greatful Dead”

“Outlaws for In-Laws”

“Tacha’s Lament”

“Brighter Day”

“Colorado Coolaid”

“Denny’s Dream”

Moon Dog Okie Extremist 1978
“Castle Walls”

Styx The Grand Illusion 1977
“Against the Wind”

“Good for Me”

“Betty Lou’s Gettin’ Out Tonight”

“Fire Lake”

“Shinin’ Brightly”

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Against the Wind 1980
“When the Levee Breaks”

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV 1971
“With You There to Help Me”

Jethro Tull Benefit 1970