Girl Rock – July 19, 2021

“Come On Home” – Lijadu Sisters
“Ulysses” – Y La Bamba
“Storm in Summer” – Skullcrusher

“Ride Out In The Country” – Yola
“Crushcrushcrush” – Coco & Clair Clair, Paul Maxwell
“Love Em Leave Em” – Amindi feat. Kari Faux

“Birth of the Flower (Seagreen)” – Candy Claws
“Be Sweet” – Japanese Breakfast
“Once I Had A Love (AKA The Disco Song) – 1975 Version” – Blondie

“Tweety” – -Raveena
“Friday Sky” – Babeheaven
“Handful of Water” – Sofia Valdes
“Pretty Lady” – Tash Sultana

“Until We Get There” – Lucius
“summer bruises” – april june
“First Summer in a City” – Free Cake For Every Creature

“Free” – Pageants
“A la plage”- Juniore
“Kamali” – Priya Ragu

“painty paint pots” – 800 Cherries
“Donuts Mind If I Do” – CHAI
“Mirror” – Sigrid

“Let’s Sing Let’s Dance” – Park Hye Jin
“Sister Cities” – Hop Along

“Haunted Houses” – Sir Babygirl
“Head Cheerleader” – Pom Pom Squad
“Bunny Is A Rider” – Caroline Polachek

“Eden” – Tkay Maidza
“Forget About Life” – Alvvays
“Orange Blossoms” – Half Waif

“Under the Same Stars” – Evalyn
“Thingamajig” – Miya Folick
“Golden Age” – Ethel Cain

Crush #159

Spotify Playlist

"What Kills You" - Bliss Fields
"Zombie" - SPC ECO
"Moe's" - The You Suck Flying Circus
"Peace" - Suzanne Kraft

"Sakura Coming" - Gui.tar
"Fireworks" - Seasurfer
"Del Rey Mar" - The Stargazer Lilies
"Antares" - Stella Luna

"The Soft Attack" - The Daysleepers
"Cinnamon" - Airiel
"Heartbeat" - Thrushes
"Pill" - Peel Dream Magazine

girl rock! 7/12/21

Enjoy the latest episode from girl rock!’s hit crew: 

“Radio” – Freak Slug, niquo
“Peach Dream” – Sniffle Party
“I’m Not Around” – Pax, Kate Bollinger
“Hump the Beach” – Kalbells

“Secret Plan” – Drug Store Romeos
“Think Too Much”– Hannah Jadagu
“Boca Chica” – MUNYA

“Polly” – Dora Jar
“Poison Arrow” – Allison Russell
“Sweet Tooth” – Isa Reyes
“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” – Joy Crookes

“Cowboy” –Allison Ponthier
“Kokomo, IN” – Japanese Breakfast
“Pull Up” – Nicotine
“Suzanne” – Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

“Tuning Wheel” – Spellling
“Like I Used To” – Sharons Van Etten, Angel Olsen
“Free to Live in Color” – Pixey
“Angels of Sweat” –  Tamaryn

“Johnny- Espagnol” – Tei Shi
“Angel Eyes” – Habibi
“Dramamine” – Wallice
“Tough Enough” – Ex Hex

“Bed Case” – Tancred
“I Can’t Tell What the Time is Telling Me” – And the Kids
“Supersonic” – Spud Cannon
“Even in the Tremor” – Lady Lamb

“First Time” – Lucy Dacus
“Over This!” – Slayyyter
“Bip Burger” – Bip Ling

“Push Me Away” – Jordana, Magdalena Bay
“Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” – Caroline Rose

Crush #158

Spotify Playlist

"En el Parque" - La Suma de Todos los Tiempos
"While My Waves Wonder" - yuragi
"jawbreaker" - Astrobrite

"There Is No Such Thing as Black Orchids" - Lilys
"Love's Easy Tears" - Cocteau Twins
"Azami" - Shojo Skip

"Kiss a Girl in Black" - Fleeting Joys
"Intravenous" - Catherine Wheel
"Younger Than You" - Whirr

"Forgotten, Fossilized, Archaic" - Autumn's Grey Solace
"Just Like Fireflies" - For Tracy Hyde
"Spades" - Maria False
"Lettershed" - All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors

Girl Rock! 7/5/21

Girl rock!’s latest episode highlights protest music both new and old.

“History Repeating” – Propellerheads, Shirley Bassey
“Wargasm” – L7
“Men Explain Things to Me” – Tacocat
“Womanarchist” – Bad Cop, Bad Cop

“Reject All American” – Bikini Kill
“I Live Off You” – X-Ray Spex
“Combat Rock” – Sleater-Kinney
“Abortion” – Mommy Long Legs

“Jerk of All Trades” – Ari Lennox
“Monstro” – Downtown Boys
“Politics!” – Girls at Our Best!
“Get Off the Internet” – Le tigre

“Liberate” – PowerDress, French Horn Rebellion, Lex Allen
“silence pt. 1” – sketchy
“Rose Rouge” – Jorja Smith
“It’s a good day (to fight the system)” – Shungudzo

“Shame On You” – Indigo Girls
“I’m Tired, I’m Tired, I’m Tired” – Marva Whitney
“All You Fascists Bound to Lose” – Resistance Revival Chorus, Rhiannon Giddens
“History Reprise” –  Brittany Howard

“Little Boy” – SALUT
“Girl Anachronism” – The Dresden Dolls
“War on the Workers” – Anne Feeney
“Every Woman” – Vagabon

“Working Class Woman” – Barbara Dane
“Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There” – Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard
“Tear It Down” – Amy Ray
“4 June 1989” – Mary Chapin Carpenter

“The Pill” – Loretta Lynn
“The Hum” – Margo Guryan
“I’m Gonna an Engineer” – Peggy Seeger
“Saigon Bride” – Joan Baez

“Gracias A La Vida” — Mercedes Sosa