Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, February 17th (“Preserving Decision-Making Data”) Episode 334

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Clip from Soapdish
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Bad Decision” by Double Man

Interview with Mary Molinaro of the Digital Preservation Network (DPN)

File this set under TP149 .L68:
“By the Time it Gets Dark” by Sandy Denny
“Point five” by Native Mode

Continued interview with Mary Molinaro

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“Who Made Who” by AC/DC
“Ranger Danger” by the Heligoats

Continued interview with Mary Molinaro

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“That Girl’s Gone” by Versus
“Next of Kin” by Alvvays

Credits: “Fopp” by Soundgarden

“Opportunity” by Sugar & Bleach

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Full Album Appreciation 2/16

This Morning’s Album:

Yoko Ono – Season of Glass
then part of side 2 of the album Feeling the Space

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Say what you will about Yoko Ono, I think she’s great and her music got way overshadowed by the whole John Lennon thing and that was real unfortunate. I’m not going to talk about it here because it doesn’t define her and there are plenty of resources for y’all to look that up yourselves.

As an individual Yoko Ono was a Japanese multimedia artist specializing in performance art and music. She was a massive political activist and still is today, protesting everything that needs to be protested. I would say more but really her work speaks for itself.

Decompositions 2/15/2017 Klein

Bunch of PUNKS


Central Park in the Dark – Charles Ives

Dig Deep – Julia Wolfe

Hurqualia – Giacinto Scelsi

Police Police Police Police Police – Bing & Ruth

Banchikicho no Choshi (Gagaku) – Toshio Hosokawa

The Andes: Marche Di Barvoura – George William Warren

Dream Land Op. 59 – George E Bristow

Girl Rock – Cheesy/Angsty Valentine’s Day Show


Ingrid Michaelson – You and I
Gregory and the Hawk – Boats and Birds
Anna Scouten (covering Bright Eyes) – First Day of My Life

Meiko – Stuck On You
The Prettiots – Dream Boy
Hayley Kiyoko – Girls Like Girls

Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me
Mitski – Strawberry Blonde


Paramore – That’s What You Get
Oh Wonder – Without You
Ryn Weaver – Sail On

Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get Over You
God Help the Girl – God Help the Girl

Pomplamoose – Bust Your Kneecaps
Kate Nash – Merry Happy

Beyoncé – Single Ladies



Tonight we have SEX FARM. It’s fuzzy punky pissed-off rock. It’s going to be sweet. Tune in at 10pm to catch em.

Check out their bandcamp cause it’s cool.