Crush #156

Spotify Playlist

"goldenfur" - Lovesliescrushing
"Into the Deep Time (One Sun)" - Candy Claws
"Lean" - Whirr

"In Every Dream and Every Night" - Gaarden
"Where Do I End" - Fleeting Joys
"Dread the Snow" - Infinity Girl

"Maybe You're Crazy" - Wildhoney
"Bloodletting" - Mountaineer
"Mary Winter" - Swervedriver
"Great Mass of Color" - Deafheaven

"Michael" - Beachy Head
"Big Mess" - Flyying Colours
"Analog Sentimentalism" - Parannoul
"Was & Always Will Be" - Zoon

Crush #155

Spotify Playlist

"Hesitancy" - Hellens
"Beach Place" - Talking Violet
"Fall Behind" - Alcian Blue

"Let It Go" - The Black Ryder
"The Dead Are Dumb" - Nothing
"Never Came Close" - Belong

"Inhale" - Conheartist
"Summertime" - Ringo Deathstarr
"When the Sun Hits" - Slowdive
"Deep Lake" - Film School

"French" - They Are Gutting a Body of Water
"Las Nubes Pasar" - La Suma de Todos los Tiempos
"Sleep Cycle" - Retrieval

Girl Rock! 6/14/21

Girl Rock!’s most recent episode highlighted queer artists from a range of genres. Enjoy!

“Pedestrian at Best” – Courtney Barnett
“What You Do for Love” – Skunk Anansie
“Flirting with Her” – Sir Babygirl
“IDK” – Phoebe Green

“They / Them / Theirs” – Worries
“Queer Like Me” – Oux
“Vitamin T” – KERA
“More Than a Friend” – GIRLI

“Shut Up Kiss Me” – Angel Olsen
“Pink Pony Club” – Chappell Roan
“Habanero” – Rosie Tucker

“Georgia” – Brittany Howard
“Berlin” – Adult Mom
“Sappho” – Ruby Shore
“Blue Honey” – Lunar Vacation

“High School” – UMI
“Cuff Your Jeans” – Claud
“Sunburn” – King Princess
“Vacation” – Florist

“Helen of Troy” – Palmer St. Clair
“Ketchum, ID” – Boygenius (Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus)
“50ft.” – Lauren Jauregui
“Green Eyes” – Arlo Parks

“More Women” – Saâda Bonaire
“Something To Say” – Michaela Jaé
“Cherry” – Rina Sawayama
“forever” – Shura

“No One” – Ah-Mer-Ah-Su
“Liz” – Remi Wolf
“Murder In The Dark” – Gia Ford
“Goals_” – SuperKnova

“Rapture” – Koffee
“Leaving (Laura Les Remix)” – Katie Dey, Laura Les

slow riot 6/14/21 — we walk together a mile between us infinity finitely infinite

the seven fields of aphelion — slow subtraction
helm — i knew you would respond
hood — the winter hit hard
okkyung lee — the space beneath my grey heart
olli aarni — haalea
indignant senility — untitled i
kk null — invocation
xiphiidae — untitled
lingua ignota — in tongues
lingua ignota — agnus dei
grischa lichtenberger — 0319 28 fuenf grns 21a rej+b2 – thinking from the future
ghedalia tazartes — un amour si grand qu’il nie son objet

Crush #154

Spotify Playlist

"Oh Pennsylvania, Your Black Clouds Hang Low" - Planning for Burial
"New Bridge" - Lovesliescrushing, Fiorella 16
"Wizard of the Black Hundreds" - Have A Nice Life

"Baby Love (Astrobrite Remix)" - Taleen Kali, Astrobrite
"Flowers in the Void" - Vyva Melinkolya
"jadakiss" - They Are Gutting a Body Water

"The Living End" - The Jesus and Mary Chain
"Dig" - Nothing
"Leaf" - Title Fight
"Geographic" - Cheatahs

"See-Saw" - The Faith Healers
"Sounds of Sebring" - Swirlies
"danke" - my dead girlfriend
"Catching Squirrels" - Velocity Girl