Girl Rock – May 4, 2021

“Big Bang” – Cherry Glazerr
“Jenny (feat. Kim Petras)” – Studio Killers
“Clouds” – Slayyyter
“St. Francis Fountain” – Virginia Wing

“Hammond Song” – The Roches
“好吗, 好啦, 好吧 OK,OK,OK” – Lexie Liu
“Note To Self” – Braids
“Drink The Lake” – IAN SWEET

“Price of Blue” – Flock of Dimes
“Come Kick It” – Tesia
“Friday” – Freak Slug, niquo
“5 Long Days” – Mind Shrine

“Trying” – Bully
“Comic Sans” – Okay Kaya
“Water Me Down” – Vagabon

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, April 30th (“Empathy Bytes VIP”) Episode 487

Hear the show at

“The Question” by The Moody Blues

File this set under QA76.9.H85
“Deep Shimon” by Shimon the Robot (Georgia Tech’s very own!)
“Down in the Park” by Tubeway Army

File this set under PZ5 .G3165
“Probably Up” by Lawrence

File this set under BF575.E55 E57
“Empathy” by Hikes
“Someone, Somewhere” by the Dog that Bit People

“Dear Humans” by Elephant Gym

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, an encore of “The Diversity Paradigm” on May 7th!

Crush #152

Spotify Playlist

"Two in Sun" - Film School
"Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling)" - Candy Claws
"Sunbathing" - Lush
"Rose Blood" - Mazzy Star

"Eternal Return" - Locrian
"Cliffs Gaze" - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
"To Here Knows When" - my bloody valentine
"Travelogue" - Duster

"Living Well" - Velocity Girl
"Last Boss" - No Joy
"Healthy Moon" - DIIV

"Jet Black, Starlit" - A Sunny Day in Glasgow
"Sun Warmed Water" - Secret Shine
"Spacirelei" - Bethany Curve

slow riot 4/26/21 — a title a name a sense of belonging to me to me to me to me

volhnn — a
volhnn — b
emptyset — monad
emptyset — return
omphalectoicxanthopsia — untitled i

Crush #151

Spotify Playlist

"Hide" - Deserta
"Sun Kills Moon" - The Florist
"Junebouvier" - Whirr
"Frontier" - Bethany Curve

"Around the Sun" - Life on Venus
"A Fading Smile" - Alcian Blue
"Purple Sunshine" - The Stargazer Lilies
"Oceanographer" - the sleepover disaster

"Sundiver" - The Daysleepers
"NYE" - Bloody Knives
"Spring" - Malory