Crush #165 – latingaze

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To celebrate the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re playing music from Latin American artists!

“Delicadeza” – Mint Field (Mexico)
“La Noche” – Fin del Mundo (Argentina)
“Sueño Aerostàtico” – Silvania (Peru)

“Dawn” – Mellonta Tauta (Argentina)
“Viaje” – Clan de Venus (Mexico)
“Líneas En Hojas” – Lorelle Meets The Obsolete (Mexico)

“Falling Apart” – Sadfields (Mexico)
“Signo De Los Tiempos” – Spray Canela (Mexico)
“El Muchacho de Los Ojos Tristes” – Lasitud (Mexico)

“Face Without Eyes” – Devilish Dear (Brazil)
“Retomar” – Encarta 98 (Colombia)
“Bailando Triste” – Nicolàs y los Fumadores (Colombia)

“A-Dios” – Luna In Cælo (Chile)
“Viaje en Espiral” – Turbomente (Chile)

girl rock! 091421 – escape room/dark pop

Medieval Femme | Fatima Al Qadiri

this week’s show features songs from an eclectic variety of genres, including but not limited to: escape room, dark pop, electropop, artpop, and more. enjoy our selection!

tune in here

At the Party // Hana Vu
Fade Away // Hannah Diamond
Kitten Heel // Isabella Lovestory

Baby Kingdom // Baby Queen
Little Bit // Erika de Casier
Soft Drink // Cherry Glazerr

Supersoaker // Eartheater
Send Me // Tirzah
Warm Pants // Dua Saleh

IDK // Phoebe Green
Low Life // Baby In Vain
Pool Hopping // Illuminati Hotties

Cherry // Chromatics
Crimson + Clover // Pom Pom Squad
Memorial Day // Sharon Van Etten
Medieval Femme // Fatima Al Qadiri

The Amen Collection 2021-13-09



Remarc – Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix)
YABUJIN – Kizaru 3D
Klaus Veen – Attack of the Drums
Megashira – Microcosmos (Future Dub)
Naked Flames – new hiding spot
Steinvord – Ontrackv2
Daniel Avery – Infinite Future

Danny Breaks – Science Fu Beats
John B – Up All Night
ESPRIT 空想 – Untitled2
Special Request – Spectral Frequency
Aphex Twin – Meltphace 6

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Crush #164

Spotify Playlist

“Drain” – Ringo Deathstarr
“Star Roving” – Slowdive
“Be My Blue” – For Tracy Hyde

“Incarnation of Pessimism” – My Dead Girlfriend
“still life” – the sleepover disaster
“New Forest (Five Heads of the Sun)” – Candy Claws

“Chloroform” – Nothing
“Spright” – Ovlov
“How Fast Can You Love” – Pia Fraus

“Where?” – Mudgoose
“Scratching at the Lid” – Piroshka
“Taking the Pass” – Fjord Rowboat
“Dream Hallucination” – Parannoul

girl rock! 090721

Rock on to the latest playlist from girl rock!’s hit crew

Get in My Fanny Pack and Let's Go | Hey Cowboy!

Don’t Panic // The Harmaleighs
Soft Fruit // Virginia Wing
Pretty Pictures // Indigo De Souza

Slowly // NewDad
sugarsoda // Alphabet Holds Hostage
Why?Isteria // Kalbells

Girl // Sobs
These Summer Nights // Miranda
Flowers in My Garden // Yasmin Nur

You’re Getting a Dog // Girl Friday
Strange Conversations // Automatic
How Fast Can You Love – Rerecorded // Pia Fraus

7 Seconds // Porridge Radio
Home To You // Cate le Bon
Feelin’ For // Hey Cowboy!

I Wish Nothing // Neighbor Lady
Sensory Memory // Jen Cloher
Promises // Bnny