Pantone 292

Pantone 292 – April 4th 2019 <3

pictured: gene defcon (bottom) and smokey harris

rocketship – you’re too young

ivy – digging your scene

my favorite – absolute beginners again (preppy murder)

reparata & the delrons – eddie my love

math and physics club – la la la lisa

joel sebastian – angel in blue

the motifs – people like us

mary wells – i’m so sorry

barcelona – studio hair gel

melodie group – you’ve got the whole world in your mouth

bad dream fancy dress – rave-up

the raveonettes – gone forever

the siddeleys – my favorite wet wednesday afternoon

andre williams – shoo-doo

crying – es

gene defcon – she’s on mtv

derrell banks – open the door to my heart

marine girls – the lure of the rock pools

imaginary pants – cat nights

miaow – grocer’s devil daughter

saturday looks good to me – hands in the snow

Pantone 292 – March 28th 2019 <3

pictured: jesse garon and the desperadoes

alpaca sports and christina quesada – just for fun

james dean driving experience – sean connery

ponderosa twins plus one – you send me

sprites – bionic hands

the cat’s miaow – unkind

kissing mirrors – let’s kill cupid

jesse garon and the desperadoes – i’m up here

bart & friends – don’t worry, this isn’t about you

my favorite – absolute beginners again

stars – on peak hill

joyce harris & the daylighters – your kind of woman

greenflow – every single time i dream

colin clary and the magogs – i only give you bad advice because i love you

vitesse – a statue on easter island

april showers – abandon ship

twa toots – yo-yo

the satintones – zing went the strings of my heart

otis redding – i love you more than words can say

Pantone 292 – March 7th 2019 <3

pictured: strawberry switchblade

cub – my chinchilla

the shangri-las – maybe

my little airport – coka, i’m fine

tralala – all fired up

peach kelli pop – sailor moon

bunnygrunt – am is for talkin’, fm is for rockin!

earl-jean – i’m into something good

the ronettes – so young

small factory – valentine

the lilac time – if the stars shine tonight

strawberry switchblade – since yesterday

barbara lewis – hello stranger

the brunettes – dancefloor

velocity girl – audrey’s eyes

heavenly – itchy chin

brittle stars – four words

tullycraft – vacaville

brigitte bardot – moi je joue

hospitality – eighth avenue

belle & sebastian – seeing other people

gloria jones – tainted love

Pantone 292 – February 14h 2019 <3

pictured: the smittens

suburban kids with biblical names – love will

the cookies – don’t say nothin’ bad (about my baby)

tralala – yellow taxi

the house of love – christine

the weather prophets – can’t keep my mind off you

joyce harris & the daylighters – your kind of woman

chris knox – not given lightly

the contessas – broken heart

the falcons – i found a love

belle & sebastian – dog on wheels

the halo benders – snowfall

milkyway – how many days in forever

the shirelles – baby it’s you

the smittens – half my heart breaks

ballboy – the art of kissing

slumber party – i don’t mind

Pantone 292 – February 7th 2019 <3

pictured: girls at our best

honeybunch – always someone else’s shadow

rocketship – hey hey girl

st. christopher – a prayer for the sea

marv johnson – come to me

toni & the hearts – thank you baby

the motifs – every way

the blast rocks! – have you ever seen a robot cry?

the apollas – you’re absolutely right

the triffids – fly to the moon

brian – big green eyes

the dixie cups – gee the moon is shining bright

girls at our best! – i’m beautiful now

dolly mixture – grass is greener

baby lemonade – the real world

go sailor – ray of sunshine

the aislers set – hit the snow

the lucksmiths – under the rotunda