Pantone 292

Pantone 292 – 10/17/2019

carole king – crying in the rain

trixie’s big red motorbike – invisible boyfriend

peanut –  thank goodness for the rain

red dye no. 5 – redo

gayle harris – they never taught that in school

the driscolls –  i heard a rumor

april young – steady boyfriend

the chesterfields – nose out of joint

mitch mitchell & gene king – never walk out on you

the penny candles – memory box

joe brown & the sould eldorados – vibration (part 2)

the christines – secret song

hollywood jills – he makes me so mad

clock strikes thirteen – night must fall

lesley gore – brink of disaster

the ophelia’s garden – the sound of the rain

marie king – hey, tell me boy

Pantone 292 – 10/3/2019

strawberry switchblade – trees and flowers

linda jones – my heart needs a break

east river pipe – superstar in france

henry mancini – mostly for lovers

saturday looks good to me –   untitled

paulette & the cupids – teenage dropout

bomb pops – moving day song

willie tee – walkin’ up a one way street

the manhattan love suicides – skulls

herbie goins & the night-timers – number one in your heart

quarterbacks – weekend

the marketts – stirrin’ up some soul

close lobsters – in spite of these times

belle & sebastian – sister buddha

the three degrees – contact

the radio dept. – 1995

the medusa snare – slow motion

expert alterations – you can’t always be liked

mike post coalition – afternoon of the rhino

the softies – favorite shade of blue

Pantone 292 – 9/26/2019

archie bell & the drells – here i go again

mccarthy – boy meets girl so what

the marvelettes – don’t mess with bill

the wolfhounds – sandy

when i was 12 – if it’s winter i’ll be singing this song

chris montez – i wish you love

velocity girl – lisa librarian

nella dodds – honey boy

the brilliant corners – one of these days

tramway – star

darrell banks – open the door to your heart

the blossoms – that’s when the tears start

the wedding present – once more

the maybellines – bomb pop

irma thomas – two winters long

the chesterfields – last train to yeovil

the fireworks – higher and higher

bettye swann – i think i’m falling in love

the soup dragons – just mind your step girl

mary wells – can’t you see (you’re losing me)

the john sally ride – you wear your heart on both sleeves

Pantone 292 – 9/12/2019 – 69 Love Songs Special

69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields turned 20 years old a few days ago so we celebrated by playing some rad songs from it

pictured: daniel johnston, who passed away yesterday :~(

daniel johnston – the story of an artist

the magnetic fields – washington d.c.

– come back from san francisco

– i don’t want to get over you

– reno dakota

– i’m sorry i love you

– when my boy walks down the street

– (crazy for you) but not that crazy

– a chicken with its head cut off

– nothing matters when we’re dancing

-xylophone track

– love in the shadows

– i shatter

– boa constrictor

– my only friend

– the cactus where your heart should be

– epitaph for my heart

– busby berkeley dreams

– long-forgotten fairytale

– let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits

– yeah! oh yeah!

-experimental music love


Pantone 292 – August 29, 2019 <3

pictured: darlene love (center)

dee dee sharp – i sold my heart to the junkman

hey paulette – i really do love penelope

the dixie cups – you should have seen the way he looked at me

anorak girl – cybersex

jan & dean – you came a long way from st. louis

the weather prophets – why does the  rain

darlene love – why do lovers break each other’s hearts?

the snow fairies – april showers

a smile and a ribbon – a nice walk in the park

little eva – breaking up is hard to do

television personalities – part time punks

the dentists – strawberries are growing in my garden (and it’s wintertime)

sunny intervals – i fell in love with the sunset

connie francis – everybody’s somebody’s fool

aberdeen – super sunny summer

the mighty lemon drops – my biggest thrill

the marvelettes – whisper

slumber party – sooner or later

the magnetic fields – suddenly there is a tidal wave