Pantone 292

Thursday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Genres: C86, Twee Pop, Motown, Soul
Host: Mason Mann

Everything from The Smiths to The Supremes, Pantone 292 is dedicated to combining pop and soul from the 60s with the jangle pop and twee pop that came from the rising DIY scene in the 80s as well as all the music that spawned from these scenes.

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Pantone 292 – 11/14/2019

girlboygirl – feeder
syreeta – i can’t give back the love i feel for you
feel blue – low is getting slow
pest 5000 – godsound
brenda holloway- every little bit hurts
the motifs – cross paths
suretoss – notice
madeline bell – you don’t love me no more
look blue go purple – i don’t want you anyway
the hand-me-downs – love you
the teddy bears – if i give my heart to you
jonathan richman – i hear you calling me
ardivan walks – wandering pt. 2
they go boom!! – somewhere in england
dawn – i’m afraid they’re all talking about me
lollipop sonic- sendin’ to your heart
frank boscoe & karl hendricks – song for tim & alix
pop art toasters – what am i going to do
the cinderellas – please don’t wake me
aerospace – the only things we share
po! – a lovely letter

Pantone 292 – 10/24/2019

dizzy joghurt – nonsense is good

tricorollars – fairy daily tale

the darnells – too hurt to cry, too much in love to say goodbye

miniskirt – these fish glow in the dark

nelories – indie pop car baby

donna lynn – i’d much rather be with the girls

linus’ blanket – show me love

the teddy bears – little things mean a lot

roly poly rag bear – wave of the hand, goodbye

the young generation – the hideaway

cherry letter – i love my life

the girls – chico’s girl

bitter cherry jam – sing a song

julie driscoll – i know you love me not

tirolean tape – confession (they say that i always spoil their fun)

maxine brown – whatever happened to our love

eggstone – it’s not the rain

loveletter – forget that girl

the toys – may my heart be cast into stone

the penny candles – swings and roundabouts

yvonne carroll – mister loveman

Pantone 292 – 10/17/2019

carole king – crying in the rain

trixie’s big red motorbike – invisible boyfriend

peanut –  thank goodness for the rain

red dye no. 5 – redo

gayle harris – they never taught that in school

the driscolls –  i heard a rumor

april young – steady boyfriend

the chesterfields – nose out of joint

mitch mitchell & gene king – never walk out on you

the penny candles – memory box

joe brown & the sould eldorados – vibration (part 2)

the christines – secret song

hollywood jills – he makes me so mad

clock strikes thirteen – night must fall

lesley gore – brink of disaster

the ophelia’s garden – the sound of the rain

marie king – hey, tell me boy

Pantone 292 – 10/3/2019

strawberry switchblade – trees and flowers

linda jones – my heart needs a break

east river pipe – superstar in france

henry mancini – mostly for lovers

saturday looks good to me –   untitled

paulette & the cupids – teenage dropout

bomb pops – moving day song

willie tee – walkin’ up a one way street

the manhattan love suicides – skulls

herbie goins & the night-timers – number one in your heart

quarterbacks – weekend

the marketts – stirrin’ up some soul

close lobsters – in spite of these times

belle & sebastian – sister buddha

the three degrees – contact

the radio dept. – 1995

the medusa snare – slow motion

expert alterations – you can’t always be liked

mike post coalition – afternoon of the rhino

the softies – favorite shade of blue

Pantone 292 – 9/26/2019

archie bell & the drells – here i go again

mccarthy – boy meets girl so what

the marvelettes – don’t mess with bill

the wolfhounds – sandy

when i was 12 – if it’s winter i’ll be singing this song

chris montez – i wish you love

velocity girl – lisa librarian

nella dodds – honey boy

the brilliant corners – one of these days

tramway – star

darrell banks – open the door to your heart

the blossoms – that’s when the tears start

the wedding present – once more

the maybellines – bomb pop

irma thomas – two winters long

the chesterfields – last train to yeovil

the fireworks – higher and higher

bettye swann – i think i’m falling in love

the soup dragons – just mind your step girl

mary wells – can’t you see (you’re losing me)

the john sally ride – you wear your heart on both sleeves