Pantone 292

Thursday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Genres: C86, Twee Pop, Motown, Soul
Host: Mason Mann

Everything from The Smiths to The Supremes, Pantone 292 is dedicated to combining pop and soul from the 60s with the jangle pop and twee pop that came from the rising DIY scene in the 80s as well as all the music that spawned from these scenes.

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Pantone 292 – May 16th 2019 <3

pictured: chin-chin

chin-chin – dark days (slumberland reissue)
universe nekoko and lovely summer chan – divine hammer
dotty mccallum – for as long as you want me
kenickie – come out 2 nite
club 8 – my heart won’t break
the steam machine – home to sacramento
the goon sax – make time 4 love
swandive – breezeway
sleepy township – murray
the visitors – alice aisgill

Pantone 292 – April 11th 2019 <3

mighty mighty – you’re on my mind

the cookies – i want a boy for my birthday

bart & friends – calling out my name

anthony adverse – maria celesta

lara & the trailers – run for your life

a boy named thor – paper thin girl

the aluminum group – star wish

françoise hardy – viens là

velocity girl – i can’t stop smiling

the blanche hudson weekend – let me go

esther marrow – what a wonderful world

the magnetic fields – the trouble i’ve been looking for

pocketbooks – promises, promises

a smile and a ribbon – one-night wonder

american breed – bend me, shape me

the salteens – nice day

the pleasure seekers – what a way to die

the king of luxembourg – lee remick

the galactic heroes – neat street

the chesterfields – ask johnny dee

comet gain – i was more of a mess then

Pantone 292 – April 4th 2019 <3

pictured: gene defcon (bottom) and smokey harris

rocketship – you’re too young

ivy – digging your scene

my favorite – absolute beginners again (preppy murder)

reparata & the delrons – eddie my love

math and physics club – la la la lisa

joel sebastian – angel in blue

the motifs – people like us

mary wells – i’m so sorry

barcelona – studio hair gel

melodie group – you’ve got the whole world in your mouth

bad dream fancy dress – rave-up

the raveonettes – gone forever

the siddeleys – my favorite wet wednesday afternoon

andre williams – shoo-doo

crying – es

gene defcon – she’s on mtv

derrell banks – open the door to my heart

marine girls – the lure of the rock pools

imaginary pants – cat nights

miaow – grocer’s devil daughter

saturday looks good to me – hands in the snow

Pantone 292 – March 28th 2019 <3

pictured: jesse garon and the desperadoes

alpaca sports and christina quesada – just for fun

james dean driving experience – sean connery

ponderosa twins plus one – you send me

sprites – bionic hands

the cat’s miaow – unkind

kissing mirrors – let’s kill cupid

jesse garon and the desperadoes – i’m up here

bart & friends – don’t worry, this isn’t about you

my favorite – absolute beginners again

stars – on peak hill

joyce harris & the daylighters – your kind of woman

greenflow – every single time i dream

colin clary and the magogs – i only give you bad advice because i love you

vitesse – a statue on easter island

april showers – abandon ship

twa toots – yo-yo

the satintones – zing went the strings of my heart

otis redding – i love you more than words can say

Pantone 292 – March 7th 2019 <3

pictured: strawberry switchblade

cub – my chinchilla

the shangri-las – maybe

my little airport – coka, i’m fine

tralala – all fired up

peach kelli pop – sailor moon

bunnygrunt – am is for talkin’, fm is for rockin!

earl-jean – i’m into something good

the ronettes – so young

small factory – valentine

the lilac time – if the stars shine tonight

strawberry switchblade – since yesterday

barbara lewis – hello stranger

the brunettes – dancefloor

velocity girl – audrey’s eyes

heavenly – itchy chin

brittle stars – four words

tullycraft – vacaville

brigitte bardot – moi je joue

hospitality – eighth avenue

belle & sebastian – seeing other people

gloria jones – tainted love