Pantone 292

Thursday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Genres: C86, Twee Pop, Motown, Soul
Host: Mason Mann

Everything from The Smiths to The Supremes, Pantone 292 is dedicated to combining pop and soul from the 60s with the jangle pop and twee pop that came from the rising DIY scene in the 80s as well as all the music that spawned from these scenes.

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Pantone 292 – July 11, 2019 <3

pictured: a rainy night in

mumbly – pink moon

jay wiggins – sad girl

razorcuts – mile high towers

labi siffre – a little more line

brideshead – class of 86

the pearfishers – you justify my life

the love letter band – it’s true

would-be-goods – motorbike girl

the exciters – reaching for the best

a rainy night in – quilted bomber jacket (alternate)

if you’re an angel i will suffocate on earth – lovely lovely (come in bloom)

aberdeen – fireworks

the spinners – it’s a shame

the chesterfields – completely and utterly

velocity girl – crazy town

the wedding present – what did your last servant die of?

james & bobby purify – i’m your puppet

heavenly – over and over

accents – spring song (new girl)

the magnetic fields – don’t look away

Pantone 292 – June 13th 2019 <3

pictured: marine girls

marine girls – don’t come back

airport girl – lipstick traces on a cigarette

voices – forever is a long, long time

beanpole – it wasn’t meant to be

the mellow dawns – i don’t believe

master track – diy queen

the belles – come back

the long blondes – giddy stratospheres

the field mice – if you need someone

the four j’s – will you be my love

action painting – these things happen

the shades – i won’t cry

northern picture library – catholic easter colours

the ray-ons – you confuse me baby

language of flowers – where you belong

paulette & the cupids – teenage dropout

the hermit crabs – third time lucky

marmoset – (i’m) somewhere

Pantone 292 – June 6th 2019 <3

pictured: the passions

the passions – i’m in love with a german film star

nixon – together in electric dreams

french impressionists – castles in the air

dead famous people – true love leaves no traces

vermont sugar house – braveheart

souvenir – le temps perdu

pearly gatecrashers – mobile shack

milky – la de da

maybellines – bomb pop

majestic – overcoat

love positions – into your arms

june & the exit wounds – how much i really loved you

fantasy lights – blueprint

the crooner – billy liar

a boy named thor – sweet sweet casio

barcelona – kasey keller

simpatico – cold season

talulah gosh – bringing up baby


Pantone 292 – May 31st 2019 <3


pictured: jens lekman and annika norlin

jens lekman – who really needs who

annika norlin – showering in public

jens lekman – forever young, forever beautiful

annika norlin – hibernation

jens lekman – not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard

annika norlin – joining a cult

jens lekman – revenge of the nerds

annika norlin – failure

jens lekman – cosmetic store

annika norlin – election day

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the hill sisters – my lover

razorcuts – snowbound

the shangri-las

the popguns – a beaten up guitar

the freshies – i’m in love with a girl on a certain megastore check-out desk

Pantone 292 – May 16th 2019 <3

pictured: chin-chin

chin-chin – dark days
universe nekoko and lovely summer chan – divine hammer
dotty mccallum – for as long as you want me
kenickie – come out 2 nite
club 8 – my heart won’t break
the steam machine – home to sacramento
the goon sax – make time 4 love
swandive – breezeway
sleepy township – murray
the visitors – alice aisgill