Freaker’s Ball | #88 | 2018 March 13

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The Freaker’s Ball

Song Artist Album Year
“Yachting Type”

“Semaphore Love”

“Love You, Love You”

“Tantamount to Bribery”

“Mantovani’s Hits”

“Box 202”

Yachts S.O.S. 1979
“Move It on Over”

“Who Do You Love?”

“The Sky Is Crying”

“Cocaine Blues”

“It Wasn’t Me”

George Thorogood & The Destroyers Move It on Over 1978
“Sky High”

“Hitch-Hikers’ Hero”

“Don’t Miss the Message”

“Georgia Rhythm”

Atlanta Rhythm Section A Rock and Roll Alternative 1976

NO! ep 14


Angel-Ho – Clocccc
Lotic – Heterocetera
Fatima Al Qadiri – How Can I Resist U
Nguzunguzu – Water Bass Power
Why Be – Deeq
KABLAM – Crisis
Yves Tumor – Serpent I
NKC – Tincture
Stud1nt – Ad Nauseum
Leonce – Alesis Drums
Kamixlo – Lariat
LSDXOXO – Angel Dust
Arca – Hips Don’t Lie
Sega Bodega – NSFW

Slow Riot 3/12/18: we don’t care about direction

you may die in the desert – bears in the yukon
rachel’s – water from the same source
updownleftrightcabcstart – fireflies
jesu – friends are evil
year of no light – mon
year of no light – abbesse

talk talk – ascension day
rain tree crow – new moon at red deer wallow
isotope 217 – beneath the undertow
hash jar tempo – [untitled]
laddio bolocko – goat lips
HiM – A Verdict of Science

Sub Saharan Vibes — March 12, 2018

  1. Afel Bocum w/Bela Fleck —  Buribalal
  2. Orchestra Baobab  —  Bikowa
  3. Soweto Gospel Choir  —  Hlohonolofatsa
  4. Angelique Kidjo f/Amadou &Mariam —  Celamou
  5. Orchestra Baobab  —  Colette
  6. Orchestra Sega Sega  —  Alex Mboto
  7. Mariem Hassan  —  La Tumchi Anni
  8. Terakraft  —  Arghane Manine
  9. Fela Kuti  —  Sorry Tears & Blood
  10. Mdou Moctar  —  Sousoume Tamachek
  11. Hugh Masakela  —  Mayibuye

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, March 9th (“Elvis Had Left The Library”) Episode 375

Hear the show at http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostinthestacks/LITS_Episode_375.mp3

Clip from Full Metal Jacket

“Power Trip” by Soundgarden

File this set under HF5415 .M32385:
“The Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Black Francis and Joey Santiago
“Je Suis Un Rockstar” by Bill Wyman

File this set under PR6053 .O425 R6:
“Queen” by Perfume Genius
“Who Are You” by Ty Segall

File this set under LC213.2 .C45:
“Wrong Door” by the Black Belles
“Should’ve Left You” by the Leftover Cuties


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