Circadian Rhythms 02/19/17

Last week we delved into the past, looking at one the major influences of the current hip-hop and electronic beat scene, J-Dilla. Today we explore the future of music. We’ve put together an eclectic mix of artists who are pushing the envelope in the current beat scene.

  1. Fog – Quickly, Quickly (3:34)
  2. Lawd ft Papa Bear – Blanda
  3. Already there – Taylor Mcferrin feat Robert Glasper
  4. Thursday – Tennyson X Mr Carmack (4:04)
  5. Murder – ROM feat Jarrea Vandal & Emmavie (3:59)
  6. Recess – Love u, need u (1:48)
  7. Cashmere – BadBadNotGood (4:46)
  8. I know what you want – Monte Booker (2:39)
  9. One More – R.O.M feat Deffie (2:42)
  10. Retaliate – Sam Gellaitry (3:04)
  11. Woods – Two (2:53)
  12. Realize – Sober Rob feat Blanda
  13. Verzache – Dunes and The Search (5:13)
  14. Six Forty Eight – Instupendo (ax.l) remix
  15. Jungle Waters – Sam Gellaitry

Mode 7 – 02/19/2017

The Casino Show

Brian plays music from games that’ll empty your pockets of money.

The Playlist!

Super Mario Sunshine – Hotel Delfino Casino
F-Zero GX – Shotgun Kiss (Casino Palace)
Sonic Mania – Studiopolis Zone
Sonic Adventure DX – Casinopolis (Dilapidated Way)
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald – Mauville Game Corner
Tales of the Abyss – Casino

Payday 2 – Razormind
Vegas Stakes – Golden Paradise Casino
New Super Mario Bros – Luigi Casino Minigames
Rockman Xover – Arcade Man (8-bit)
Shenmue – Slot House
Skullgirls – Where Money Flows Like Water

Pokemon Duel – Battle Theme
Fire Emblem Heroes – Tutorial Theme
Touhou 11 ~ Subterranean Animism – Walking the Streets of a Former Hell
10 Billion Wives – Main Theme

VOEZ – Shamisen Drives the Wind
Cytus – Solar Wind
Hachi Hachi – Ultimate Combat
Love Live: School Idol Festival – After School NAVIGATORS (Off-Vocal)
Pokemon GO – Walking Theme

The Desoto Hour 2/18/17

Image result for billy may

Welcome to The Desoto Hour!

Billy May – A Band Is Born!

  1. “There Is No Greater Love”
  2. “I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plan”
  3. “Mayhem”
  4. “When My Sugar Walks Down the Street”

Benny Goodman – Roll ‘Em, Volume 1

  1. “One Sweet Letter From You”
  2. “I’ve Been There Before”
  3. “Make With the Kisses”
  4. “I Thought About You”
  5. “Bluebirds in the Moonlight”
  6. “Peace, Brother!”
  7. “Beyond the Moon”
  8. “Honeysuckle Rose”

Tootin’ Through the Roof, Volume I

  1. “When You’re Smiling” – Joe Thomas
  2. “Love Walked In” – Joe Thomas
  3. “You Were Meant for Me” – Joe Thomas
  4. “East of the Sun” – Joe Thomas
  5. “Love You Funny Thing” – Hot Lips Page
  6. “Bloodhound (Take 1)” – Hot Lips Page
  7. “Bloodhound (Take 2)” – Hot Lips Page
  8. “You Come in Here, Woman” – Hot Lips Page

Big Bands at the Waldorf, Live Broadcasts 1938-40

  1. “You Got Me” – Richard Himber
  2. “They Say” – Richard Himber
  3. “The Yam” – Richard Himber
  4. “Please Come Out of Your Dream” – Richard Himber
  5. “I Was Only Window Shopping” – George Olsen
  6. “My Souvenir” – George Olsen
  7. “There’s a Rainbow Around the Moon Tonight” – George Olsen
  8. “Where in the World” – George Olsen
  9. “Silver on the Sage” – George Olsen
  10. “Isn’t It Wonderful” – George Olsen

One Night Stand With Ziggy Elman

  1. “Hup-Je-De-Bee”
  2. “The Girl From Texas”
  3. “You’re Mine You”
  4. “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime”
  5. “The Night Is You”
  6. “Dolores”

Soft and Swinging

  1. “The Sweetest Sounds” – Lester Lanin
  2. “A Lot of Livin’ to Do” – Lester Lanin
  3. “Never on Sunday” – Ray Conniff
  4. “Stella by Starlight” – Ray Conniff

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, February 17th (“Preserving Decision-Making Data”) Episode 334

Hear the show at http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostinthestacks/LITS_Episode_334.mp3

Clip from Soapdish
Intro: “Friction” by Television

“Bad Decision” by Double Man

Interview with Mary Molinaro of the Digital Preservation Network (DPN)

File this set under TP149 .L68:
“By the Time it Gets Dark” by Sandy Denny
“Point five” by Native Mode

Continued interview with Mary Molinaro

File this set under PS3572 .A4284 A93:
“Who Made Who” by AC/DC
“Ranger Danger” by the Heligoats

Continued interview with Mary Molinaro

File this set under QC995 .E296:
“That Girl’s Gone” by Versus
“Next of Kin” by Alvvays

Credits: “Fopp” by Soundgarden

“Opportunity” by Sugar & Bleach

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “Digital Resilience” on Friday, February 24th!

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Full Album Appreciation 2/16

This Morning’s Album:

Yoko Ono – Season of Glass
then part of side 2 of the album Feeling the Space

Displaying IMG_20170221_153336.jpg
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Displaying IMG_20170221_153217.jpg

Say what you will about Yoko Ono, I think she’s great and her music got way overshadowed by the whole John Lennon thing and that was real unfortunate. I’m not going to talk about it here because it doesn’t define her and there are plenty of resources for y’all to look that up yourselves.

As an individual Yoko Ono was a Japanese multimedia artist specializing in performance art and music. She was a massive political activist and still is today, protesting everything that needs to be protested. I would say more but really her work speaks for itself.