Tokyo Dreams 1/4/22

Classic City Pop | BandLab Sounds

Happy New Year! Enjoy some great City Pop tunes!



Mariya Takeuchi | 縁(えにし)の糸
S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe; Kiyotaka Sugiyama | Ai No Shinkiro
1986 Omega Tribe | Blue Reef
矢尾一樹 | Bad Luck September
Makoto Matsushita | First Light – 2018 Remaster
S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe; Kiyotaka Sugiyama | Futari No Natsu Monogatari Never Ending Summer
Fabiolous Barker | Bomber – FabioLous Re Loved
Taeko Onuki | 都会
Anri | Fly By Day
Momoko Kikuchi | Sotsugyou
1986 Omega Tribe | Lady Free
Yurie Kokubu | 恋の横顔
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Girl Rock – January 4, 2022

playlist here, picks below!

You // Morgan Saint
Good Girl // Joya Mooi
Making Lunch (Not Right Now) // Lunar Vacation
Sharkbite // Sedona

The Solitude // Bedouine
I See It Now // Bachelor (Jay Som, Palehound)
So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings // Squirrel Flower
Homesick // Basia Bulat

Talking to My Plants // Gum Country
Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love) // Nadine Shah
Quotations For Locations // Drug Store Romeos
Never Out Of Luck // Grandmas House

Heads Will Roll // Yeah Yeah Yeahs
New Friend // Æ MAK
Dancing Away In Tears // Yola
Zone 1 to 6000 // Nabihah Iqbal

It’s Okay To Cry // SOPHIE

Crush #177

Apple Music Playlist

Episode with my dad as a co-host! He was also a college radio station DJ at Auburn’s WEGL in the early 90’s! 😀

“The Perfect Girl” – The Cure
“While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming” – Tamaryn
“Sunday is Monday at Midnight” – The Stargazer Lilies

“Autumn Sweater” – Yo La Tengo
“Teen Age Riot” – Sonic Youth
“Sight of You” – Pale Saints

“If I Told You” – Televise
“Breathe Salt” – Should
“Ex-Destiny” – AprilBlue

“I Wear Your Ring” – Cocteau Twins
“Never Understand” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
“Lit Up” – Lush

Tokyo Dreams – 12/28/21

City Pop Aesthetics — Van Paugam

An animated image for once!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas! Here’s another hour of feel-good City Pop to keep those good feelings going.

The second of our pre-recorded sessions, we’ll be live next week ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ


Mako Ishino – ジュリーがライバル
Yukiko Okada – Little Princess
Pink Lady – ジパング
Rie Nakahara – ディスコ・レディー
Mako Ishino – 目を閉じて愛して
Junko Sakurada – ゆれてる私
Yurie Kokubu – Dancing Tonight
1986 Omega Tribe – Ipanema Rain
Minako Honda – Temptation (誘惑)
Kingo Hamada – 横顔のタクシー・ドライバー
Yoko Oginome – 真夜中のストレンジャー
Yoshimi Iwasaki – Vacance
Yoshimi Iwasaki – Aka to Kuro
Mamiko Takai – 2g no Kataomoi
Kei Ishiguro – 感じるままに
Mako Ishino – 恋のハッピー・デート (Gotta Pull Myself Together)
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girl rock! 12/28/21

another classic week of girl rock! brought to you by the hit crew

FM-2030 | Reptaliens

playlist here, picks below:

Descent // Fear of Men
Sweetheart // Long Beard
Standing in the Sun // Jessica Lea Mayfield

Leach // Cryogeyser
Bels // Isa Reyes
Different This Time // Cornelia Murr

If You Want // Reptaliens
Halogen Lamps // Pretty Balanced
Dreaming // Say Sue Me

Call for Help // Pearly Drops
The Leanover // Life Without Buildings
The Feel // Las Robertas

Falling Apart // Slow Pulp
This Time // Tanukichan