D.A.F. – Bild 1
Non Band – Duncan Dancin’
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Wawa
Blurt – The Fish Needs a Bike
James Chance & the Contortions – Dish It Out
Bound & Gagged – Clutter
Aunt Sally – すべて売り物
DNA – Taking Kid To School
The Futants – Untitled (Unreleased)
AKA – Ragged Andy’s
AKA – Mental Timebombs
Ptôse Production – Cartilages Et Os Longs









Theoretical Girls – Computer Dating
Y Pants – Beat It Down
The Golden Palominos – Hot Seat
Mofungo – Where do We Get the Money to Save Our Souls
Red Transistor – We’re Not Crazy
Ike Yard – Loss

Brian Eno (left) and James Chance (singing). Eno produced the iconic No New York compilation.

Crush #37

Mirror Mirror – Edge of Heaven
Lenny Valentino – Zniszczyłaś to czy zniszczyłem to ja?
Gospel Gossip – Big Steer
Condor44 – Su Haihi
Noir for Rachel – Beach and Bones
Procession – Mementos
Gum – Fast

Crystal Stilts – Prismatic Room
Airiel – This is Permanent
SPC Eco – Waking Up Again
Seely – Shine
The December Sound – Truth Hurts
Young Prisms – Breathless

Girl Rock – October 17th, 2017

Sweet Spirit – Let Me Be On Top

Liz Cooper & the Stampeded – Outer Space
LAKE – No Wonder I
Tanya Davis – Eulogy for You and Me

Wild Child – Rillo Talk
Pearl Charles – Sleepless Dreamer
Beach House – White Moon

Jawbreaker Reunion – Friends Theme Song
School Damage – Particles
Partner – Comfort Zone
The Delicates – Fantastical Mind

Salvadarlings – Spheres
deer scout – sad boy
Lunar Vacation – Swimming

Minimall – Static

Freaker’s Ball | #76 | 2017 October 17

Image result for joe walsh but seriously folks

By the time you get started, you’re already through.

Freakuh’s Baaaaaaaaaaaall

Song Artist Album Year
“Over and Over”

“Second Hand Store”

“Indian Summer”

“At the Station”

Joe Walsh But Seriously, Folks… 1978

“Don’t Abuse Me”

“Wooly Bully”

Joan Jett Bad Reputation 1981
“Major God”

“A Star Behind the Wall”

“I Didn’t Care”

P2O5 P2O5 1975

slow riot 10/16/17: despite our provisions, our colony can survive no longer, we perish and are forgotten by time

tide/edit – pagbangon
stage kids – cyniculture
tricot – e
fugue – so it goes
how to count one to ten – concrete foundation
feed me jack – rosies
nenem – black & gold
vla luna – no one cares
a silver mt. zion – for wanda
a silver mt. zion – sisters! brothers! small boats of fire are falling from the sky!

grails – outer banks
grails – dead vine blues
the ears on the trees – holidays i
rqtn – le point culminant, le reveil, les mains brumeuses
kauan – lapsenmuisto
paul newman – under the golden horses
inselda marcos – swirling hair is
nuito – looo(no)reque protocol
sweek – thanx for sundays (nothing to do with any god)