Psych-Out! Playlist for October 19, 2016

  1. Black Dirt Oak – Peeled Egg Cigarette (Wawayanda Patent)
  2. Eternal Tapestry – Marrow of the Wand (Dawn in 2 Dimensions)
  3. The Creation – How Does It Feel To Feel (The Best of the Creation)
  4. Goat – Alarms (Requiem)
  5. Valet – Signs (Nature)
  6. Mondo Drag – Fade Out (Into Space) (New Rituals)
  7. The Drone Accelerator – Casiopea Pai Mantra (The Drone Accelerator)

Psych-Out! October 19 was hosted by Curtis.

Freaker’s Ball | #49 | 2016 October 18


Shine, shine; the light of good works shine.

The trifecta, ‘Lark’s Tongues in Aspic’‘Starless and Bible Black’, and ‘Red’ represent a distinct period in King Crimson’s musical catalogue. From quintet, (Fripp, Bruford, Wetton, Cross, Muir), to quartet (Fripp, Bruford, Wetton, Cross), and finally to trio (Fripp, Bruford, Wetton) before King Crimson ended for the first time, only to reappear in 1981.

This is a departure from the King Crimson of ‘In the Court…’. Much has changed. Come, listen; I have a tale to tell you.

Track Listing

Song Artist Album Year
‘Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part One’ King Crimson ‘Larks’ Tongues in Aspic’ 1973
‘Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part Two’ King Crimson ‘Larks’ Tongues in Aspic’ 1973
‘The Night’s Watch’ King Crimson ‘Starless and Bible Black’ 1974
‘Fracture’ King Crimson ‘Starless and Bible Black’ 1974
‘One More Red Nightmare’ King Crimson ‘Red’ 1974
‘Starless’ King Crimson ‘Red’ 1974

Slow Riot 10/17/16: We wondered, too weary to remember where we were even going

slow riot 10/17/16

artist — track

kjjjjjjjjj — nicolino
pretend — blessings
lite — bond
uchu conbini — sepia scenery from a train window
marmalade butcher — mudai
lop abuse on somebody — sanctify
cetow — S.O.I.
low-pass — chapter square
mothercoat — nipple cider
NETWORKS — ake-vono
te_ri — panda came to town
yoso-wa-yoso — terraformed

swans — red velvet corredor
maybeshewill — co-conspiritors
youth team — computer string
mono & worlds end girlfriend — part 3
april rain — deadman on vacation
break my fucking sky — promises//air
vasa — ergonomic keyboard
russian circles — 309
hangedup — losing your charm

Shillelagh Law – 10/17/2016

  • The Ferryman – The Dubliners feat. Patsy Watchborn
  • Star of the County Down – Orthodox Celts
  • Mari-Mac – Great Big Sea
  • Finnegan’s Wake – Darby O’Gill
  • Devil and the Knight – The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • Berserker – Leslie Fish
  • I Courted a Wee Girl – Dervish
  • Grace O’Malley – Cathie Ryan
  • Ride On – Christy Moore
  • Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya – The Irish Rovers
  • Come Out Ye Black and Tans – Paddy Reilly
  • The Boatman’s Dance – Mick Moloney
  • La Leyenda de la Llorona – Mago de Oz
  • Barrett’s Privateers – The Real McKenzies
  • Rocky Road to Dublin – The Fighting Jamesons
  • I’ve Pursued Nothing – The Tossers
  • Worker’s Song – Dropkick Murphys


Mode 7 – 10/16/2016

The Efficient Piano Remixes Show

A couple of songs that Brian thought was interesting, and by interesting, he means his roommates kept pestering him to do it. Then he got to play most of his second remix set this year, which prompted a new record of people calling him confusedly about what’s playing, at 2 today.

The Playlist!

The Binding of Isaac – Divine Combat
100% Orange Juice – Kae’s Theme
Risk of Rain – Cyclogenesis
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 3 AM
Super Mario Bros – Main Theme
SimCity – Metropolis Theme
HunieCam Studio – Heart On
One Finger Death Punch – Shaolin Warrior

Cytus – Precipitation
Deemo – Farewell Waltz
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl – Victory Road
Kingdom Hearts II – Missing You
Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- – Icarus
Borderlands 2 – Glacial
Megaman x4 – Magma Dragoon

Splatoon – Feel Good, Ink. – BotanicSage
Street Fighter V – Rashid’s Theme (Watercolour Mix) – SilvaGunner
Rayman vs Sonic Adventure 2 – Mr. Knuckles’s Hullabaloo – Triple-Q
League of Legends – Bit Rush (Tesla Coil Remix) – Fanaticos Por LOL
Megaman III – Intro (Laser Remix) – Chirs DePrisco
Undertale – Metal Crusher (Floppy Disc Remix) – Vaser 888