Crush #49

Between the Cities are Stars – Instrumental
Infinity Girl – Redder
Film School – Lectric
Spirea X – Chlorine Dream
Voyager One – Threee Pair
Foxtail Somersault – Motionland
Au Revoir Borealis – Untitled #2

神聖かまってちゃん – 天使じゃ地上じゃちっそく死
Blushing – Weak
lowsunday – So Far Away
For Those Who Know – Night At The Danceclub
Ringo Deathstarr – Swirly
Monoland – Motel Fumatore
The Naked Souls – Sleep

Girl Rock – February 20th, 2018

Forth Wanderers – Not For Me

Jealous of the Birds – Parma Violets
Girlpool – Picturesong
Belly – Super-Connected
Bloodboy – Sex Crime

The Spook School – I Only Dance When I Want To
Great Grandpa – Favorite Show
Diet Cig – I Don’t Know Her

Hop Along – Not Abel
The Courtneys – Silver Velvet
Julia Weldon – Kaleidoscope

Nicole Reynolds – Wonderin
Erin McKeown – The Queer Gospel
Nataly Dawn – Symphony

Daisy the Great – The Record Player Song

Freaker’s Ball | #87 | 2018 February 20

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The Freaker’s Ball

Song Artist Album Year
“Running on Empty”

“The Road”


“You Love the Thunder”


Jackson Browne Running on Empty 1977
“Rip It Out”

“Speedin’ Back to My Baby”

“Snow Blind”


“What’s on Your Mind?”

Ace Frehley Ace Frehley 1978

“Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage”

Rush A Farewell to Kings 1977

slow riot 2/19/18: dads’ mad

the flying luttenbachers – the void part one

yowie – trina

zefs chasing cara – there are two timelines now
fase – explorer
diente de oro – en una
yon – el futuro de todos los tiempos
90 day men – saint theresa in ecstasy
the workhouse – peacon
supreme dicks – in a sweet song
collections of colonies of bees – fa.ce (a#1
collections of colonies of bees – mu:rder

auto!automatic – samurai showdown at the university of tampa
the venus de melos – novo meru
tortoise – ten-day interval
esmerine – mechanics of dominion
lite – balloon
nuito – nekomajin vs
snowing – kirk cameron crowe
hiatus kaiyote – swamp thing

ruido – inconstantina
a silver mt. zion – for wanda
lost in kiev – hope fights disillusions

NO! ep 12

Palm – Color Code
Zombies – La Rebelion De Los Objetos
Mordan Jaikel – Axl Rose’s Reading Glasses
Totsuzen Danball – ダブル・スタンス
Metakrilato® – Focalidad (II)
Blectum from Blechdom – Mummy Secret Storage
Dasychira – Immolated
Vomit Lunchs – Blast Avoidance Mix
Dummy Run – Organ Transplant
Cri Premal – Ben Mon Colon!
Urang Otan – It’s High Time
Pan Daijing – Plate Of Order 秩序之灾
Lesser, Matmos, Wobbly – Untitled (Track 3)
Wobbly – Non 120
DJ NJ Drone – 10 Cones
Paradroid – Flamboyant Anarchist Splendor