Mode 7 – 05/13/18

The All-Over-The-Place Again Show

Back this week featuring music from Nintendo Labo, indie games, and retro game jazz albums!

The Playlist!

OMORI – Vast Forest Battle
OMORI – Otherworld Battle – Three Bar Logos
OMORI – Snow Forest Battle – White Surf Style 6
Castlevania Harmony of Despair – An Empty Tome
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Battle! Giratina
Splatoon 2 – Wave Prism

F-Zero – Big Blue
F-Zero – Mute City
Super Mario 3D World – Double Cherry Pass
Super Mario 3D World – Mount Must Dash
Super Mario 3D World – World Bowser
Mario Kart 8 – Super Bell Subway

Geniway – Final Fantasy XIII Blinded by Light on Nintendo Labo
Final Fantasy XV – Stand Your Ground
Borderlands 2 – Flamerock Refuge
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Deeper
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Aquatic Ruin Zone
Chocobo Racing – Dash De Chocobo
Threads of Fate – Rasdan
Treasures of the Deep – Wreck of the Conception
Miitomo – Creating A Mii

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, May 11th (“Open Access in the Global South”) Episode 383

Hear the show at http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostinthestacks/LITS_Episode_383.mp3

Clip from The West Wing
(includes excerpt of “Screenwriter’s Blues” by Soul Coughing)

“All Over the World” by the Prophet Hens

Interview with Dr. Leslie Chan of the University of Toronto Scarborough
(includes excerpt of “Korodia” by Nahawa Doumbia)

File this set under HC240 .K44:
“Currency” by the Black Angels

Continued interview with Dr. Leslie Chan
(includes excerpt of “Bananeira” by Joao Donato)

File this set under D844 .R82:
“Silver Trees” by Henry Badowski
“This Town” by Starfish

Continued interview with Dr. Leslie Chan
(includes excerpt of “Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin” by T. P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo)

File this set under Z286.O63 S83:
“I Don’t Get Down Like That” by the Intensions
“I Want the F” by MF

“I Don’t Need You to Set Me Free” by Grinderman

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, “What’s New in the Public Domain?” on Friday, May 18th!

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Shillelagh Law – May 10, 2018

  • The Irish Rover – The Fighting Jamesons
  • Whiskey in the Jar – Pogues
  • As I Roved Out – Toucan Dubh
  • That’s Just Me – Murder the Stout
  • Bold O’Donahue – Tommy Makem
  • Planxty Madame Maxwell – Dana Lyn and Kyle Sanna
  • The Shipyard Slips – Karan Casey and John Doyle
  • Rakes of Kildare – Hat Trick
  • The Bloomin Bright Star of Bellisle – Cathal McConnell
  • Lullaby of London – Socks in the Frying Pan
  • Harp and Shamrock – Lunasa
  • A Curious Denish Murphy Jig, The Belles of Liscarroll – Mick OBrien and Caoimhin A Raghallaigh
  • Mountain Dew – Dubliners and Pogues
  • Johnny Tarr – Gaelic Storm
  • Follow Me Up to Carlow – Young Dubliners
  • Raglan Road – Luke Kelly
  • The Parting Glass – Ronnie Drew

Lost In Oscillation – 5/10/18

The Pink Noise – Gold Light
Los Microwaves – Radio Heart
Sad Lovers & Giants – Clint

Circuit 7 – The Force
Cardboards – Gravity’s Still Working
The Units – Warm Moving Bodies
Count Vertigo – I’m A Mutant

The Girls – Jeffrey I Hear You
Stragula – Two Songs
Chrome – In A Dream

Aviador Dro – Arquitecto Acero
Futurisk – Split Second Decision
Grado 33 – Pánico
Sic – Never Talk About Romance

The Units

Psych-Out! Playlist for May 9, 2018

  1. Roy Montgomery – Twilight Conversation (Scenes From the South Island)
  2. Loop – The Nail Will Burn (A Gilded Eternity)
  3. Pharaoh Overlord  – Black Horse (Lunar Jetman)
  4. Sleep – Giza Butler (The Sciences)
  5. Pink Fairies – Uncle Harry’s Last Freakout (Live at the Roundhouse 1975)
  6. Heron Oblivion – Seventeen Landscapes (Heron Oblivion)
  7. Thé Småshiñg Pümpkiñs – Daydream (Moon)