slow riot 5/25/20: mephistopheles atones; now, where will you fall? let’s welcome an influx of caprice.

a primrose for time passed

yann tomita — vinyl beat of two turntables with cybernetics & bio-feedback
♥ julien ✡ — aerogel tv
lofty — bola sosa
bernard c. — les chants révolutionnaires part iii
etant donnes — sounvenez vous de mieux voiler dans le commencement ce que vous allez eclaircir ici
sadaf — apparition
chris watson — los mochis
laura luna — auroras

city & i.o. — anxiety object
v/vm — female pig herder
laddio bolocko — goat lips
maja s.k. ratkje — den sprættende bevægelse min fot gjør hver gang pulsen slår
schloss tegal — coital_affirmation_(artificial_coital_equipment_remix)
guenter schlienz — tape studies: presentation one: reel-to-reel & modular synthesizer
bruce hirdler — oh lord please forgive me now
hood — the weight EP

Lost In Oscillation – 5/21/20

Alden Tyrell
– La Voix
Kontravoid – Cut To Cleanse
Der Zyklus – Elektronisches Zeitecho
Time Motem – Intensive World
The Force Dimension – Tension – Blue Version
Psyche – Insatiable
Mark Lane – Who’s Really Listening
Cortex – Cortex R
Cheiron – Land After Life
Opfer Der Hingabe – Prediction – Brainwave Version
N.Y. House’n Authority – APT. 1B
Leron Carson – Dedicated
Orlando Voorn – Deep City

Decompositions – 5-13-20 – a piece

Joanna Bailie — Artificial Environments 1-5
Philip Glass – Temple Of The Golden Pavilion (‘like some enormous music’)
René Lussier, Martin Tétreault – Qu’ouïs je

slow riot 5/18/20 — a return to deformation. france is passing through a period of vulgarity

simple affections — alexander scriabin
kazuma kubota — ghost
မာမာေအး – ကၽြန္မတို ့ရြာကေလး
legesse abdi – ቁ. 7 (track 1)
karstvīna recepte / uz pirti / garām aiziet vīrs ar cigareti
คณะ อุดมศิลป์ เชียงใหม่ — prasat wai
bod — music for self esteem + free will isn’t free
elysia crampton — dog clouds (feat. jeremy rojas)
灰野敬二 — いま どっち 還れる所が あるはず
om. tawangalun — nyulayani janji
franco nanni — rna

michele mercure — in the air + eyechant
sunshine has blown — governor’s house brisbane 25th november 05
seekersinternational — gunringox1&2
frenchbloke & son — société de radiodiffusion de l’homme et du fils français : bruit dans l’intéret de musique (tape 1 side a)

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, May 15th (“Open Syllabus”) Episode 463

Hear the show at http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostinthestacks/LITS_Episode_463.mp3

“Into the Open” by the Heartless Bastards

Interview with Joe Karaganis

File this set under Z286.S37 S48
“In the Shadows” by The Stranglers

Continued interview with Joe Karaganis

File this set under GV14.5 .W6

“College Daze” by Board-man

“Syllabus Dot/Episode Rot” by the Whatever Brains

“Le Syllabus” by Dab Rozer

Continued interview with Joe Karaganis

File this set under QA519 .S65
“You Take the Dark Out of the Night” by Emitt Rhodes
“Sky Open Up” by the Watson Twins

“Man with an Open Heart” by King Crimson

Stay tuned for the next Lost in the Stacks, an encore of “An Archive of Planet Earth” on May 22nd!