New Antenna is GO!

New Antenna

Update: The FCC approved our application, we will be going to 100,000 on Friday, 9/30 at 6pm!

Our new antenna is installed, tuned, ready to go!  We’ve fired it up to 50,000 watts, which is half power for the time being (also have both HD channels back!).  The paperwork has been submitted to the FCC and once they give us the nod, we’ll be good to go to 100,000 watts, the highest allowed power level for an FM radio station!

Even at half power, we have significantly better coverage than our previous 40,000 watt station, which installed in 1978.  Although it served us well, we have a brand new, top-of-the-line ERI antenna and brand new transmission line.  You should be able to hear us much further out.  After we go to 100,000 watts, we expect to be heard up to 70 miles away!

Almost there…

New WREK Antenna from 290ft

Really, I promise this time!  We’ll be at 50kW tomorrow.  All that’s left is tuning this bad boy up!  I expect a full power 100kW test sometime in the morning, then we will scale back to 50kW until the FCC gives us the nod to proceed at full power.

Also, we found something interesting at the top of the 320 ft WREK tower… (click read more to see)

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New antenna almost done!

New Antenna

We had a few delays with the installation of the new antenna, but we’re back on track!  You can see our shiny new 8-bay antenna is installed.  The parasitic elements still need to be installed (this makes our antenna directional) and we have to tune it, but we expect to be broadcasting on this antenna by Tuesday or Wednesday this week!

Initially we will be running at 50,000 watts. We must wait for the FCC to approve our application to complete our construction permit, and then we’ll be all the way turnt up to 100,000 watts!

Our new antenna!

New Antenna Bay

Our new antenna arrived today! It’s an 8-bay antenna, so there will be 8 of these fancy bent pieces of copper on our tower. We’re at low power right now, but by the beginning of next week we expect to be back!

Info Sessions

Love music? Interested in being on the radio? Come learn more about Georgia Tech’s student-run radio station WREK Atlanta at one of our info sessions! These meetings will explain how our training process works.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 6th at 3:00pm in the Piedmont Room in the Student Center.

The second meeting will be on Wednesday, September 7th at 11:30am in the Pine Room in the Student Center.

Please email with your name and what meeting you plan on attending so we can try to get an idea of how many people are coming. Please note that the meetings are identical and you only have to attend one of them.

Pizza will be served at both sessions, so come on out!