WREKtacular 2023!

WREKtacular, WREK’s annual music festival, will be held Saturday, April 15th at Eyedrum. This year we are featuring Minneapolis rock band VIAL, local favorites Sword II, 90s punk veterans Catfight!, and up and coming Hail Gail, as well as student openers Couple’s Therapy.

Come by for a night of punk and grunge, as well as an exhibition from our design collective, food, drinks, live screen printing, and more!

Find tickets here.

Changes to WREK’s Programming

Listeners who tuned in between 4-5pm today might have noticed something new about WREK’s programming! 

WREK’s current music directing team is excited to announce the station’s newest programming format in well over a decade: Electronic! Hoping to expand in the future, listeners from 4-5pm during the week can expect to hear a variety of electronic and electronic-based pop music, with albums coming from the 90s up until the past year.

The format is 100% student-curated by our music directing team, with sounds coming from hyperpop, deep house, and techno, just to name a few. We also will have a new electronic specialty show by local artist Material Girl, Fridays at 3pm!

If you’d like a sneak peak to hear what the new format might sound like, check out our spotify and apple music playlists and tune in from 4-5pm!

wrek the news ~ iconic music videos made by women and nonbinary folx !!

hey everyone! i don’t normally make posts for WREK the News, but i thought it might be pertinent to have a record of the music videos we discussed in today’s episode, in case anyone wanted to check em out!

this episode was a special celebration of women and nonbinary people in music for WREK’s “24 on the 31st” initiative! a great big thank you to the news team for their help in putting this episode together, and to my cohost joelle for being lovely as always! unfortunately, due to copyright issues and our website’s interface, i can’t directly embed the music videos in this post. i’ve pasted the link next to the title, hopefully that’s ok! thanks for bearing with me 🙂


Material Girl by Madonna //

Hold Up by Beyoncé //

Woman by Doja Cat //

cellophane by FKA Twigs //

STFU! by Rina Sawayama //

Faceshopping by SOPHIE //

Prada/Rakata by Arca //

Shook by Tkay Maidza //

PYNK by Janelle Monae //


bonus vids:

Starry Night by Peggy Gou //

Genesis by Daniela Andrade //



WREKtacular 2022!

WREKtacular is back! This year our music festival will be held on April 16th at Eyedrum. Tickets are on sale now at this link!

Our lineup includes Lil Heart Eyes, Staysie Atoms, Dinner Time, and Hey Cowboy!, as well as an exclusive performance from WREK’s own DJ-duo Clock Offset. A preview playlist can be found here. We will also have a food truck, No Bun Intended, and merch available from WREK’s design collective. You won’t want to miss out.

Doors open at 6pm. Clock Offset will be on at 6:30.

Ticket Prices:

Students ($10/$15 at the door)

Other ($15/$20 at the door)

WREKtacular Pre-Party ~ get hyped!!

hey WREKers!! i’m sure you’ve all heard of WREKtacular by now, but have you heard of the WREKtacular pre-party?? that’s right, there’ll be a pre-party to get everyone excited for WREKtacular! it’ll feature musical performances from Caughy & The Cosmos and Great Great Great Beautiful Lives Yes Yes, as well as DJ sets from Deadstream, DJ Dr. Halloween, and Clock Offset! the fun begins at 8 pm on April 8th!

for more information, please check the WREK slack or email !!

see you there everyone!